Modern Vintage in Manhattan.

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Well, this is cool! A long time blog reader and Homepolish designer, Casey DeBois, contacted me about featuring this apartment on the blog. Alexis, her client, moved here several months ago from Miami, FL.  The apartment is a landmark building which is rumored to have housed the Rolling Stones early in their careers. The hits Sympathy for the Devil and Paint it Black were supposedly penned within … [Read more...]

My Apartment.


For those new around these parts, I'll give you all a little rundown of the history of my apartment. We moved in back in 2008, when Cookie was just 3 months old. It was still a construction site. At first we had ZERO furniture, we would eat on a card table, keep our food in a mini fridge because the kitchen wasn't done, and my bed would roll away from the wall every night. I cut through a nerve in … [Read more...]

The Red Wall.


I can't stop staring at these photos of "The Red Wall"  aka La Muralla Roja. I love photos of walls - a strange thing to love, I know. (My favorite insult of all time - Nicole, why don't you go take another picture of a WALL! Why, yes, yes I will.) And these kind of, sort of remind me of the work of Luis Barragán, that I posted a few months ago. Built in 1973 by the Spanish architect … [Read more...]

Sasha Bikoff’s Tribeca Apartment.


Hey Hey! Today I have a really special post for you. It's the Tribeca home of Designer Sasha Bikoff. A few months ago, Sasha contacted me about shooting her portfolio for her, and maybe even sharing some of it on the blog. SURE, sounds awesome!  Sasha and Project Manager Raquel and I all became fast friends, and we started shooting a collection of her projects all around the city. I was totally … [Read more...]



Are never ever plain?(Lame joke, I know!) This apartment in Barcelona by David Kohn Architects’ was awarded best interior design for last year at the INSIDE FESTIVAL. It's in Barcelona's gothic quarter. It was commissioned by two Barcelonian brothers, who now live abroad. The goal was intimate, but private and David Kohn describes it as, ''An homage to Barcelona.'' Look at this second … [Read more...]



I first found Homepolish via their  instagram account, and I was super impressed with the constant flow of clean, crisp, bright ORIGINAL designs they were posting. So many home accounts post other people's photos for inspiration (I really don't get those accounts. Instagram is not a tumblr, right?), and these guys were churning out original content. How? They are a network of interior designers … [Read more...]