The Lifeguard Towers of Miami Beach.

lifeguard tower stand miami beach florida 25

Miami generally makes me kind of stabby, but I can't deny its a delight to the eyeballs. White sands, clear water, and most importantly, Art Deco awesomeness. Plus, it's got the warmest winter weather on the US mainland, which doesn't sound too bad. There are 25 Lifeguard towers on an 8.5 mile stretch of Miami sands. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew ripped through the coastline, destroying the towers. During the recovery, architect William Lane offered his services and created a series of iconic looking lifeguard towers. Over time, more have been added through competitions and commissions. The … [Read more...]



You know how Jews pray toward Jerusalem and Muslims pray toward Mecca? Well, design lovers should probably pray toward Palm Springs. It's Modernism Week over there right now. I tried to fly out, but my kids are also off from school, so it wasn't gonna work this weekend, Boo. Maybe next weekend. I decided to revisit my photos from last year's trip. So many have never seen the light of day. I added a bunch of my favorites to my print shop. I think its funny how people don't buy the photos I like the best. (Also re:instagram, I can never tell which photos are going to be popular. And the ones I … [Read more...]

Le White.


I hope you all had a restful and fun holiday weekend! We filled ours with tons of food- I cooked thanksgiving - and HOLY MOLY GOOP re-grammed my holiday table! (I'll probably do some kind of table setting post soon about mixing and matching vintage table wares, I think.) We also spent some time up in NJ with the family... bowling, running through fields, eating in diners, at the movies, by the fire,  you know, Jersey Stuff... and then back to work Monday like a ton of bricks! Who needs a palette cleanser after this "BUY ME! BUY ME!"  weekend? I do! I do! Not that I didn't participate it in … [Read more...]

Vieques| Wild Horses + Beaches.


This past weekend we popped over to Vieques for a pre-thanksgiving vacation sans kids. Vieques is an island off of Puerto Rico that was closed to tourism until very recently. It has a very off the beaten path feel to it, along with you know: A FERAL HORSE POPULATION that is NUTS! I added some of these photos over to my shop - I'm also currently running a SALE - use code "TURKEY" for 20% OFF EVERYTHING! I'm writing a more thorough post about Vieques for Domaine Home, but I wanted to post these new photos and prints because....well... look at them. The colors! These are just a few of my … [Read more...]

Lily of the Valley, Paris.


Escapism via internet. This is a new little tea bar that opened up  this summer in the Marais in Paris. Just looking at it gives me that excited feeling of being a traveler in the springtime, when it's warm in the sun but still cool in the shade,  looking chic and being incredibly excited to be alive, and having a lovely day shopping and strolling in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris, or Florence, or Soho or LA or anywhere, you're alone or with your favorite person to be with, and then you stumble into the most adorable little place in the late afternoon for a refreshment by accident, … [Read more...]