Tom Ford’s Spectacular Ranch.


My heart skipped a beat when these photos of Tom Ford's Santa Fe ranch landed in my inbox courtesy of a very nice reader. These images, by photographer Guido Mocafico, were first featured in the December 2010/January 2011 issue of Vogue Paris. It was designed by  Tadao Ando's whose serene Japanese aesthetic makes a huge statement in the arid terrain of Santa Fe. The concrete walls, the lines, the … [Read more...]


DSC_8401 (1)

A half hour out of the city this is happening: That was out my window on the drive this sunday to Storm King- a 500 acre sculpture museum in the Hudson Valley - on Sunday. Even the strip malls are beautiful this time of year. This is what you do at Storm King: walk around, look at giant sculptures, lay in the grass, let your kids run around while you let the sun warm your face. That's it. … [Read more...]

Design Wanderlust // Mallorca.


Welcome to the latest installment of "I need a casa on the Mediterranean, please." This one I snagged from a real estate listing. I don't know the details on who built or decorated it. But it was renovated in 2011, and contains a main house, a guest house and a saltwater pool. Did you scroll down and see the pool yet? It's a dream pool. I also know that you can buy this baby for 1.4M Euro. A … [Read more...]



Tangier, the city on the most northern tip of Morocco, sits on the Strait of Gibraltar, the narrow passage between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Only a half hour by ferry is Spain, and a two hour flight would land you in Paris. The city was founded at around 500 BC at the dawn of our modern civilizations. It's been tossed back and forth between empires for centuries, and has always been an … [Read more...]

TOURISM 101 \\ How to have a perfect day in NYC.


The perfect tourist day in NYC consists of these things: a good workout in the AM, a museum, lunch al fresco, some shopping, plenty of  time in "nature" along with coffee pit stops and a great drink to cap it off. Last week was one of my last days in NYC this summer, so Cookie, Raquel, Stephanie (my new intern and sister!) and I did NYC up good. A quarter way through we realized our plan might be … [Read more...]

Daytripping: Blue Hill at Stone Barns


Yesterday, my family and I were all still sitting around in our pajamas at 11 am, and thinking of places to go to get out of the city. (Parade Sundays are always horrible.) I googled "Day trips from Manhattan" and on the first page was a link to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. THIS. We are doing this, I said, after poking around their site for a minute or two. Technically, Blue Hill is the restaurant … [Read more...]