Jean Paul Goude| The man who #broketheInternet.


The last thing I ever want to do is talk about Kim Kardashian's ass. Well, that's a lie, I have a secret obsession with plastic surgery before and afters. I spend an embarrassing amount of time googling Lindsey Lohan, the entire Kardashian clan, and most recently Renee Zelwegger. A guilty love of the low brow, for sure. But Kim certainly broke the internet this week with her shoot for Paper … [Read more...]

Tim Swallow | Nights Of Our Lives.


So begins my new obsession with Australian photographer Tim Swallow. Photography is not just his job, it's his life. His “Peter Pan Syndrome” fuels his ongoing excitement for anything involving surfing, skating and music. His photos are both refined and filled with spontaneous energy.  He has shot for bands such as Mastodon and Empire of the Sun, and worked alongside Surf & Skate companies … [Read more...]

Collected| Living With The Things You Love


After shooting and staying over at ABCD's home in Connecticut this summer, I was inspired to begin collecting things. Let's be honest, I was always hoarding, but she inspired me to switch over into "Collecting." Subtle difference, but collecting involves MORE stuff, just acquired more purposefully.  I wanted so badly to collect anything and everything I went into a bit of a frenzy. I started my … [Read more...]

Male Monday | Man Buns.


Because it's Monday and hot damn if I want to do any intellectual probing at all. Instead: HOLY MAN BUNS! Obviously, I love this. I got David to grow out his beard after I posted about them, maybe I can get him to get on the man-bun band-wagon!? HA.  The Man Bun works in the opposite way of the beard - in my opinion. Beards make ordinary men look WAYYYY more attractive... defines a jaw line, … [Read more...]

Design|A gypsy chic family in Paris, Tangier, Br..


Vogue just posted the Paris  home ofVictoire de Taillac-Touhami  and her husband Ramdane Touhami. The globetrotting family and self described gypsies have moved from Paris to Tangier to New York and back to Paris, with their three kids in tow. They've moved 8 times together. Their current home is a modernist duplex penthouse that sits atop an eighteenth-century hôtel particulier built for the … [Read more...]

My favorites from THE ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.


This One Room Challenge thing, in which various design bloggers commit to transforming ONE room in 6 weeks and chronicling it on their blog, it's a cool idea. I've seriously been contemplating what to do in the kids room for 2 YEARS, so I doubt I could pull anything legit together in 6 weeks. I mean, unless it was for someone other than myself. Then I could probably do it :) But some of these … [Read more...]