Palette Cleanser.

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Sometimes I go into neon+primaries+++ color explosion splatter mode... like yesterday, I painted a branch of a tree that Cookie brought home, along with ten other things that people have asked me to splatter. But then I come home, and the house is a place of cool, calm and collected non-color. There are textures, and reflections and wood tones and warm, but the only real color comes from the … [Read more...]

Imitating Life.

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I hope you all had a beautiful holiday weekend! I know I enjoyed watching all of you celebrate Passover and Easter via Instagram. It's actually kind of beautiful- the fact that we all celebrated holidays that are over 2000 years old and that we read a book that we have been reading for over 2500 years. Traditions are what make life rich, and give continuity through the generations... This was … [Read more...]

Casual Glamour.

white on white

I've been thinking a lot about fashion trends and different things I see happening. First thing: Last year's  just ripening trends have been harvested and are now left rotting out on the kitchen counter. What we had just a taste of, a dose of, last year, has been planted in abundance and overstocked at every store. Distressed, tie dye and bleached denim (I did this as a DIY last year), Neon- I … [Read more...]

Meeting of the minds.

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Dries van Awesome Fall 2011 shoes meet your counterpart, this entryway by Jamie Bush & Co. Oh yea!!!!!  Hi. Franz Kline (look alike?) painting, say hello to those squiggly socks. Um, hi. How are you? Emerson Fry cocktail ring stylist, I'd like to introduce you to this strange Pinterest-uploaded Mona Lisa made of old tapes. Kelly Wearstler for de Gournay wallpaper, I really thought you … [Read more...]


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Blog filler on a Sunday. Classic black and white with retro flair. I could do without that carpet, but the art and sculpture make up for it.   … [Read more...]

The DIY that keeps on giving: Mint nail polish painted collar.

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Sorry for the late posting everyone, I did this last night and had to wait until morning to take the photos! Remember last year, I made a neon orange collar with nail polish? I wore it at least 3 times a week and it was and still is one of my favorite accessories. Well, the now I decided to do one in mint, the color de jour of the moment. This concept of painting things with nail polish is just … [Read more...]