A Retro Design Dream House.

Feel like moving to Sydney? This iconic 80's house is now on the market. The property, also known as the White House, was designed and built by architect Peter Stronach of AllenJack+Cottier in 1987. It was purchased by ABC radio presenter Phillip Adams three years after completion, and he has lived there with his wife for almost 30 years. It was originally designed as a bachelor pad, but when Adams bought the place he converted it for family living. The house was originally sold for almost $1 million Australian dollars, and is now valued at almost $6 million. The twisted yellow staircase and … [Read more...]

From Boardroom to Bedroom.

From boardroom to bedroom? Well, pretty much. I'm kind of fascinated by this space. It's an apartment in the Port Authority of Melbourne,converted from commissioner's offices and boardrooms to a private living space for a gentleman. The building was built in the late 1920's and is completely heritage protected, says designer Ljiljana Gazevic, so that almost nothing could be changed. Her challenge was to make  this feel like a home, instead of an office. To make 2 people feel comfortable in a room that could seat 50. I kind of love it. It IS very masculine, and very history rich, but I think … [Read more...]

Local Design From Around The World…

While I am away, I asked some of my favorite bloggers to blog sit for me. I asked them all to write about design in their town,city,state... whatever.  Why? Well, we all talk to each other everyday and  we sometimes forget that someone could just as well be in Australia as down the block. I thought it would be cool to learn a little bit about the small corners of the world that we each call our own. And specifically, the design stuffs going on there. Thats all I really care about, after all. Sickeningly, I cant wait to sneak away from romantic time on the beach with my husband to go look … [Read more...]