Freedom From Want.

Rockwell-freedom from want

"I paint life as I would like it to be." - Norman Rockwell. Wishing you all Freedom From Want today. This is the first year that I am not doing Thanksgiving at my house, but you can check out past years tables HERE, and HERE, and also... one of my favorite posts "The Night Before Thanksgiving" in which I lose my mind. Happy T-Day! I have a lot of be thankful for, so thank … [Read more...]

Everything I liked on the Internet this week.


Hope y'all had a great weekend.... stuff I liked this week on the internet. Enjoy! 1. Strangers that look like twins. A Canadian photographer named Francois Brunelle spent 12 YEARS searching for strangers that look freakishly alike. He calls the project “I’M NOT A LOOK-ALIKE!”  2. Jimmy Kimmel and Mario Batali make an entire meal for strangers.   3. Vulture's celebration of … [Read more...]

The Arrogant Years.


My sister has asked me: "Why haven't you written about Miley Cyrus. I want to hear your thoughts." This was circa VMA-gate, blah blah blah. Why I never discussed it, is because to me it's quite obvious what it's all about... and I think every woman over 25 gets it too. She's in " the great arrogant years in the life of a pretty girl." to quote Fitzgerald and the writer Lucette Lagnado who I … [Read more...]

The Happiest Days…


Are the days when babies are born! This weekend my sister brought a most beautiful baby girl into the world. My first biological niece or nephew, because I'm the oldest sister... I can't even. Describe. The Joy. The Love. That I have for this new baby. But you have your own kids! You might be thinking. Why, yes I do. But this is different. I've written a lot about my motherhood experiences, the … [Read more...]

Everything I liked on the Internet this week.


Don't know why I keep doing these... I could potentially stretch this stuff out into a week's worth of content! I KID. I kid. 1. Photoshop madness, in case you consume no other media, and didn't see this yet. My favorite part is when they pop her leg out about 6". 2.  The blog Ephemeral New York. History of New York buffs rejoice! I LOVE this blog about New York and it's amazing history. … [Read more...]

Things I liked on the Internet this week.


Did you like this last week? Cause it's back. It obviously includes things that are on TV, because TV is on the internet these days, OK? Lets go. 1. Craft in America, FORGE. Omigosh, how much I loved this show. Strangely, it really was my favorite bit of media consumption of the week, and made me miss the good old days when The History Channel was a real channel. So, Craft in America, on PBS, … [Read more...]