Carole Radziwill’s Aparment.


Last night was the season finale of RHONY. I love all the seasons, except maybe Miami, but I think I like New York the best. Maybe it's because sometimes I see Sonja and Luanne around the Upper East, maybe it's because they are just the most interesting cast, or maybe it's because of that magical juxtaposition in which a grown woman will throw a prosthetic leg, complete with pedicure and designer … [Read more...]

Iconic Family Albums

ยฉ Copyright 2004 Corbis Corporation

I have a ย secret spot in my heart for romantic family blogs. I let it out once in a while. Maybe because actually having and running a family is so freakin tiring and frustrating that making it seem beautiful, idealizing and appreciating the romance of little having little children in your life does make it better. It's stopping to smell the roses while they are still blooming, because they are … [Read more...]

Visual Feast | The Grand Budapest Hotel.


All Wes Anderson films are visually astounding and the latest The Grand Budapest Hotel, does not disappoint. Who knew I could enjoy red, tangerine and citrine lacquers, purple tuxedos, pastel bath houses, pink pastry boxes and a fictional country in Alpine Europe set in the 30's so much? Of course I knew I would.ย A Wes Anderson movie is a trip into a world onto its own, a whimsical beautiful world … [Read more...]

Coolest to least cool moments of the Grammys.


I'm not even a Beyonce "Fan" (Capital F) but hell ya, this was cool. "SURFBOART" still cool as fuk. Still killing it. Willie Nelson. You have my heart forever. I think I could sport braided pig tails. Robots and the Arby's hat. I love you. LORDE: 17 years old, paint dipped fingers and she aint naked. YES. What the ef happened to Rock and Roll? Everyone nominated in a rock … [Read more...]

The Future Past in Spike Jonze’s HER.


Earlier this week I went to see Spike Jonze's HER, by myself, I might add. I like going to the movies by myself, even though there is no one to roll eyes at during incredibly cheesy previews, and the couple next to me brought a bottle of red wine WITH two actual glasses. (Should we pause here to comment on the yuppification of NYC, this was at the Kips Bay theatre, not even an artsy one!) Right … [Read more...]

On Princesses of Long Island.

"The Princesses Of Long Island", Caroline Manzo & Teresa Giudice Visit "Extra"

When the show aired, I took a deep breath as I settled in. Oh no, I thought. This is bad. This is very bad. IS IT GOOD FOR THE JEWS? This is bad for the JEWS! These vapid, unattractive, silly, obnoxious and spoiled girls are making us all look bad. Is this how my demographic should be represented on TV? Is this even my demographic? Am I a JAP? How would I look on TV, would people call me ugly and … [Read more...]