On Princesses of Long Island.

"The Princesses Of Long Island", Caroline Manzo & Teresa Giudice Visit "Extra"

When the show aired, I took a deep breath as I settled in. Oh no, I thought. This is bad. This is very bad. IS IT GOOD FOR THE JEWS? This is bad for the JEWS! These vapid, unattractive, silly, obnoxious and spoiled girls are making us all look bad. Is this how my demographic should be represented on TV? Is this even my demographic? Am I a JAP? How would I look on TV, would people call me ugly and … [Read more...]

Best and Worst Dressed at the 2012 Oscars.

Screen Shot 2012-02-26 at 11.07.46 PM

Let me preface by saying, I kind of think everyone here looks good. No one dress (except for Michelle Williams) really blew me away, but none were AWFUL. All were safe. So it's not so much a WORST dressed list, but its a best and not so best dressed list. No one was really truly horrible, right? I decided to color code it for easier comprehension. THE REDs: First, and all-time winner of the … [Read more...]

Lana Del Rey & Prada SS 2012


( If you want, scroll down to the bottom of the post- click play so you can listen to the music while you read.) In my mind, Lana Del Rey should be starring in this campaign, or at least wearing these clothes daily. Lana Del Ray, who rose to fame on Youtube with her iMovie-made vintage infused home videos, subject of mass ridicule for her performance on SNL, is absolutely fascinating. She is … [Read more...]

You asked for it: RHOBH Reunion Recap.

OK, So I decided when Russell Armstrong hung himself that I wasn't going to talk about this crap anymore. It was too dark, too sad and heaven forbid that poor Kennedy googles her dad one day and comes across this blog... But then Taylor herself went on a speaking tour across the country and published every punch, hit and text message all in the name of helping others. Last night 3 very … [Read more...]

Hell is other people: Million Dollar Decorators.

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Now, when Bravo inexplicably took away Top Design from us, that small portion of the population that is both obsessed with design and crappy television, we wept a little inside and made do with Design Star and Real Housewives. But when Bravo announced this new MILLION DOLLAR DECORATOR show we did a little YIPPEEE inside!!!! (Speaking of those housewives and all the Bravo Shows, I figured out a … [Read more...]

LIVE from THE BROWNSTONE a firsthand recap of RHONJ.


  My friend and former Sketch42 Real Housewives recapper Sarina came out of retirement to discuss Monday's season premiere of the RHONJ. Which she watched live. From The Brownstone. In Franklin Lakes. On second inspection, The Brownstone seems to be in Patterson... which explains a lot. (The cake at The Brownstone) Sarina's Report: Friend: "Sarina, Albie Manzo tweeted about a Real … [Read more...]