DESIGN | Va-va-voutsa!


!!!! The 275 square foot space of artist George Venson - the man behind the wallpaper and design line Voutsa- is just beyond. If you're going to live in a little space, make it an insanely awesome little space. Voutsa is a line of handprinted and printed wallpaper, fabric and other design-y  items, like lampshades. They've just launched clothing … [Read more...]

My Prints on OKL.


Exciting! A bunch of my prints are available as framed prints on OKL in the Emerging Artist's sale today. Big sizes too. Hit it up yo!   … [Read more...]

NOSTALGIA | Where happiness lives online.


Because it's Monday and we need to see floofy things. Some brands are more than just products we consume, some brands are ingrained into our psyches. They trigger nostalgia, are part of our childhoods and make us feel warm inside. That's when you know that they have been doing their marketing thing right, even if they are killing us softly. Is … [Read more...]

Travelogue | 100 photos of Israel.

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For whatever reason, it took 10 months for me to really go through my photos from my family trip to Israel last May. I hadn't been there since I was 14, for my own brother's bar mitzvah, and I was kind of intimidated by the whole idea of traveling so far with the kids. I'm not a particularly spiritual person, but I love history in a nerdy way, and … [Read more...]



  Is looking through heaps and heaps of ribbon, trimming and notions your idea of heaven? YES? You're not alone! Get your crazy person ribbon fix at M&J Trimming, where they are having a massive warehouse sale, in store only. Founded in 1938 by my husband's grandfather, M&J is a NYC/Garment Industry institution ;) They are clearing … [Read more...]