Design|A gypsy chic family in Paris, Tangier, Br..


Vogue just posted the Paris  home ofVictoire de Taillac-Touhami  and her husband Ramdane Touhami. The globetrotting family and self described gypsies have moved from Paris to Tangier to New York and back to Paris, with their three kids in tow. They've moved 8 times together. Their current home is a modernist duplex penthouse that sits atop an eighteenth-century hôtel particulier built for the … [Read more...]

My favorites from THE ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.


This One Room Challenge thing, in which various design bloggers commit to transforming ONE room in 6 weeks and chronicling it on their blog, it's a cool idea. I've seriously been contemplating what to do in the kids room for 2 YEARS, so I doubt I could pull anything legit together in 6 weeks. I mean, unless it was for someone other than myself. Then I could probably do it :) But some of these … [Read more...]

Nostalgia |Vintage Letterhead.


I'm starting a "Nostalgia" category for the blog, 'cause I obviously can't get enough of it. This is vintage letterhead of famous folks. Ha, remember letters? The tumblr Letterheady is basically a letterhead archive.  And yes, it makes me  letterheady –adjective 1. overcome by a strong emotion due to a letterhead design. I wish I could pick a favorite, but seriously, that's like choosing … [Read more...]

Andy Warhol’s Polaroids at Christie’..


You may have already seen this, but so what. Look again. Andy Warhol+polaroids+fashion+vintage…what could be better? “My idea of a good picture is one that’s in focus and of a famous person doing something unfamous. It’s being in the right place at the wrong time.” -Andy Warhol, in Andy Warhol’s Exposures (1979) This October Andy Warhol polaroids were on sale at Christie's … [Read more...]

Blaise Cepis shoots Happy Naked People.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.16.44 AM

Photographer Blaise Cepis's work is provocative, whimsical, absurd, disturbing, but also really kind of funny. Based in NYC, Blaise spent a decade as an art/creative director for brands in an advertising capacity before transitioning to personal work full time. He also started Scratch Press with John Codling and Craig Damrauer, a small publishing company that makes limited edition art books in … [Read more...]

Cozy clothes I’m wearing this Fall.


And by that I mean, I'm actually wearing, not "blogger" wearing, i.e. just point to some shit from the web and saying, oh this is cool. This is stuff I actually own, or have seen, touched and felt in real life, and want to own. But mostly I actually own. And wear this composite look or a version of it, every day. And yes, I look like an urban farm worker, and I'm totally cool with that. First, … [Read more...]