Morbid Sexuality.

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Taiwanese photographer Yung Chen Lin's morbid take on female sexuality is beautiful and disturbing. Nudity isn't always sexual. Sexuality isn't always erotic. And sometimes it's ok to let ourselves be a bit disturbed, push those buttons, see how we feel. Explore the darker side, you know? Examine the ugly, or our idea of what's ugly. I really enjoyed being disturbed by these, if you know what I … [Read more...]

Les Bains Douches.


Sorry for the lax posting schedule! I'm on vacation with much less wifi than I planned on having. If you follow my instagram feed, you may have noticed that I'm in Europe-  I'm on a non stop photo-posting bender! I always say, in Europe is always the 70s and so I thought it was fitting that I post these amazing photos from Les Bains Douches- the Parisian equivalent Studio 54, where famous faces … [Read more...]

Asbury Park|Glide Surf Co


Glide Surf Co is one of the coolest shops in New Jersey, fo sho. In fact, it's flat out beautiful. It opened up in May of 2011 on Bangs Ave in Asbury. The shop "celebrates the pureness of surfing and the current renaissance within the surf world." Since surf culture became trendy, there has been a divide into two groups: the wannabe surfers and the authentic ones, they explain. (I'm totally a … [Read more...]

Because it’s the weekend|Flower Beards.


You can't get more hipster than this. Gotta love the internet for bringing us such things. Horrifyingly ridiculous, yet oddly delightful. Man, I hope the beard trend never, ever dies. And a happy happy weekend to you! … [Read more...]



Dudes and dudettes, Friday is upon us. Food inspo for the weekend: Art Toast, the work of Instagram food artist @IdaFrosk. We live in interesting times, I'll tell ya! Ida is a Norwegian, living in Berlin, and spends some time in the AM concocting food art for her grams. She eats them all afterward, of course. The Art Toast is a project in which she copies famous works of art on her toast. … [Read more...]

Wanderlust |Rhapsody in Blue.


Apparently there is an entire town in Morocco covered in blue paint. Magical! After the Spanish Inquisition, many Jews settled in the area, which is near Tangier, and eventually settlers painted the town of Chefchaouen completely blue. In some articles I read that they did this because blue symbolizes heaven and water (duh? so what?) while other sources state that they did this to separate … [Read more...]