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My hub has this joke, whenever I say someone is a couple "Oh yea, they are a couple now." He says "Oh, a couple-a what!"It's just one of those (lame) jokes he makes over and over. (See also, "How long have you been married?" "Seven years. Feels like seven minutes......UNDER WATER.") But "a couple-a what?!" is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this project. Leta Sobierajski and Wade … [Read more...]


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You've seen one beach shot, you've seen em all? Kinda! I tried to put my own little spin on my recent trip to The Amalfi Coast and you all went NUTS over them on instagram, so THANKS! I really didn't do anything special, point a camera in any direction in italy and you will find something spectacular! Anyway, I just built my new art site, or rather rebuilt it, and transferred over the best of … [Read more...]

Isaac Mizrahi’s Greenwich Village Pad.


Isaac Mizrahi grew up in the same part of Brooklyn that I did, the uncool parts. His digs in the village are a conglomeration of apartments that he put together over 20 years. He shares the 4,000 square foot apartment with his husbandย Arnold Germer, and it's sophisticated and clean lined. He works with color and pattern all day, he claims. At home, he prefers restraint.ย  My mother … [Read more...]

Courtney Velasco at Home.

DSC_9045 2

Courtney Velasco and I met on the internet. 10 years ago, that was a sure fire way to get killed. Now it's how I've met some of my favorite people in the world. My wolf pack. The people that make me feel alive and at home in myself. I think about this a lot. The internet, the constant attachment to our phones, the presence of screens in our lives- it's taken away a lot. BUT it's given us a lot … [Read more...]

Lisa Perry Hampton’s Home.


Fashion designer Lisa Perry's Hampton's home: BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS. Oh yea, BANANAS. Period. The end. ย That Frank Stella is the stuff of dreams. I've seen that top room before many times, and it never fails to make my jaw drop, but I've never seen the whole house before. So many people try the modern white with the "pop of color" and their homes look like antiseptic hotel rooms for toddlers. … [Read more...]

At Home With January.


This shoot that Violet Grey did with January Jones is great. I just binge watched 7 seasons of Mad Men this spring, and that Betty Draper: Grace Kelly looks, icy steel persona, subtly awful and insecure - January Jones is just an insanely beautiful woman. That scene where she shoots the neighbors pigeons with her kid's BB gun in her nightgown, cigarette dangling from her mouth? AMAZING.ย  … [Read more...]