Inside the Kohler Factory| Then and Now.


Have you ever been on a factory tour? I'm really racking my brain here trying to think of other time that I have - maybe with school? or Grandma as a kid? I can't recall! Last week, I was treated to a 2 day trip to Kohler, Wisconsin with a group of other bloggers. When I was initially invited, I said yes, because A, Kohler is a great brand, and B, I love traveling in America, and when else am I … [Read more...]


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.34.32 PM

You've seen one beach shot, you've seen em all? Kinda! I tried to put my own little spin on my recent trip to The Amalfi Coast and you all went NUTS over them on instagram, so THANKS! I really didn't do anything special, point a camera in any direction in italy and you will find something spectacular! Anyway, I just built my new art site, or rather rebuilt it, and transferred over the best of … [Read more...]

Lisa Perry Hampton’s Home.


Fashion designer Lisa Perry's Hampton's home: BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS. Oh yea, BANANAS. Period. The end.  That Frank Stella is the stuff of dreams. I've seen that top room before many times, and it never fails to make my jaw drop, but I've never seen the whole house before. So many people try the modern white with the "pop of color" and their homes look like antiseptic hotel rooms for toddlers. … [Read more...]

Asbury Park|Glide Surf Co


Glide Surf Co is one of the coolest shops in New Jersey, fo sho. In fact, it's flat out beautiful. It opened up in May of 2011 on Bangs Ave in Asbury. The shop "celebrates the pureness of surfing and the current renaissance within the surf world." Since surf culture became trendy, there has been a divide into two groups: the wannabe surfers and the authentic ones, they explain. (I'm totally a … [Read more...]



2014 has officially been dubbed, the year of the nipple. We had... Celebrity nipples: Then nipple censoring began and Instagram accounts like Rihanna's started getting shut down! The banning of just female nipples has sparked a media frenzy and feminist upraor! #FREETHENIPPLE campaign was started by Lina Esco (who also created a film of the same name) to raise awareness and topple the … [Read more...]

Visual Acoustics


Mirello Bruno's tumblr is full of "Visual Acoustics" and plenty of "Soul Vitamins." I don't know what to say other than I am obsessed with these photos. … [Read more...]