Lucite Shelves

I have been loving the idea of lucite shelving lately.... Check out these cool pics. So... a friend of mine asked me to help him set up his new apartment. This guy has a sneaker collection of over 100 pairs, so I thought it would be cool to mount them all on lucite shelves as an art installation in his bedroom. Since there is no way they will fit into any type of closet and he has shoe racks out everywhere, might as well. Any thoughts? … [Read more...]

Real Housewives – Jill’s Apartment

So I hate to be a bitch, BUT WTF is up with Jill's apartment. First of all, I have been inside that apartment. My friend lives in the same line of the building. While not small, it DOES NOT warrant that level of overdone psychosis! What the hell are they thinking, those mirrors, that cabinetry?!? BRAD has slapped different levels of turquoise stingray or ribbons on every wall! Every square inch of that place is covered in Stuff. Seriously, they took a perfectly normal kitchen and wallpapered the glass inserts in the cabinetry. Yowsa. The only room I actually liked was the daughter's room. … [Read more...]

Maurice Villency Closing- Details

Since so many of you were interested in the reported 70% discounts at the MV flagship on 57th and 3rd Avenue, I did some more investigating. First off, most of the stuff is not 70% off. A lot of the big pieces of furniture were discounted %20, which brings many of them in at over or just under $10 G's. Sets of 6 chairs were discounted as well. Most of them ranging between $7,000 and $9,000. The chairs below are made of carbon. Detail shot: The real place to "save" is in the accessory section, everything was 30% and 50% off. The mid-height vases were $300, see my post on Big … [Read more...]

No Bread- So Let Them Eat Cake!

Kosher for Passover Cheesecake Some of us are unlucky enough to have suffered through years of inedible passover cookies and cakes. Not this year. You can make your own cheesecake! It's so good, you wont miss bread. The great thing about cheesecake on Passover is that you barely have to sacrifice any ingredients to stay true to original recipes. The only place you will run into trouble is with the crust, but this recipe has got you covered: mashed up macaroons! One of the best passover treats mixed with a little butter or margarine and viola- crust! Ingredients: Crust: 2/3 of 1 … [Read more...]

Soho on Sunday

Spring has finally sprung in Manhattan, with our official first nice day of the year. Soho was jammed all day with people flooding the streets. They were waiting in line for restaurants, buying jewelry and art from street vendors and especially waiting to get into the first stateside Topshop - which is London's answer to H&M and Forever21 - more expensive, but on point trend wise and similar in its enormous collection of ever evolving clothing. Seriously, blink now and you will never see that shirt again. Of course, the eagerly anticipated Spring Kate Moss line for TopShop also debuted … [Read more...]