DESIGN | A beautiful remodel in Formentera.


This is a remodel of a traditional stone walled home on the island of Formentera. Architects Marià Castelló and Daniel Redolat have remodeled Can Manuel d’en Corda, incorporating the small forest of pines and junipers and working with the existing architecture.  I love this! … [Read more...]

Nils Udo | The Artist Of The Earth


German artist Nils Udo began his career a painter of nature. But over the course of his career he shifted towards becoming one with nature and fusing the gap between nature, art, and life. Udo now creates specific pieces of art by using the nature around him, branches, berries, leaves... The way Udo speaks about becoming one with nature, living in accordance with the laws of nature and embracing and complying to them instead of rejecting them is beautiful and inspirational. Its important for people to become one with our surroundings and move with the rhythms of the world around us. We often … [Read more...]

Fred W. McDarrah | The Artist’s World.


The New York art scene in the midcentury is one of those time periods that has reached almost mythical status. Young artists who had their start in the depression converged with European Modernism as American venues for modern art developed (The MoMA was founded in 1929) and later when more European artists were forced to flea Europe for America because of WWII. The result was the founding of a loosely affiliated group of artists who shifted the art world's focus from Europe to New York, and broke away from conventional constructs in both technique and subject matter. They created massive … [Read more...]

FOOD | Frank.


Every family has their fun little habits and favorite restaurants. On Sundays, we like to take the kids out to an early 5/6 pm dinner straight from whatever our activity is, come home, throw them in a bath and then get them to bed early to prepare for the school week. That's the plan, anyway. Sometimes we get really into particular restaurants. This year, we spent almost every Sunday dinner at one of Frank Prisanzano's restaurants on the Lower East Side, with the original, Frank's, being our favorite. I was pregnant, so gorging on pasta with the kids was particularly delightful, although … [Read more...]

The Spring Cleaning.


The Spring Cleaning is a series of photography exhibits taking place in an operating laundromat in Soho. It is a  three-part photo show which will be taking place over the course of three different weekends this summer. The idea came about after the curators noticed the art hanging on the laundromats walls was the same for over five years. "This laundromat has had the same photographs on the wall for over five years now and I would still always stop and take a look whenever walking past. I always thought it was a perfect place to show photos or artwork because of how many people, by default, … [Read more...]