DESIGN | Monochrome and Wonderful.


Casa Horta is a 1920's home in Barcelona that was renovated by its most recent owner designer Guillermo Santomà. The lovely spanish tile floors coexist with monochromatic, color dipped rooms. It's all kinds of beautiful. Santomà used the geometry of the house and creative paint and color combinations to create amazing little paint vignettes, they are like little moments where the house itself and the way the paint plays off itself is the art. The house was featured in Apartmento Magazine and these  photos are by  José Hevia. I love the 80's color schemes of green and pink... and as you guys … [Read more...]

INSPIRED BY | Design Week In Milan.


I know I've been posting a lot about Paris, obviously, because Paris has design inspo for a lifetime! Friend of Sketch - Raquel Cayre made it out to Salone Del Mobile in Milan last week and we have inspiration in spades to share with you all... From Fondazione Prada, the gold plated museum founded by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, to Bar Luce, it's Wes Anderson designed cafe, to Salone Del Mobile, to the streets... We hope you enjoy! Fondazione Prada Bar Luce: Nendo: 50 Manga chairs, presented by Friedman Benda and Basilica Minore di San Simpliciano: Gufram on the … [Read more...]



Hiya! Stuff is happening, we're making progress! Yesterday we built the bed, the desk and picked art and fabric for drapes. I think yesterday was the first time I was excited by this room, instead of terrified. Here are some shots of our progress, they are super rough, but just an idea of what's happening. A new painting of mine that we will be hanging in the room! I think it looks like an actual blood bath, but it happens to look really good in the room!  Our fabric choices for pillows and drapes. Kelly Wearstler Edo linen pillow, Miles Redd Schumacher water color drapes: She has this … [Read more...]

Merci – The Ultimate General Store.


In Paris, literally every store is a "concept store" meaning they don't just sell you clothes, or food, or art. They sell you all of that, because they are selling you, essentially, yourself or who you want to be, or who you think you are. They are projecting at you the lifestyle you wish to attain, in a multifaceted way, and as such you as a consumer are powerless to resist! It worked on me, every freakin time. Books, dishes, the works, placemats, toys... everything in one place, curated just to my taste. Genius really. I wonder why there aren't more of these concept/general stores in … [Read more...]



Its week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and I don't have much new info to share with you all! I'm still waiting on a boat load of fabric samples that will help guide my direction in the room. It's weird, sometimes I design a room and have a very clear idea right at the beginning, and other times, I just let one thing lead to the next. What I did do between last week and this week, was order the very basics of the room. We got the simple linen headboard, the white desk, the plush wool berber carpet from Karastan. All that is on its way! I also feel happy that I have since delivered - a new … [Read more...]