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This super minimal apartment has such an off the charts bananas collection of photography. It's nuts. It's the Park Avenue apartment of Gary and Sarah Wolkowitz. The couple used to collect paintings and pop art until their son Bryce Wolkowitz, a gallery owner, turned them on to photography. My fave is Robert Mapplethorpe’s Lydia Cheng, above. They … [Read more...]

Iconic Family Albums

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I have a  secret spot in my heart for romantic family blogs. I let it out once in a while. Maybe because actually having and running a family is so freakin tiring and frustrating that making it seem beautiful, idealizing and appreciating the romance of little having little children in your life does make it better. It's stopping to smell the roses … [Read more...]

Jemima Kirke, at home.


Have you seen this piece on a day in the life of GIRLS star Jemima Kirke in NY Magazine? Cause it's fantastic. Of course she sleeps naked, lives in a brownstone that's like the set of a Wes Anderson movie, of course its in Brooklyn, of course she's young and effortlessly beautiful, of course she makes shabbat dinner, of course she's an artist and … [Read more...]

Jumbo Print.

architects print

Yesterday I randomly walked into a Staples and decided to make an Architect's Print of a photo I took last week with my iPhone. They give you an email address, you email the photo, wait 5 minutes, pay $6 and viola! I could NOT believe that the image didn't come out pixelated and blurry! It did however, come with only three sides of a border, which … [Read more...]