Lee Radziwill Design and Style Icon

Jackie Kennedy and Lee Radziwill in Ravello, Italy, 1962

If you haven't read T Magazine's interview with Lee Radziwill yet, I highly recommend it. For those who don't know - Lee Radziwill is the younger sister of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Lee and Jacqueline were born into a life of luxury, summering in the Hamptons and hobnobbing with the American upper class. Soon Lee was married a Polish prince, making her a European Princess. Her sister was first lady of the United States, and they both fascinated the American public. (Her daughter in law is Carole Radziwill of NY housewives fame - Lee famously gave her that amazing Le Tigre sofa - … [Read more...]



Thought we could all use a sight for sore eyes. Paris Apartments are always just the ticket, aren't they? This is the home of fashion designer Giambattista Valli. It has the classic Parisian herringbone floors, plaster moldings and high ceilings, mixed with iconic design pieces from the midcentury and beyond. Of course, it has that decorated undecorated look that looks effortless. Propping artwork on every surface, leaving books in happy stacks, using furniture that is held together by sometimes nothing more than "because I liked it", collecting things, is how you get it. On mixing styles … [Read more...]

Gio Ponti | Villa Planchart

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This home just makes me happy.  In the early 50's the wealthy Venezuelans, Armando and Anala Planchart, begged the legendary Gio Ponti to design their home overlooking Caracas. Ponti designed both the house and it's furnishings! How awesome is the striped yellow ceiling?? And that floor! Excuse my french, but this is the shit. The yellow kitchen reminds me of the kitchen in the Modern 70's Retreat that I shot, doesn't it?  Hope this brightens your day! … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Fendi Flagship Store


Sometimes you close you're eyes in NYC for a moment, and entire stores, crosswalks, bus lanes appear over night. That's how I felt when the new Fendi Flagship popped up. One day last winter, it was just there. Fendi (a brand not recognized by my spell check, I had to correct it back from "wendi" 6 times,) is celebrating their 90th anniversary. And to celebrate they unveiled their new flagship store on Madison Avenue designed by design biker demigod Peter Marino. Marino says that he was inspired by "Fendi's FUR DNA" and wanted to incorporate that into the design. He took a trip to the … [Read more...]

DESIGN | #currentmood


Kinda neutral, a little moody. Its almost November. Via The Bower Birds. … [Read more...]