DESIGN | Poppy’s Un-Nursery.


Can I be reborn as Shannon Wollack's kid? Please? Slim Aarons prints! Campaign furniture, hot pink grasscloth, and literally her NAME IN LIGHTS?!? Too cool for school. I love the idea that a nursery doesn't have to be overly cutesy. I think this room is so girly, fab and fun! This, plus Christine's son's nursery are probably my two favorites ever. (I also love this one, I shot it YEARS ago before … [Read more...]

CUT AND PASTE | Sajjad Musa


It's no secret that I have a little mini love affair with surrealist collages. I think I am always fascinated by whatever medium of art I'm not good at. Collage is deceptive, because it seems much easier than it is. When done correctly the whole is SO MUCH GREATER than the sum of its parts. When done badly, the collages mean nothing and say nothing. Mixed media artist Sajjad Musa submitted his … [Read more...]

Sasha Bikoff | UES POP ART APT ;)


It's always an amazing day when I get to share a Sasha Bikoff project! This is the Upper East Side rental of Sasha's social media director, Raquel. The whole story is now up on Domaine! Wooohoo! I love how different this is from Sasha's other work, it shows how much Sasha reflects the interests and hobbies of the owner in the space. Raquel is 23 years old,  a tennis fanatic, absolutely loves pop … [Read more...]

Artist Virus.


Gosh, remember computer viruses? Doesn't that whole concept feel so 90's now? Like a relic from the time back when we all had Dells and Dial Up, and opened emails from strangers?  Computer Virus Catalog has taken 20 of the worst viruses of all time and collaborated with artists to immortalize them. Founded and curated by Amsterdam-based creative Bas van de Poel, Computer Virus Catalog sees 20 … [Read more...]

Carole Radziwill’s Aparment.


Last night was the season finale of RHONY. I love all the seasons, except maybe Miami, but I think I like New York the best. Maybe it's because sometimes I see Sonja and Luanne around the Upper East, maybe it's because they are just the most interesting cast, or maybe it's because of that magical juxtaposition in which a grown woman will throw a prosthetic leg, complete with pedicure and designer … [Read more...]

Time Capsule Interiors|Modern 70′s Retreat


If you are going to read one post on Sketch42 this week (this month!) make it this one! As I've stated many times before, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept of "Time Capsule Interiors." I got the idea, because my grandmother's two houses are completely preserved chinoiserie chic 70's acid trip awesomeness and I LOVE them, and always have. In fact, I think I pitched the idea of a "Time Capsule Interiors" … [Read more...]