MAX LAMB | Exercise in Seating.


Behold 40 chairs, or chair like things, constructed over ten years by British Designer Max Lamb, arranged in a "seat circle" in Milan’s industrial Garage Sanremo for Salone de Mobile. The exhibition gets its name from Lambs' graduation show at the Royal College of Art in 2006 "Exercise in Seating" which was a collection of chairs, and has grown to include the 40 pieces on display here in chronological order.  The first chair was created while Max was a student, and is a simple humble stacking chair made in Nigeria. On display is every single project he's made since 2006, with a huge variety in … [Read more...]



What happens when you  mix kurdish weaving techniques and a midcentury design aesthetic? You get Aelfie x Studio Proba flat weave rugs. Aelfie is a company out of Brooklyn that designs textiles and flat weaves and has them hand made in India. Alex Proba is the Art Director at Kickstarter, but also the genius behind the "Poster a Day" sensation that we wrote about HERE. (I'm still mildly obsessed with those posters. SO GOOD.) Alex was looking for a way to give her 2 dimensional posters a 3D pop, and rugs were a natural transition. The rugs, prints and pillows are limited editions and are on … [Read more...]

BEHIND THE SCENES | Sotheby’s 2nd Designer..


Today Sotheby's opens its second annual Show House. I had the privilege of going behind the scenes while it was being set up and taking some photos for you. Basically, the entire 5th floor of the Sotheby's headquarters was built out into the faux layout of a home with 13 well appointed rooms, including a fully wired kitchen. The concept is, designers get to choose a room and pull from 13 different Sotheby's categories. They design the room, and bring in some soft furnishings as well to compliment and fill out the room. The exhibition is open to the public from April 11 - today- until April 19, … [Read more...]

Not So Empty Met.


A few days ago, I decided to take the kids to the Met to see the Egyptian wing. You know, cause its Passover and they learned about it in school, and I thought some continuity or reinforcement and connecting of learning would be cool for them. Only one thing - apparently I did the exact same thing last year and have no recollection of it. ZERO. I mean, I admit, my brain is definitely functioning at half mast lately, but I swear it was like it never happened! Huh. At least I'm consistent? Anyway, there is a cool hashtag on instagram #emptymet, photos of duh- the Met when it's empty. The … [Read more...]

Bunny Williams | On Garden Style + Giveaway

RTG_4518 (1)

This weekend I received not one, but two copies of the re-release of legendary Bunny Williams' 1998 book On Garden Style. One for me, and one for one of you! Bunny Williams is nothing short of a giant on the American Interior Design scene. After working for 22 years for the Parish-Hadley design firm, she opened her own design firm in 1988. That's like - what, 50 years as a tastemaker and industry leader? Along with designing interiors, Bunny is known for her passion for gardens. After 5 days of hard work in Manhattan, she would retreat to her Connecticut home and relax in her idyllic … [Read more...]