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Roxanne Assoulin | An Uncomplicated Indulgence.


Heya! Last season, the amazing jewelry designer Roxanne Assoulin collabed with Baja East to create these amazing colorful chiclet style chokers. (You've seen all her Rosie Assoulin collaborations, I'm sure?!? HERE and HERE. Earrings of my dreams.) Freaking love everything she does. She's now offering a version of the chokers for pre-order. I have the thin colorful choker - and it hasn't left my neck for months! Now I think I need a stack of those bracelets? Little uncomplicated and beautiful indulgence. Instant cool girl stuff right here. Buy em HERE.  … [Read more...]

2016 | New Horizons


Hola! Hope your new year is off to a fantastic start. This mornings 6:45 wake up hit me like a ton of bricks, I'll tell ya! Anyway, I'm excited to start fresh, it's such an arbitrary day to decide to undertake new things, but it works! My personal resolutions are to go back to working out 4x a week, and lose the 15 lbs of baby weight - he is now 8 mos old! It's time!- and to procrastinate less, because procrastinating leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to procrastinating.  Professionally, I'm looking to shoot more creative spaces for Sketch, and the various other publications I work for. I … [Read more...]

Remembering Ellsworth Kelly


Ellsworth Kelly, one of America’s great 20th-century abstract artists, and one of my favorite artists, died on Sunday at his home in Spencertown, NY at the age of 92. After World War II, Kelly spent some time in Paris. It was here that Kelly developed his style of painting. He started drawing from shapes and colors he saw in nature and the city around him. “I realized I didn’t want to compose pictures,” he told The Times in 1996. ”I wanted to find them. I felt that my vision was choosing things out there in the world and presenting them. To me the investigation of perception was of the … [Read more...]

Sleep On It | Flaneur Bedding.


Flaneurs are dreamers, idlers, and strollers of cities. Founded by Tianjiao Saikhantal Yu and Lu Xiong (who met as Phd students at Columbia!) Flaneurs is a NY based luxury bedding company that is currently changing the way I think about bed linens. Why? I previously thought, "Yes, give me white bedding." But apparently, I have been wrong.  Their first collection features a set of four sheets and a duvet cover in original Supima Cotton color. In contrast to the white sheets in the market today that are fully bleached, Flaneur sheets inherit the golden-white color with the visible natural sheen … [Read more...]

Brad Pitt’s photos of Angelina Jolie.


Who knew Brad Pitt was a photographer? Brad was approached by W Magazine to take the photos of Angelina. In the interview with Jolie, she says, “I love his photography. Some people have a hobby, and they find the quickest way to it and are very pleased with the outcome right away. But he’s someone who will really study the camera—he’ll get the most complicated one and really understand the science behind it. And he’s very critical of his own work.”  I'm laughing at that quote a little bit, but Brad does seem like he takes all his hobbies very seriously. I do love this photo series. One … [Read more...]