pop art and fashion 2012

  Last week I posted about the Andy Warhol Campbell's special edition soup cans. (I bought them by the way!) and today I'm continuing that theme: the theme of Pop Art, and how its processed by the mainstream. This fall, one of the biggest hits was the resurgence of Pop Art as inspiration, and collaborations with dead artists. Who would have … [Read more...]

Outfit in Room.


You know I love an awesome Room to Outfit, we all do, right? But its been my dream to style an outfit IN room photo shoot. I always try to dress to match the pad- like in my apartment, you know I'm wearing black and white in varying textures. In the bachelor pad, I'd wear a green floral shirt and some white jeans. Or when my sister came over … [Read more...]

The Colors Duke, The Colors!


This is how my crazy brain works: "I LOVE COLOR. It's so fun and happy, and I'm instantly excited by it." "No. I don't, I HATE color. EW, bright colors, gag." "You know, I think I'm really loving color again." I think I have to deal with it in carefully doled out doses in every place except art.¬†How 'bout you? Unrelated to the post … [Read more...]

Sketch42 x The Mixtress: Art Deco and The Modern Eclectic.

Ranya Mordanova & Janice Seinen Alida by Phil Poynter (Desert Jazz - Vogue Turkey March 2012) 4

There is nothing new under the sun(including this sentence). But duh- it's no secret that fashion and design are cyclical and that different eras are often revisited and drawn upon for inspiration time and time again. We are experiencing so many of those moments in fashion and design right now: The general aesthetic of the 90's- which included … [Read more...]

Room/Art to Outfit…


I'm sorry but it was just too good of a match up! They are twins! It scares me a little bit that my painting looks so much like those pants and the way she paired it with a heavy dose of a white top: YES, well those match the chairs. The sunglasses in the deep purple even correspond to the darker blue paint at the top of the canvas. She should have … [Read more...]