DESIGN | Michelle Adams At Home.


Have you guys seen Michelle Adams new home yet? It's a 1920's colonial in Ann Arbor, and her remodel is just fantastic. Michelle got her start as part of the original Domino team, eventually co-founding Lonny Magazine with Patrick Cline in 2009 and then leaving to become the youngest Editor in Chief ever at Conde Nast as the editor of the rebooted Domino magazine. I'm just gonna say it - Michelle is the decorating voice of our generation. And by "our" I mean, US, the "basic" internet savvy, upwardly striving, middle/creative pinterest now 30 somethings that are in full nesting/homemaking mode. … [Read more...]

Naomi, Cindy, Claudia |Balmain SS16 Campaign


Have you seen this yet? It's too good. Oliver Rousteing casted the original 90's supermodels,  Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer, in the upcoming ad campaign for Balmain's Spring/Summer collection!! And DAMN they still got it. I mean.. Cindy grabbing her boob?? Come on! These three are timeless, powerful and never go out of style- I guess Balmain is sending a message. "All the people who love Balmain have this nostalgia of the power of fashion in the ’90s when models were iconic—and this is always what I push," Rousting told Vogue. "When you love Balmain, you love Cindy, … [Read more...]

Studio Sale.


Hi! Remember when I used to paint? Yes, me too. Last week I started spending more time in my studio, painting, - and I was overwhelmed by how much STUFF there was in it! Instead of being a place for me to be alone and work, its become like a defacto storage unit. Which is lame. I started looking at all the old stuff and half finished stuff I had in there. Things I was just playing with and for some reason or another, never payed attention to again. I need to clear it out. I was debating if I should throw it all out, paint over it, etc, and the stuff thats really bad - yea I'm gonna do that. … [Read more...]

LALA Abaddon | Woven Art


  Lala Abaddon first photographs images over and over until she finds the perfect shot. She then prints them in large formats, pairs photos together, hand cuts each print into hundreds of pieces, and then weaves the strips into complicated patterns by hand. "Each strip is purposefully arranged to evoke a certain feeling in the viewer, examining the relationship between the physical world and the emotional world. The layered quality of the images is similar to alternate realities or states of being. Lala’s underlying purpose and process is to disrupt order, reconstruct historical … [Read more...]



Why don't I know who anyone is? I think I watch a fair amount of TV, and see enough movies? Hmmm. Lets talk fashion, shall we? Im not even sure this qualifies as "fashion", these are just some beautiful people in some pretty clothes. I LOVED this outfit. LOVED. It popped up on my instagram feed, and i thought it was cool, and elegant, and fresh. Amanda Peet, why? She's such a beautiful woman, and relentlessly looks terrible on red carpets. Amy Adams, I think someone finally put you in something a little bit cool and youthful? I like it. Brie Larson, I don't like … [Read more...]