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OK PEEPS! Welcome back from your weekend! I know people don't read blogs in the summer, but that is SUCH a bummer, because over here at Sketch we are producing some of our finest content ever. NJ makes our brains work better, and the things we see! OH! The things we see! I highly recommend subscribing by email so that you don't miss a post. We have some AMAZING shoots and stuff to … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Memphis Milano, India.


This town: Tirunamavalai in South India!!!!!!! It looks like an Etore Sottsass Memphis Milano dreamscape, doesn't it? (What is Memphis Milano? Read my intro post first. MM always makes me think of Saved By the Bell intro, and also reminds me of my Sesame Place post.) An article in French AD describes the whole town. The homes were built in the 1940s, with great care by the families that lived … [Read more...]



Um, have you seen this hotel? The Line? In LA? SO GOOD. The mid-century building was designed by Daniel Mann Johnson + Mendenhall in 1964, the same architects behind the iconic american cement building down Wilshire Blvd. The building has been restored and renovated, with public spaces and guest rooms designed by Sean Knibb. The Line is a neighbor to Koreatown's famous pre-1940 brick colonial … [Read more...]



I've had my eye on The Dean, the latest project from Will Cooper and Ari Heckman of ASH NYC, ever since they told me about it last year. The Dean is a boutique hotel in Providence. When I was in college I dated a dude that went to Brown, and ten years ago, there was one restaurant in Providence that you took your parents to when they visited. Now it's a little super cool town, and The Dean is one … [Read more...]

Wanderlust |Travel Photographer Evan Grant Novis

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A few weeks ago I met travel photographer Evan Novis at an art opening. We exchanged cards, and when I got home and actually looked at his site I was touched by his photos and wanted to share them with you. I've written about "travel" vs "vacation" before and that deep ache they call wanderlust. That desire to just be free and alone in a new place, and how travel moves and changes you. It makes … [Read more...]

American Trade Hotel


Have you seen these photos of the American Trade Hotel, in Panama, the latest outpost of the über cool Ace Hotel group? It opened this fall in Panama city,  occupying a restored landmark building in Casco Viejo. Designed by the award winning in house creative team Atelier Ace in collaboration with  Commune Design, the design harks back to Panama's colonial roots. The American Trade Hotel takes … [Read more...]