What summer should look like. This one bedroom cottage in Provincetown is more houseboat than it is house. It's surrounded on three sides by water at high tide, and has views of Cape Cod Bay from every room. The owners purchased the place 6 years ago, and other than updating bathrooms and kitchens and stripping floors, they left the place mostly as they found it. The vibe is super New England … [Read more...]

Design | The French Minimalist.


Remember when we all went nuts over Joseph Dirand's Paris apartment in "The Reinvention of Minimalism"? Well, here is some of his residential work, which excludes all of the super high end boutiques he has done (Re: Balenciaga, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, to name a few). One thing is for sure, Dirand knows how to work a good piece of marble, and a good wall too. I love the use of blank walls. How … [Read more...]

ASBURY PARK| Red Moon Life & Home.


Welcome to Red Moon, Life & Home, an awesome little shop on Bangs Avenue in Asbury Park. (My favorite place. True story, my husband booked a trip to Italy this week, and I had mixed feelings, because I don't want to leave NEW JERSEY. #firstworldproblems or maybe just #assholeproblems! Seriously, I just want to ride horses, wear Birkenstocks, take pictures of nothing and hang with my kids on … [Read more...]

Patrick Cline at Home.


My friend and frequent collaborator Patrick Cline -you know co-founder of Lonny Magazine, photographer de jour, mentor to me, and founder of UPLO- shared his home on Refinery 29 yesterday. Now, I thought I had a lot of stuff, until I saw Pat's place. He literally hoards things, but different things than the things I hoard. I hoard chairs. He has tons of art books, and a/p prints from photographer … [Read more...]

Sarah Lavoine At Barney’s.


Dudes, I was just clicking through Barney's home section when writing the last post, and I stumbled upon Sarah Lavoine's new collection. I've posted her place before. It's a Cool Girl apartment. I love her collection of organically shaped mirrors. And also, everything else in the photos below. Preppy, but still fun! “Nothing is more depressing than a blank wall,”  she says. Tru dat.  … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Cozy on the UES.


Right before I left Manhattan for the summer, I snuck in a little photo shoot with my friend designer Ilene Wetson and her client Katie. Katie is a single mom living in a three bedroom on the UES. Her home is warm and comfortable, and something that she and Ilene put together over late night phone sessions and emails. Ilene had been Katie's designer years earlier, when Katie designed her home with … [Read more...]