Adrian Palengat’s Artsy Flat in Notting Hill.

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Check out gallery owner Adrian Palengat's pad in Notting Hill. He is the owner of Ap-Art- a gallery that champions young artists. He founded Ap-Art 15 years ago after his art school then-girlfriend suggested it, despite knowing nothing about the subject.  He now has a bevy of regular clients that include the rockstars and serious collectors alike. Adrian had travelled the globe for years, … [Read more...]

Legends of La Cienega | 2014 #LCDQLA

20140511- Opening Gala Therien -372-X3

As you know, I spent last week in LA as an ambassador for Legends of La Cienega. It took me so long to go through all the professional photos (looking for photos of myself of course!) and wrap my head around the whole trip. Usually when I go to industry parties in NYC, I like to bring a wingman. I've learned, over time, that these things can go either way- there is no one you know in real life … [Read more...]



This weekend I was walking through my neighborhood when I saw tons of people walking about covered in colored powder. I wasn't sure if it was a color run, but it was Holi! The indian festival celebrating spring! WOOHOOO! I have always wanted to see one of those! I followed the crowds with my camera and there was a whole concert and festival happening. It was SO SO SO fun. Like one of the funnest … [Read more...]

Legends of La Cienega 2014 #LCDQLA


This past Christmas and New Years I was with the family in California, and I think I actually said out loud: goal for 2014 is to spend more time in LA. I "secreted" trips to LA. And lo and behold, I was asked to be a blogging ambassador for the La Cienega Design Quarter's AWESOME Legends of La Cienega this year! For those of you who aren't aware- because I know in the past I've been only semi … [Read more...]

The Power of the Group.


When blogging first started, none of us were sure how to treat each other. Should we be jealous of other bloggers success? Should we link to each other? Does one person's achievements take away from another's? Is there a limited amount of blogs people will read? Does one blog steal eye balls and content from another? Etc. We can be jealous of our peers in all fields, especially in creative ones. … [Read more...]

Tonight! Sketch42 x Intermix Party.


Hope those of you in the hood can make it! Additionally, I've snagged a few extra of the limited edition tote bags I designed for readers who don't live in NYC. I dont want to call it a "giveaway" cause it has no monetary value or anything, but I have 3 bags to give out and a few of you have asked how to get one if you dont live here. Answer: Leave a comment and I'll choose at the end of the … [Read more...]