Today I'm loving these screen printed cocktail posters created by The Monkeys for Diageo as part of their mixed drinks and cocktail campaign. The color blocks represent the proportions of the ingredients in each cocktail including Vodka Martini, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, La Primavera, Agave Margarita, Manhattan and Tom Collins. Like an infographic mated with a Rothko and gave birth to an ad campaign. Love it. Happy Sunday! Via The Monkeys. … [Read more...]

Wet Hot American Summer: The Paintings of Kenton Nelson.

Welcome to the world of Kenton Nelson. It's America all right, but it's always a hot afternoon and its always summer. The reds are red, the blues are blue. Shadows fall in clean crisp strokes across the world. The people are athletic and trim and classically dressed. It's the American dream used to sell diary products: the unblemished American landscape, with its forever young and beautiful inhabitants. This quintessential and overly perfect Americana has a sadness to it though. The characters are  isolated in their perfect world. Are they lonely? Are they … [Read more...]

ART WITH KIDS: How to make Light Paintings.

A few months ago, I did a photography project with all the classes at Cookie's preschool. One of my favorite projects, suggested by photographer Shirley Serure- she was also dying to try it-  was light painting. It's a very easy and fun project to do with your kids, and you can teach them basic tenants of photography and understanding light with this and make some cool abstract modern art in the process. But most of all, it's really, really fun. What you need:  A dark room, a basement, a dark hallway... Any place that doesn't have natural or too much artificial light. Flash lights, … [Read more...]

Put it on a pedestal.

I might be losing it. The other day I popped in at cb2 for my bimonthly stroll around. I bought two little picture frames for all the film I've been printing, and then boom, I was inspired by a garbage can. A smoked lucite garbage can. That would make a fabulous pedestal, I thought. Elevate things and they become art. That's a real thing. Frame art and it becomes important. Raise things up and then they are up. Right? Problem is, I didnt have anything in  mind when I purchased said garbage can. I originally intended to have it sit vertically, and put something big on top. But when I got home, … [Read more...]

Shop Talk: Matter Matters.

A few weeks ago I was downtown with Cookie and we decided to pop in to Matter. Matter is a New York City based gallery, showroom, and manufacturer, representing a refined selection of national and international contemporary design. The brand is revered as a resource for detecting what lies beyond the horizon in the realm of design. Architects and interior designers around the world look to Matter to take the temperature of the current state of design and look for inspiration.  Matter is basically what I am calling an "art-furniture" shop.  They sell furniture, that is also art. This is kind of … [Read more...]