Raw and Refined | Oliver Gustav


These photos of Oliver Gustav's studio are divine. I love the juxtaposition of rounded edges, raw materials, "Fat Furniture", delicate furniture, and of course, the layered muted colors. Looks like heaven. And I'm all about those Roly Poly chairs up top. Need them in my life. Photographed by Heidi Lerkendeldt. Hope you have a great weekend! Heaven. … [Read more...]



Hey! Sorry for the late posting, I was actually in the space with the handy man hanging a bunch of things. I'm not sure what to talk about this week because I don't want to spoil it. At this point we are all done, just waiting for our last few things to arrive... Pillows, a chair, and the major thing - all the framed prints. Here's a little sneak peek of how its all coming together! I don't want to show more, because it will spoil it! That table skirt with the Miles Redd fabric from Decoratorsbest is maybe my favorite thing in the whole world. (Even though my tailor screwed it up and made … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Layers upon Layers.

Interior Images of an apartment

I'm a little bit in love with the home of William Mclure, a southern designer and painter. First of all, its very traditional, which now seems fresh compared to all the Scandinavian simplicity we've been seeing, second, its really well appointed, and third it looks like a really great place to live. I love the mix of elements, the layering of art and books, the abundance of chairs and I've always been a major sucker for a dining table set up with books that way in the middle of the room.  The bedroom, black, just the way I like it. A lot of the big abstracts are Williams own paintings... … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Monsieur Bleu at Palais de Tokyo


Suffice to say this may be the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been in. Monsieur Bleu, the restaurant in the Palais De Tokyo (It's kind of hard to find as there are two other eateries on site. This one is on the Avenue de New York, on the river, around the corner from the entrance to the Palais.) French architect Joseph Dirand envisioned and shaped the space around a fictional character, Monsieur Bleu. Elegant and cultivated, mysterious and suave, Monsieur Bleu is a true bourgeois gentleman, artist, gastronome and dandy that lives simultaneously within and outside the codes of the … [Read more...]


IMG_6527 (1)

Welcome back! Hope you all are having a great week! Last week I laid out some of my final fabric choices and nailed down the direction of the room. In a bedroom, fabrics in all their different forms are obviously super important. Well, not ten minutes after I posted my ORC post, I find out that the Miles Redd for Schumacher Watercolor fabric I chose for the drapery was out of stock. (Of course, arriving the week after the ORC is over.) I scoured the internet for a replacement. I got ten samples hand delivered to me from the lovely folks at DecoratorsBest the next day. There was nothing I … [Read more...]