Sexy Living.


I saw this over on Domaine this AM, and wowza, is this, like the sexiest apartment you've ever seen? Maybe too sexy? I'm definitely not sexy enough or cool enough to live here, but I do love it! It's in Milan designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis, featured in Architectural Digest France, photographed by Julian Hargreaves. Sorry for the lazy re-posting. Some days are for posting original content, some … [Read more...]

ASH NYC x The Abingdon Guest House.


It's no secret that I love everything that Ari Heckman and Will Cooper of the design and development group  ASH NYC do. Remember when we shot around the Dean Hotel? It was awesome. Today The Cut is sharing before and afters of their latest project, a gut renovation of the former Abingdon Guest House. I remember shooting around the pop up shop in the retail space a few years ago and hearing about … [Read more...]

Art Furniture|Furniture Art.


Last year when I redid my apartment, I decided from now on, I'm only bringing shit into the house that feels special. It could be from Cb2 or something, but if it feels unique and cool, it makes the cut. If not, buh-bye. This is Manhattan, we need to be ruthless. Is there anything more special than the stuff that artists make? I'm slowly collecting a whole range of artist made little goodies, from … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Concrete Jungle.

douglas friedman

I was perusing photographer Douglas Friedman AKA The Facinator's portfolio, which is fabulous and totally worth a look, or two, or three, when I came across this "facinating" place. I know Concrete Jungle is a cheesy title, but LOOK, it's literally a concrete jungle! No idea where or what this is, other than it's badass, looks like a 70's porn set placed in the jungle and I want … [Read more...]

My NJ Bedroom’s Epic Gallery Wall.


I should call this post, how to redo a room without buying any furniture. Every summer for the past 8 years, I pack up out of Manhattan and go stay with my in laws at the Jersey Shore for the summer. We stay in my husband's childhood bedroom, which my MIL did over for us when we got married. She did some nice beige grasscloth, and a matching  furniture set of all wood brown furniture. Yes, I lived … [Read more...]

House of Hackney.


This is my favorite kind of post, the kind that combines - fashion, design and some seriously cool photography. House of Hackney is a british brand founded in 2010 by husband- and -wife team Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley. It was originally conceived as an interiors brand, but then expanded to include fashion stuffs and lifestyle accessories. I LOVE their playful take on traditional English … [Read more...]