Barbie the Blogger | @barbiestyle


So…Barbie's a style blogger now. She #TBTs, she tans, attends every fashion show, stays at the most lavish hotels and works out all while looking photo op ready. She attends the trendy art shows, like the Koons retrospective. She hikes Runyon Canyon! She does collabs with other fashion people, like Rachel Zoe. She shoots aerial shots of her outfits and coffee and fashion week invites. It's shot for shot perfectly styled satire. She tags so many different hotels?! Are they paying for this? The account is so spot on that it's funny in a teeny weeny bit of an uncomfortable way. Almost too … [Read more...]

Neil The Lion At Home.


Have you seen these yet? There are no words.... OK, here's a few. Back in the 70's, Melanie Griffith, and her family - Mom Tippi Hendren, star of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and her husband, Noel Marshall, a director. The family was filming in Africa when they found an abandoned house that had been overrun with over 30 lions and their cubs. I still dont fully get how they ended up living with a full grown adult lion named Neil, that part of the story seems a bit hazy, but I do know that they were filming a movie called Roar, which cost 17.5 million dollars, took 11 years to film, only grossed … [Read more...]

The Making of Gone With The Wind.


75 years after it was released, the 1939 adaption of Margeret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind, is still the most successful film of all time, accounting for inflation. It was the longest running sound film at the time it was made, and was one of the first films shot in technicolor. It was the Golden Age of American film, just as we are living in the Golden Age of Television. (I just read a theory that TV entered its Golden Age when DVR and streaming came about, allowing for longer plot lines and character driven shows.) The movie won 10 Acadamy Awards, out of 13 nominations. The film has been … [Read more...]

Miley Cyrus’s Art Show|Dirty Hippie.


Miley Cyrus has partnered up with Jeremy Scott and V magazine to open up her art show, Dirty Hippie, which is currently on display at 11 mercer street. The show includes vibrators, gifts from fans, bongs, selfie loaded USBs, joints, and tons of colors and crafts. I wrote this post in conduction with my sister, Steph, who is 21. I am just going to transcribe the whole conversation because it perfectly illuminates in my mind, who and what "The Millennial" is, as an entity. Steph: I personally love it. I think it describes exactly what Miley is: a rebellious teen who is on the border of … [Read more...]

Freddie Mercury + Michael Jackson Duet.


You never knew you always wanted. There must be more to life than this. Thirty something years ago, Freddie Mercury and MJ hung out and made music together. The songs were never released, until now. Queen has cleaned up the tracks and is releasing them on their new album Queen Forever.  I love the song. Sadly, dissatisfaction with the state of the world is an evergreen theme ;( "There Must Be More To Life Than This" There must be more to life than this There must be more to life than this How do we cope in a world without loveMending all those broken hearts And tending to those … [Read more...]