Gerald Decock | Bohemian Dream at The Chelsea Hotel.


The Chelsea Hotel is famous mostly for its artist residents. Built in the 1880's and landmarked in the 1960's The Chelsea has been the home of artistic greats like  Bob Dylan, Virgil Thomson, Brigid Berlin, Brendan Behan, Charles Bukowski, Janis Joplin, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Viva, Gaby Hoffmann, and more. It was initially conceived as an artist "home club" a cooperative that were low rent and provided servants to residents. After it went bankrupt in the 1900's it was reimagined as a hotel with long term artist resident guests.  As of August 1, 2011, the hotel stopped … [Read more...]

Wes Anderson designs Bar Luce.


Prada's new venue, Fondazione Prada- an art and culture complex in Milan, will feature a cafe and bar designed by film director, Wes Anderson. There are pinball machines, formica tables, a jukebox and a vintage candy bar. "From its green and pink chairs to the minty tabletops and pale-speckled floor, the café's design is evocative of Anderson's films, and is full of the light, pastel colors Anderson's movie sets are known for." How many times have we all marveled at the sets on his movies? Don't we all collectively want to live in a Wes Anderson movie?  "While I do think it would make a pretty … [Read more...]


sightunseen (6)

There is so much going on in NYC at the moment- ICFF, Frieze, satellite fairs, Kips Bay. I'm existing in a big giant ball of FOMO while also telling myself that it's more important to rest, recover and spend time chilling with the baby and enjoying myself. And while I'm totally not up to Javitz or Frieze levels of fair-coverage, I took Cookie out with me to see the much smaller indie design fair Sight Unseen OFFSITE. Sight Unseen OFFSITE, is the second annual fair from popular online publication Sight Unseen, showing contemporary furniture and decor designs from over 50 exhibitors. The … [Read more...]

Inside the Iconic Palais Bulles.


Yesterday, Dior held its resort show at the iconic Palais Bulles, the iconic bubble house just outside of Cannes. Do we ever need an excuse to look at architecture of amazing homes? Not on this blog! Designed by architect Antti Lovag, the house took 14 years to complete. In 1989 it was sold to avant guard designer Pierre Cardin, who created the iconic bubble dress 30 years prior and is known for his architectural approach to design. Lovag loathes edges (after a whole season of RHOA, I now know what "edges" are and that Naomi Campbell has none.) -  He considers the straight line to be "an … [Read more...]

DESIGN ON A DIME | Paris Prints x J+G Design.


Last year, the lovely Georgie + Jennifer of J + G Design exclusively featured my prints in their makeover of the Avery Boardman showroom, including one of my most special series: Trespass. As they have grown, they have continuously been such supporters of my work, featuring it in their 2014 Design on a Dime room, their Domino Shophouse room, and again in their 2015 Design on a Dime room. I love Design on a Dime. It's so nice to be a part of a charity that is both incredibly fun, gives back to the community and feels like a homecoming for the design industry in New York. For this event, they … [Read more...]