The Power of the Group.


When blogging first started, none of us were sure how to treat each other. Should we be jealous of other bloggers success? Should we link to each other? Does one person's achievements take away from another's? Is there a limited amount of blogs people will read? Does one blog steal eye balls and content from another? Etc. We can be jealous of our peers in all fields, especially in creative ones. … [Read more...]

Tonight! Sketch42 x Intermix Party.


Hope those of you in the hood can make it! Additionally, I've snagged a few extra of the limited edition tote bags I designed for readers who don't live in NYC. I dont want to call it a "giveaway" cause it has no monetary value or anything, but I have 3 bags to give out and a few of you have asked how to get one if you dont live here. Answer: Leave a comment and I'll choose at the end of the … [Read more...]

An Ode to the Beard.


You know how hipsters are suddenly dressing like its 1850? As compensation for mason jars and steam punk, the universe has given us the return of beards! Can't even tell you how much I adore a man with a beard. Ridiculously much. No more metrosexual, prettier-than-me men! I LOVE the gritty bearded look and in the past few months, I've told every man I know about this. I made David grow one, and … [Read more...]

Lego Slim Aarons.


Hey! Welcome back, it's been a while... I took a little vacation, and instead of posting your perfect sparkly party outfit, I thought I would relax a little, right? While in California, we literally hit every single kiddie spot on the coast. One of my favorite places - which surprised me more than anyone - was Legoland! Freakin awesome. We were walking through Miniland, probably the coolest place … [Read more...]

Time After Time


Ahoy! Writing to you from Sunny Southern California where I've decamped for the holidays with the kiddies. I seriously forgot there was such a thing as sunshine. My eyes had to readjust to the sight of colors other than gray.ย Yesterday my brother got engaged to his girlfriend! WOOHOO! It was such a cute proposal and ย I took many, many photos. Which I didn't even get to look at yet, because ย we … [Read more...]

Holiday Art Swap.


Instead of a wish list, or a gift guide, I'm giving you what I'm doing for the holidays with a few of my friends: art swapping. I started this with just a few people and then I liked the idea so much I wanted to share it with you and invite more people to art swap with me! The basic tenet being: I give you something I made, you give me something you made. Here's why I think this is awesome - … [Read more...]