Tangier, the city on the most northern tip of Morocco, sits on the Strait of Gibraltar, the narrow passage between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Only a half hour by ferry is Spain, and a two hour flight would land you in Paris. The city was founded at around 500 BC at the dawn of our modern civilizations. It's been tossed back and forth between empires for centuries, and has always been an … [Read more...]

TOURISM 101 \\ How to have a perfect day in NYC.


The perfect tourist day in NYC consists of these things: a good workout in the AM, a museum, lunch al fresco, some shopping, plenty of  time in "nature" along with coffee pit stops and a great drink to cap it off. Last week was one of my last days in NYC this summer, so Cookie, Raquel, Stephanie (my new intern and sister!) and I did NYC up good. A quarter way through we realized our plan might be … [Read more...]

Daytripping: Blue Hill at Stone Barns


Yesterday, my family and I were all still sitting around in our pajamas at 11 am, and thinking of places to go to get out of the city. (Parade Sundays are always horrible.) I googled "Day trips from Manhattan" and on the first page was a link to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. THIS. We are doing this, I said, after poking around their site for a minute or two. Technically, Blue Hill is the restaurant … [Read more...]

ROADTRIPPIN’: 5 Things You Must do in Sedona.

sketch42 arizona

1. DRIVE. The first thing you must do when you land in Arizona, is drive. We landed in Pheonix which is a two hour drive from Sedona. So we rented a car. As we went to pick it up, the sales person informed us that for just $20 more, we could rent a Corvette. HELLO CORVETTE! The roads in Arizona are wide open, and speed limits are 75 miles an hour. And they have this bizarre habit of passing slow … [Read more...]


sketch42 sedona

Do I always come home and say that was the best trip ever? I do. Even though there is no such thing as the best trip ever. Can you say that going to Sedona is better than driving up the California coast? Or better than going on safari in Africa? Or better than Paris? Or partying in Croatia? Of course not. There is only the category of Best Trip Ever, to which all of these fall in to, and … [Read more...]

Wanderlust: Remote and Refined.


Normally PR people send over a lot of junk for me to look at. Sometimes its good, sometimes its just eh. (Sometimes they dont even bother to get your name right and that's really REALLY annoying.) Anyway, I was introduced via cold call PR email to Ryan Van Duzer and the work he did for Men's Journal. Ryan is a travel blogger/journalist/TV personality. Basically, he is just an adventurer who has … [Read more...]