It’s the Little Things

Sometimes, especially in these times, it's the little upgrades you make to your life that really make a HUGE difference. They don't have to be expensive, but every time you see or touch one of these hidden treasures in your house, you will smile. 1. Slimline Hangers- add about 3 feet to your closet's hanging room. 2. Maldon Sea Salt. I ONLY use this salt. You can buy it on 3. J Crew Cashmere Sweaters 4. Great Knives as in Cutco 5. An organized pantry. Empty all the boxes you buy into Click Clacks with printed labels 6. A label maker with which to label your Click … [Read more...]

Black Candles

It's no where near halloween, but lately I have been really into black candles in candelabras and candle sticks and even chandeliers. Black candles are chic, cheap and punch up a room with glamour. Miles Redd likes them too. Jenna Lyons living room.  This pic is from Eddie Ross's Etsy shop. … [Read more...]

Color Splash- iPhone App

Iphone junkies can download this awesome app which allows you to transform your favorite pics into works of art by easily rubbing color out or into a pic. So cool and really easy! … [Read more...]

Iphone test

This was a test from my Iphone to see if I could post from it, but this just too cute to take down. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday David

Dinner for 17 people on friday night for my husband's birthday! … [Read more...]