Daniel Chadwick at Home.

Yesterday on The Nowness, I watched an In Residence video about British Artist Daniel Chadwick's sprawling Gloucestershire Mansion.  The video is kind of ridiculous... his family is all dressed in white and his kids and dog run through the house in white robe pajamas, while he sits in a white wing chair and narrates. It's funny a little bit. Anyway, the home was renovated by his father who painted the interiors white and ripped out anything ornate (that might have been done before his dad bought the place, couldn't tell.) But Daniel has filled the space with tons of art, and many pieces by his … [Read more...]

ART: Airport InSecurity

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of the work of Tirzah Bassel. Tirzah is an Israeli artist whose work centers around the idea of intimacy in public places. Her work often focuses on the airport, and the subway, spaces where that public and private are blurred and physical encounters that are not a normal part of society are excepted.  Tirzah works with oil paint, but also with duct tape. Who knew that duct tape could render so  many textures, nuances and emotions? I cant get over how fascinating the theme is. As you look through the work, and see people getting their hair blown … [Read more...]

Hidden in plain sight.

Remember these shorts fading away yesterday? Well, now we have a whole post on camouflage. I didnt intend to do it like this, but yesterday I went to visit my grandma, and literally stumbled into this photo: Oh grandma, you are beyond fabulous. She was wearing a hawaiian shirt she bought in Hawaii, and standing in front of a piece of crewel work from Mexico. Gotta love it. I actually have some beautiful portraits of her, but she was shy to let me post her face! But theres more! So many artists practice the art of camouflage. These modern day Fridas by  Susanne Bisovsky are exactly on … [Read more...]

Studio Tour: Kat Kohl

I always talk about how fascinated I am with art that isn't paint-based. I love to learn about the way different artists use other ways, ways I don't use, to express themselves and make beautiful things. Collage, sculpture, photography are all so fantastically interesting to me.  Today I want to share the work of my friend, performance artist  and sculptor Kat Kohl. We met at some point last year and quickly became friends, sharing photos of our work and arranging studio tours. She makes large scale sculptures and light drawings that explore angular shapes, flat planes, and  light and shadow … [Read more...]

An Exercise in Restraint.

The week before I left, I worked on some paintings... and you might not believe this, but they were about me trying to control myself. Stopping before its done. Limiting colors. Adding restraints. Not going crazy. Leaving negative space.... I really enjoyed it. Instead of overworking a single painting, I separated my thoughts into three canvases. The only bitch is, they are all around 6 x 4 or 5 footers... and well, taking pictures of them is HARD HARD HARD. (Case in point, the top picture. Sidenote: why does my SHADOW look fat? ARG.) I have to lay them flat on the floor because they are still … [Read more...]