I'm so loving my new winged Rometti Vase HERE. Its just the right amount of weird and pretty. Ugly pretty is the new pretty. I think. Im also very happy with this throw I scored on sale at Barney's. The throws are on sale for great great prices...also other stuff like linen napkins, trays etc can be scooped up for a fraction of their original … [Read more...]

Room/Art to Outfit…


I'm sorry but it was just too good of a match up! They are twins! It scares me a little bit that my painting looks so much like those pants and the way she paired it with a heavy dose of a white top: YES, well those match the chairs. The sunglasses in the deep purple even correspond to the darker blue paint at the top of the canvas. She should have … [Read more...]


Eddie cohen sketch42

More new art in my apartment, this one via my nephew photographer Eddie Cohen.  It's printed on aluminum and its fabulous. He's a huge Woody Allen fan, so this is a very personal piece to him. And I'm SO happy to have it. It's too cool for school... and I LOVE how it looks on the silver walls. I generally have enough paintings in my apartment … [Read more...]

Up close…

cookies art sketch42

Now that I've gone the route of massive, I don't think I can ever have small paintings there again! I picked these up from the framer on Friday at 4 pm! Talk about crunch time. I'm sitting and drinking my coffee and looking at these babies right now, and smiling because I love them so much. (You can click HERE , HERE  and HERE to see what the … [Read more...]

Sketch42 on the Junior League House Tour, this Saturday!


What are you doing this weekend? Cause I have some exciting news! Remember when I mentioned cleaning up because "people were coming over"? Well, those people are YOU and various other New Yorkers and ladies who lunch via The Junior League House Tour this Saturday, May 5! Um, yea... this is crazy! What is the Junior League and what is their … [Read more...]