Chloe Sevigny’s East Village Apartment.


This one is an old but a goody. I may have posted this before, actually - but probably not all together. Chloe Sevigny bought her adorable 1862 East Village co-op seven years ago just after filming the pilot for Big Love.  “I came here with literally no furniture because the place I lived before this was, like, 200 square feet,” she says. She is one of the few people who was drawn to an apartment because of its low ceilings. “I walked in and felt transported, like I wasn’t in Manhattan anymore. It just felt womblike.” She covered the exposed brick walls with plaster painted pale pink, blue, … [Read more...]

Hans Feurer Photography


The work of swiss fashion photographer, Hans Feurer, is undoubtably amazing. It is bright and bold, sexual and uninhibited. I find it refreshing to hear a photographer only shoots in color. Feurer spent the beginning of his career as an art director traveling the world and working closely with some very famous photographers (think Helmut Newton, Frank Horvat and William Klein.) But he felt he was lacking some adventure in his life so he picked up and moved to Cape Town, South Africa... In africa, (besides getting trampled by a hippopotamus, shot at a few times and spending 10 days in a prison … [Read more...]

Sadelle’s | The Chicest Bagel in NY.


Like all good New Yorkers, the family and I spend every Sunday Morning eating bagels and lox, while chilling drinking coffee in our PJ's and reading the newspaper. We pick up from Ess-a-Bagel. We consider ourselves #blessed. This fall, the "hottest new restaurant opening" in Manhattan was Sadelle's - a bagel, appetizing and Jewish Bakery restaurant in Soho opened by bagel whisperer Melissa Weller. Remember the old i tre merli? It's in that space on West Broadway. Suffice to say, this is the chicest bagel shop ever, and that it's freaking awesome, and the food is awesome. And trust me, I … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek | Holiday House 2015


Hi! Its that time of year again - hard to believe we are going to Holiday parties because its so ridiculously unseasonably warm in NYC right now - but we are! The Holiday House NY officially opens its doors again this week, and yesterday I was invited in for the press preview. I spent the morning on two  school trips with both kids, so I was kind of beat by the time I got there. Camera battery was also beat, so by the end I popped out my iPhone. So I'm apologizing for photos that are not superior, but I still thought you all would enjoy a peek. James Rixner's "St Andrew's Day" a grand … [Read more...]

Lee Radziwill Design and Style Icon

Jackie Kennedy and Lee Radziwill in Ravello, Italy, 1962

If you haven't read T Magazine's interview with Lee Radziwill yet, I highly recommend it. For those who don't know - Lee Radziwill is the younger sister of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Lee and Jacqueline were born into a life of luxury, summering in the Hamptons and hobnobbing with the American upper class. Soon Lee was married a Polish prince, making her a European Princess. Her sister was first lady of the United States, and they both fascinated the American public. (Her daughter in law is Carole Radziwill of NY housewives fame - Lee famously gave her that amazing Le Tigre sofa - … [Read more...]