My Apartment.


For those new around these parts, I'll give you all a little rundown of the history of my apartment. We moved in back in 2008, when Cookie was just 3 months old. It was still a construction site. At first we had ZERO furniture, we would eat on a card table, keep our food in a mini fridge because the kitchen wasn't done, and my bed would roll away from the wall every night. I cut through a nerve in … [Read more...]

The wrong way to use bookends.


Just kidding, there is no wrong way to use bookends. I just bought those marble bookends-as-sculpture from Barney's. Good idea? This photo is testament to the power of cropping and how all photography is a lie. Just outside this photo there is another vase, a bowl, a missing coffee table, a barrel and a generally unbalanced room. Happy Friday! … [Read more...]

Le Sneak.

Sketch42 blue art

I'm always so torn. Sneak peaks or big reveals? Keep you appraised on what's happening here? Or shock you all at once.... On one hand, once you post something, people copy it, pin it and it's old news within a few weeks (at least within the design blogging world). On the other hand, this was at one point a design blog and what am I doing here if not sharing ideas? So I decided to show you my new … [Read more...]



I'm so loving my new winged Rometti Vase HERE. Its just the right amount of weird and pretty. Ugly pretty is the new pretty. I think. Im also very happy with this throw I scored on sale at Barney's. The throws are on sale for great great prices...also other stuff like linen napkins, trays etc can be scooped up for a fraction of their original (outlandish) prices. These home sales are awesome … [Read more...]

Room/Art to Outfit…


I'm sorry but it was just too good of a match up! They are twins! It scares me a little bit that my painting looks so much like those pants and the way she paired it with a heavy dose of a white top: YES, well those match the chairs. The sunglasses in the deep purple even correspond to the darker blue paint at the top of the canvas. She should have worn an Edie Parker black and white clutch with … [Read more...]


Eddie cohen sketch42

More new art in my apartment, this one via my nephew photographer Eddie Cohen.  It's printed on aluminum and its fabulous. He's a huge Woody Allen fan, so this is a very personal piece to him. And I'm SO happy to have it. It's too cool for school... and I LOVE how it looks on the silver walls. I generally have enough paintings in my apartment (although I was totally the cobbler with no shoes for … [Read more...]