Random pretty stuff.


Lot's of random things I like today! In no particular order . I 8> The 80's | A re-edit of one of my Palm Springs shots. Available HERE. Indian Summer, by Courtney Velasco Shots from Miles Of MAC, a book of vintage MAC ads! Kim Herzov's home. Elixabeth Mollen's of Stone Textile's home in Lonny. One of my prints is in her bookcase ;)   Check it out peeps! … [Read more...]

Stuff I’m vibing for Fall.


I haven't don't one of these mood boards in quite some time! Months and months! But I've been spotting lots of cool stuff lately (reading tons of catalogs while home for holidays!). This fall, I'm totally feeling this dusty pastel vibe. Fall doesn't have to be all terracottas and browns.  Of course, I like a nice sculptural black as punctuation in any room, and that bar cart is the most 80's … [Read more...]

The Artless.


Did you guys see that hoax last week about the artist displaying "invisible art" ha. Check out Art Scrub a tumblr that scrubs out art from museums and galleries. Pretty end of days cool. My fave is the Vivian Maier photo above :) Enjoy. … [Read more...]



by Jasmine Deporta. … [Read more...]

Sexy Living.


I saw this over on Domaine this AM, and wowza, is this, like the sexiest apartment you've ever seen? Maybe too sexy? I'm definitely not sexy enough or cool enough to live here, but I do love it! It's in Milan designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis, featured in Architectural Digest France, photographed by Julian Hargreaves. Sorry for the lazy re-posting. Some days are for posting original content, some … [Read more...]

The EverLane Factories.


Everyone is talking about Everlane's latest release, the $165 dollar Modern Loafer. Which, lets admit, are pretty fucking cool. But what is ALSO super cool about this site, is that they are completely transparent about how much their goods cost, where they are making them etc, etc. They have factory tours of all their factories up on their site! I love any behind the scenes photos, so I love this. … [Read more...]