The Vanderpump Rules Grease Lightening Shoot.


I've been hate watching Vanderpump Rules for the past 3 seasons, and only half paying attention. Hate watching and half watching- because a seething intense loathing for Stassi made it hard for me to focus on anything else. But the other night on WWHL, the night after the Oscars, Andy Cohen said that Vanderpump Rules was the best show on TV and he … [Read more...]



Ready to talk about the Grammys? Can we talk about that Sam Smith won a million awards for a song that is pretty blatantly (and admitted by him) a rip off of Tom Petty? It's a great song, YES. But if you're paying 12% royalties to Tom Petty, is it really yours? I mean. I dunno. Can we also talk about how much Annie Lennox killed it? She literally … [Read more...]

COOL OF THE DAY | Hipster Legos.

Hipster Lego figuresLondonBy David Levene23/1/15

Monday, you suck big time. I got about half way through the Grammy's in real time, then I paused, watched Downton and FFed through the rest of the Grammys. Anyway, Wanna know what these are? They are Hipster LEGOs. Designer Tara Wike created the series for the start of Copenhagen fashion week. Leather Jackets, fixies, facial hair, denim on … [Read more...]

BeetleJuice| The Art, The House, The Clothes.


Omigosh. When was the last time any of you have watched Beetlejuice? We watched it with the kiddies for Halloween, before which I hadn't seen it in years. People, 1988 Tim Burton Classic is more than just a spooky comedy about a ghost couple who want to scare away their home's new inhabitants. It's an amazing satire of  NYC art culture, yuppiedom, … [Read more...]

Snoop Dogg, The Painter.

snoop dog painting

Barbie is a blogger, and Snoop Dogg is a painter. “For many years I’ve always felt like painting was something that I wanted to do, but I never had time to do,” Snoop explains. “Painting gives me an emotion like no other. I could cry while I’m painting. I can laugh while I’m painting. I can be serious while I’m painting. I don’t have no parameters. … [Read more...]