WOAH! Another year in blog land! This year was pretty cool in the life of "SKETCH42" the blog. SO many things happened career wise that were amazing and interesting. I started shooting interiors for real, and became a contributor for Domaine Home.  I had an art show at Intermix and my Trespass series on display at Avery Boardman in the D&D building. I designed a tote, made from one of my paintings. I was interviewed on Barney's THE WINDOW, Glitter Guide and more. I redid my living room, which was reblogged into oblivion. I was an ambassador for Legends of La Cienega. I even modeled … [Read more...]

DESIGN | The Apartment


In NYC we have "The Apartment by The Line" in Copenhagen they have "The Apartment." Both are concept stores that sell furniture and art, but in a setting set up like a functioning home. The Apartment's wares are showcased in the elegant setting of an 18th century apartment in Christianshavn, in the heart of Copenhagen, which was handsomely restored by founders Tina Seidenfaden Busck and Pernille Hornhaver. They deal in  20th century furniture, contemporary art and design. They also do private consulting on art and design. Below are photos of all the different incarnations of The Apartment. As … [Read more...]

COOL GIFTS | The Ultimate (Colorless) Gift Guide.


Welcome to the Sketch42 Gift Guides. I think this one is pretty freakin rad, if I do say so myself. And that's because I want or have, or would want everything on this page. We don't mess around here at Sketch. I tried to do a combo of big box stuff, plus indie artsy secret stuff. And I pulled so many things that I broke it up into monochromatic goodness, and colorful artsy craziness. And obviously, I had to include my own work because I wouldn't make it or sell it if I didn't really like it! Hope you enjoy! 1.PANIC PRINT $100 I'm in love with this, and all of this artist's work! 2.WHITE … [Read more...]

Loads of Wednesday Inspiration.


Good Afternoon. What day is it again? Here is what I'm doing and looking at on in the internet right now. I'm digging this green color, and everything I'm seeing on French AD: Speaking of, I put some of my Paris photos into my print site. There are a million more, so this is really just a start! I'm still working on organizing all my photos and the site. Love these rooms.  Major thanks to Domaine Home and Mat Sanders for this right up of my print book and the accompanying interview! I really LOVE Whitney Port's new office space, designed by OKL. Those vintage art pieces are … [Read more...]

Old Masters.


Carmen Herrera, painter, 99. Herrera sold her first painting at age 89. Her work is now in the permanent collections at the MoMA and the Tate Modern. I absolutely loved this story in the NYTimes magazine this weekend. It profiles different men and women in their 80's who are not only still working, but killing it. Let's not forget that this is the same week that we collectively freaked the fuck out over Renee Zellwegger's face. I always thought we, as a culture, feared old age. But no. There is dignity in old age, it's middle age we fear the most! When the blush of youth is gone but the … [Read more...]