Picasso in the sand.


The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. -Pablo Picasso.Β  Enjoy these images, of Picasso frolicking on the beach, juxtaposed with his "Sand Relief" pieces from the summer of 1930. These pieces were made on the backs of canvases, and each measure around eleven by fourteen inches. They were composed of canvas, cardboard, found objects, glue, paint, and sand. It takes a … [Read more...]

Fontastic New Jersey.


Last week, my friend Grace of Sweet Sweet City took me on a little vintage sign hunting trip around NJ. New Jersey is very much a living breathing time capsule. The sun faded colors, the vintage types, the faded glory. These aren't just relics, these are functioning companies! It's lovely. I thought we could celebrate Americana and the nostalgia of the mom and pops on this Labor Day weekend. We … [Read more...]

It’s a sale, yo!


Heyo! Every thing in my art shop is 20% off for the weekend babes! Including paintings, and new Capri prints - which I also put into their own category for easy sorting. I love the horizonless photos below, and my personal fave of the whole entire bunch is the photo above, which I want to call, "Fat Ladies Jump Alone" but instead called "The Bathers". That lady makes my day!!!! Use the … [Read more...]

Classic Movies + Fall Fashion = brilliant.


I think it's fair to say that this is the coolest, most imaginative use of photoshop + fashion ever. "What's Dorothy wearing this fall?" is a mash up of some of the most classic movie moments with duds from Fall 2014. I was reading the in copy NY Mag with Tavi on the cover a few days ago, I saw this, and was like, WOAH. Awesome. I freakin love this. Ok, ready? Let's go!Β  Elizabeth Taylor … [Read more...]

My NJ Bedroom’s Epic Gallery Wall.


I should call this post, how to redo a room without buying any furniture. Every summer for the past 8 years, I pack up out of Manhattan and go stay with my in laws at the Jersey Shore for the summer. We stay in my husband's childhood bedroom, which my MIL did over for us when we got married. She did some nice beige grasscloth, and a matching Β furniture set of all wood brown furniture. Yes, I lived … [Read more...]

House of Hackney.


This is my favorite kind of post, the kind that combines - fashion, design and some seriously cool photography. House of Hackney is a british brand founded in 2010 byΒ husband- and -wife team Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley. It was originally conceived as an interiors brand, but then expanded to include fashion stuffs and lifestyle accessories. I LOVE their playful take on traditional English … [Read more...]