Maison Plisson | The Cutest Gourmet Grocery in P..


Delphine Plisson spent her college years in NYC. Inspired by New York's Dean & Deluca, she moved back to Paris inspired to create a gourmet grocery/supermarket/restaurant. After 20 years in the fashion industry, she decided to change her life and follow her calling creating the eponymous Masion Plisson in the Marais district. She embarked on a French road trip checking out farmers and producers.  “My concept is to bring together the best French food artisans all in one place”, she explains. Unlike other grocers in Paris, Plisson has an aim on artisanal products, most of which are french … [Read more...]

The One Room Challenge | The Pink Room.


Hey! Soon I can't believe it, but I'm doing the very popular Calling it Home One Room Challenge this season. For those not familiar - a bunch of bloggers and designers each take on a decorating project of one room, which they complete in 6 weeks - and share with the readers once a week. This is week one, intro and inspo week. Sooooo, admittedly, most of my "design" projects have been for my own self. Which is a good thing, to me, cause I can do whatever I want, answer to know one, and take my sweet time coming up with a plan. For my own self, I'm not even sure I believe in "decorating" per … [Read more...]

Maison Kitsuné | Paris


  The Maison Kitsuné shop/ cafe in Paris was designed by French teams HAau and Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architectes. Kitsuné art directors were going fort a soft space,  a kind of David Hockney, Californian aesthetic. British designer Max Lamb. He created this terrazzo marble composite from various different marbles. It comes in black too and it's insane. The art installation for the marble was ridiculous, with an entire room- floor, walls, furniture, bath tub, toilet all made of the same stone. I've been dying to buy a small piece from this collection but, needless to say, it's … [Read more...]

MidCentury Dream Land | Brasserie 8 1/2


Last night, while walking home from a party in midtown, we were strolling down 57th street. We stopped in front of the Iconic 9 West 57th, with its huge red 9, and it's sloping travertine facade. Despite the fact that I lived on this block for two years of my life, I never even peeped into the windows. Sometimes we just ignore things that we see every day. Last night, they were doing some kind of painting in the lobby, and I noticed they had a giant Morris Louis covered with tarp to protect it. The building was commissioned in the 1960s by real estate billionaire Sheldon Solow. It was … [Read more...]

What I’m wearing + scouting in early Sprin..


Every so often I like to share some of the stuff I'm buying, or looking at buying on the internet. This transitional weather in NYC is kind of rough. It goes from 40 to 60 back down to 40 within a couple of hours. But who wants to be wearing a winter coat and heavy sweater? NO ONE. I literally have one outfit that I've been wearing every single day, except when I wash it, then I transition to some lesser outfit.  I'm wearing Acne Jeans, a beige cable knit Topshop sweater, sneakers with no socks and The Arrivals Jean Jacket, which is awesome. Paired with a choker by Roxanne Assoulin and Sunday … [Read more...]