WANDERLUST | Courtney in Greece.

Our buddy Courtney Velasco went to Greece a few weeks ago -and despite crippling food poisoning and tourist overload- she managed to snap some beautiful photos. There is nothing like that mediterranean sun, it does magic with color. Even white looks special, doesn't it? Pretty, isn't it? Have a great day! … [Read more...]

Playland Motel.

The Playland Motel just opened in Rockaway Beach. Twelve designers and artists restored an old 19th century building and each designed one room. I love the idea of each room being different- then each time you stay there its a new experience and you never know what to expect. You can stay in a blue teepee bed one time and the next be in a floral garden with a giant deer on your wall. Pretty cool. The outdoors is like an adult playground, covered in sand with ping pong tables, drinks and DJs. They are sure to remind you that this is not the place to go if you are looking for a luxurious … [Read more...]

DESIGN | A beautiful remodel in Formentera.

This is a remodel of a traditional stone walled home on the island of Formentera. Architects Marià Castelló and Daniel Redolat have remodeled Can Manuel d’en Corda, incorporating the small forest of pines and junipers and working with the existing architecture.  I love this! … [Read more...]


ROSA ET AL is a little boutique hotel in the up and coming artsy district of Porto, Portugal and it is a complete delight. It's just 8 rooms in a refurbished townhouse. It is owned by Patricia and Emanuel de Sousa, the architect who oversaw the reconstruction, and sits on a street that is being revived by chic boutiques, farm to table restaurants and more. I also really love the way this was shot. Anyone going on any fun trips this summer? Learn more ROSA ET AL … [Read more...]

Wes Anderson designs Bar Luce.

Prada's new venue, Fondazione Prada- an art and culture complex in Milan, will feature a cafe and bar designed by film director, Wes Anderson. There are pinball machines, formica tables, a jukebox and a vintage candy bar. "From its green and pink chairs to the minty tabletops and pale-speckled floor, the café's design is evocative of Anderson's films, and is full of the light, pastel colors Anderson's movie sets are known for." How many times have we all marveled at the sets on his movies? Don't we all collectively want to live in a Wes Anderson movie?  "While I do think it would make a pretty … [Read more...]