April Fools?

Apparently, I am not the only one who was hoping that this was a sick April Fool's joke. We were still sniffling over our first month without Domino, and then our one solace was removed from the web! All those pictures!! Organized so beautifully! But there is hope..... flickr. Someone has created the Domino Magazine Files Pool. Also, check out the flickr photo stream of fellow blogger Habitually Chic. Plus, Elements of Style posted this week about her Design Crush, Photographer Paul Costello. As I looked through his site, I recognized so many of his pictures as some of my favorites … [Read more...]

Maurice Villency Closing

Maurice Villency is closing their massive 57th st. NYC store,(for which they are rumored to pay 3 mil a year in rent). According to a Washinton Post article, the über-expensive, ultra contemporary (80s-esque) furniture line is "consolidating it's retail stores to the New York area, because the 77-year-old company is focusing on business to business sales," says president Eric Villency. You can expect sales of up to 70% off retail prices. If you ever wanted that $16,995 white leather sectional- now's the time. If you ask me, this is pretty much bachelor furniture, but you should have seen … [Read more...]

Nailhead Heaven

Why, oh, why am I so in love with nailheads? You could slap a nailhead on a pile of crap and I would shadowbox it and put it on my mantle. I have to limit my nailheaded products to one per room. I really am actively NOT learning how to nailhead my own stuff because of what it would do to my house. So nail-heads used to be associated with masculine leather furniture. But now nailheaded furniture has the kind of detail that can be used in the most feminine of rooms. The detail is what makes it so attractive. Take this Marco Low Table from Bungalow5. I am in love with it. The table is … [Read more...]

The Beach

The Beach is on HBO right now. I am watching it. A few years ago I went to THE beach backpacking with my brother. Ahhhhh, how life has changed since then. All grown up and responsible now. This is a pic of the island of Ko Phi Phi, one of my favorite places  on earth. My brother and I traveled around Thailand for a while, but the first day we had on Phi Phi was one of the best days on my life. That was when the mindset of the island began and the culture began to really set in. After spending a few days in Bangkok (ew) and then Phuket , Phi Phi was like heaven. This was about 10 months after … [Read more...]

BLACK & WHITE STRIPES – not just for j..

Black and white Stripes, a  signature look of designer Dorothy Draper, are making an appearance again. This look is so high contrast, it really transforms a space.  It can look really good in a room with boring or no architectural assets.  Small spaces like an entry way or  powder room  that would normally be drab and cramped will look great dressed up in stripes.  Definitely not for the faint of heart. I prefer the vertical stripes to the horizontal, but both looks are popping all over design mags. The above pic is from the Benjamin Moore site- followed by instructions on how to … [Read more...]