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The Last of Summer Inspo


I'm back in the city, which is interesting.... Pros and cons of both worlds. On one hand, I can work again now that everyone is in school and such. On the other hand, work. Somethings are so much easier to get done in a suburb, and other things are way easier in the city. Things with the kids, are better in the burbs. Errands easier in the city. I wanted to give you all a whole bunch of my favorite summer photos, but my computer hates me and my wifi hates me even more. So I'm dumping all the inspo shots I have on my desktop into a post. Yay! I do have lots of cool things to share, so check … [Read more...]

How to throw an awesome backyard movie night.


Hi! Last week was a doozy! I was a bridesmaid in Courtney's wedding, interviewed Leandra, founder of  Man Repeller in front of hundreds of women for Women Exceed, a non profit I work with that helps women entrepreneurs, and last, I threw our first party at the new house, a backyard movie night for Cookie's 8th birthday. I don't think I ever EVER had a party this fun in my entire life! The night was warm, the kids were so happy, after the party was over the adults sat up drinking beer and eating left over birthday cake in the tent until midnight. It had the vibes of an amazing summer night... I … [Read more...]



It's no secret, I'm a summer person. I love the sun, beach, ocean etc. That being said, fall has its perks. Chunky sweaters, plaid shirts, leather jackets, boots, fireplaces, it's super cozy. This fall I'm loving Australian hat company, Lack of Color's new offerings. Founded in 2011, the company is best known for their effortlessly chic, multi- seasonal, limited editions hat. They range from straw beach hats, to wide brimmed 100 percent Australian wool fedoras.  I want to own every one! The colors are generally neutral and timeless. It makes every outfit awesome and edgy without having to try … [Read more...]



Iksel wallpaper in Iznik, hand painted decorative wallpapers by Dimonah and Mehmet Eksel. … [Read more...]

Inside a Dreamy English Estate.


Two blog posts in one week about the Brooks family! This is the home of fashion insider Amanda Brooks and her husband painter Christopher Brooks, who was once married to Miranda Brooks, the landscape genius who designed Anna Wintour's magical gardens. (The gardens here were Miranda's first garden ever, she and the family are still close!)  The English farm house was where Christopher was born and raised, but Amanda and her family were using it as a vacation house for a only couple of weeks each year.   One day, burnt out from NYC life - the striving, oh the striving! - Amanda suggested to her … [Read more...]