Up close…

cookies art sketch42

Now that I've gone the route of massive, I don't think I can ever have small paintings there again! I picked these up from the framer on Friday at 4 pm! Talk about crunch time. I'm sitting and drinking my coffee and looking at these babies right now, and smiling because I love them so much. (You can click HERE , HERE  and HERE to see what the apartment looked like with the previous paintings that … [Read more...]

Sketch42 on the Junior League House Tour, this Saturday!


What are you doing this weekend? Cause I have some exciting news! Remember when I mentioned cleaning up because "people were coming over"? Well, those people are YOU and various other New Yorkers and ladies who lunch via The Junior League House Tour this Saturday, May 5! Um, yea... this is crazy! What is the Junior League and what is their house tour? The Junior League is a charity, … [Read more...]



The best thing about photo shoots.... are the left over flowers. A little iPad magazine interviewed me yesterday and took a few photos in my apartment... Nothing crazy, not like the Rue shoot which took all day... At the end of the day, I went around snapping photos... Peony season is the best, isn't it? See that metal container they are in? Its actually a cooking utensil holder from my … [Read more...]

In the round.

sketch42 round painting

Ever since I sold The Shower Painting, then the painting above the striped chair a few weeks ago, my apartment has been kind of sadly art-barren. But now I am preparing for something new and exciting happening here in the next few weeks, so I need to get this place looking top notch. This round painting was something I made in August, and then recently re-worked and now it's one of my new … [Read more...]

A new bowl.


I bought a new bowl a few weeks ago from the 7th floor of Bergdorfs, and I thought I would share it with you, because I totally love it. The matte black finish and simple shape are heaven to me. I love the idea of one simple piece on a dining table... Kelly Wearstler did it in her Malibu beach house and I've always loved it... much better than her dining table with 100 sculptures and vases on … [Read more...]

Before and After: My dot fabric on awesome chairs.

Sketch42 Minty Chairs

A few weeks ago I was looking at the MINTY  vintage shop ( Atlanta based antique booth started by MFAMB, Neyla and Suzie, in case you didn't know!) and I saw these chairs... Obviously, they were in bad condition, but I just could not get over their shape! So squirmy and cool... I didn't like the looks of that lumpy portion under the seat, but I hoped it was just sagging upholstery... They … [Read more...]