Hey! Those of you who have been hanging around here for a while might know that we had another baby last year. With more kiddies, come home renovations. Hey, at least I didn't have to move - every person I know with kids has moved 9 months pregnant at least once. I did, however, have to reconfigure our den/playroom into a bedroom for the two big kids, plus update the nursery for new baby Allie. I also wanted to keep both rooms gender neutral-ish, so that I can eventually give Cookie back the single room. The "library" portion of the playroom was previously white shelving against a navy back … [Read more...]

Weekend Decorator | Paint a door.

Welcome to my favorite decorating trick. While it isn't that novel - yes, paint is transformative, duh- painting your interior doors something other than white is not something everyone does. Obviously, the quality and design of your doors will dictate what you should do with them. But, if you have plain old flat doors, like me, and the rest of your house is "designed", the white door can be an eye sore. It can seem forgotten. Painting them definitely gives the whole room a very bespoke, considered feel. In my apartment, I painted all my doors high gloss black. The only doors that were left … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Photos from around the house.

I think I spend 22/24 hours a day at home. I'm pushing up on 8 months now and the city is covered with black ice. That doesn't make for a very nimble lady. It also doesn't make for a very inspired blog. I do best when I feel vital and alive, part of the world! Connected with nature! I guess I'm just saying I'm ready for spring, actual birth and rebirth, sunshine on my face, the feeling of breaking a sweat (oh how I miss you)! A social life that doesn't revolve around real housewives. Creative, emotional and physical renewal. Don't think I'm alone on this one, the city is teaming with "fuck … [Read more...]

Glitter Guide at My House!

I'm running around today... just wanted to leave a quick link back to my Glitter Guide home tour, which went live on their site yesterday. It was so fun to be shot in such a fun way!  I'm never ever in front of the camera, and it was exciting for a change! Check it out HERE! … [Read more...]

My Apartment.

For those new around these parts, I'll give you all a little rundown of the history of my apartment. We moved in back in 2008, when Cookie was just 3 months old. It was still a construction site. At first we had ZERO furniture, we would eat on a card table, keep our food in a mini fridge because the kitchen wasn't done, and my bed would roll away from the wall every night. I cut through a nerve in my finger the first week we moved in and was in a cast for 6 weeks! I was working with a decorator, but things were not going well, and I needed furniture immediately. I made a little plan, and went … [Read more...]