Just Cause…

...this mornings post didn't really count as content. … [Read more...]

Palette Cleanser.

Sometimes I go into neon+primaries+++ color explosion splatter mode... like yesterday, I painted a branch of a tree that Cookie brought home, along with ten other things that people have asked me to splatter. But then I come home, and the house is a place of cool, calm and collected non-color. There are textures, and reflections and wood tones and warm, but the only real color comes from the art I put in it, (FINALLY hung a new piece in my kitchen area! Wait till you see it up, so fab!), so the general vibe is very monochrome. This post is a little mental break from the excess of neons, … [Read more...]

Imitating Life.

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday weekend! I know I enjoyed watching all of you celebrate Passover and Easter via Instagram. It's actually kind of beautiful- the fact that we all celebrated holidays that are over 2000 years old and that we read a book that we have been reading for over 2500 years. Traditions are what make life rich, and give continuity through the generations... This was the first time I ever really got to see Easter up close. The eggs, the pastels, the hats, the grass, the flowers, the children... it's really too beautiful to be true! I spent Passover in the … [Read more...]

Casual Glamour.

I've been thinking a lot about fashion trends and different things I see happening. First thing: Last year's  just ripening trends have been harvested and are now left rotting out on the kitchen counter. What we had just a taste of, a dose of, last year, has been planted in abundance and overstocked at every store. Distressed, tie dye and bleached denim (I did this as a DIY last year), Neon- I hit that pretty hard last year too. And even floral... I just can't dive back in to Spring 2011 right now. Instead, I want to wear slouchy white suits like this girl above, and casual jeans... and … [Read more...]

Meeting of the minds.

Dries van Awesome Fall 2011 shoes meet your counterpart, this entryway by Jamie Bush & Co. Oh yea!!!!!  Hi. Franz Kline (look alike?) painting, say hello to those squiggly socks. Um, hi. How are you? Emerson Fry cocktail ring stylist, I'd like to introduce you to this strange Pinterest-uploaded Mona Lisa made of old tapes. Kelly Wearstler for de Gournay wallpaper, I really thought you would hit if off with this quirky retro pin up editorial for Bon International via FGR. And you,  Architectural Digest funky and elegant room meet the coat who wants to live here, although I think it … [Read more...]