My favorites from THE ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.

This One Room Challenge thing, in which various design bloggers commit to transforming ONE room in 6 weeks and chronicling it on their blog, it's a cool idea. I've seriously been contemplating what to do in the kids room for 2 YEARS, so I doubt I could pull anything legit together in 6 weeks. I mean, unless it was for someone other than myself. Then I could probably do it :) But some of these designers did more than just paint and zhush, some of them took on KITCHENS! BATHROOMS! PLUMBING! Is this stuff just easier to do outside NYC? Because I remember waiting for my kitchen for 6 months when I … [Read more...]

Bloggers Unite To Help A Friend….

My dear friend and blogging buddy Valorie of the Visual Vamp needs our help! She and her beloved husband¬†Alberto (I met them both this summer and they are delightful!) were traveling to Canada to give one of their many tango workshops... While in the airport Alberto was struck with a massive heart attack, and though he has been in recovery, he needs to get home to have a serious open heart surgery. Alberto needs to be Medivaced home and that shit costs TONS of money. You can read about it HERE. Its amazing how in times of need, bloggers can join together to help people they have never even … [Read more...]

It’s a busy week for bloggers!

I have a JAM PACKED two days... First a lunch with some people from HGTV and a load of other bloggers. Who knows what will happen there! Then later that day, the launch party for the new online magazine Rue! AND ¬†THEN on Tuesday... The reason everyone is in town in the first place... the all-blogger audience at the Nate Berkus Show. In a few short hours, thats going to be us ladies! I wish Nate's sexy boytoy Brian Atwood would be there giving away free shoes... Seriously though, are they the best looking couple you have ever seen? I will be reporting back with all the details! Cant … [Read more...]

Big Love for Margene’s Blog

Um, Did any of you Big Love fans know that Margene's character has a BLOG? That dates all the way back to March 2006? Was the show even around in 2006? Who sat and wrote down an entire diary for a fake character? Oh, and people are actually commenting on Margene's blog (A LOT of people) ... asking her questions about her life - the same way you ask me about my table skirts. "Margene, I cant believe you still love Bill....How do you stand it?" Is this weird or super cool? Do any other TV characters have blogs? Like wouldn't it be awesome if Homer Simpson had a blog? Anyway, Obviously, I … [Read more...]