DESIGN | Va-va-voutsa!


!!!! The 275 square foot space of artist George Venson - the man behind the wallpaper and design line Voutsa- is just beyond. If you're going to live in a little space, make it an insanely awesome little space. Voutsa is a line of handprinted and printed wallpaper, fabric and other design-y  items, like lampshades. They've just launched clothing … [Read more...]



  Is looking through heaps and heaps of ribbon, trimming and notions your idea of heaven? YES? You're not alone! Get your crazy person ribbon fix at M&J Trimming, where they are having a massive warehouse sale, in store only. Founded in 1938 by my husband's grandfather, M&J is a NYC/Garment Industry institution ;) They are clearing … [Read more...]



Today I'm reposting an oldie but a goodie. Back in 2010, the Kelly Wearstler renovation of The Avalon Hotel was featured in LONNY magazine. Shot by Patrick Cline, of course, it was still so new that the guest rooms hadn't been revealed yet! He claims this is one of his favorite shoots ever. This was just at the beginning of Kelly Mania, just as she … [Read more...]

NYC’s Amazing Landmarked Interiors.


Sometimes you walk into a building in New York that harkens back to another era. Court houses, terminals, bars, lobbies - they aren't everywhere, but when you do stumble into one, they remind you of Old New York, of the sipping cocktails in iconic bars at dusk, of men in suits bustling down at wall street, of people at the theater in gowns, and the … [Read more...]

The Lifeguard Towers of Miami Beach.

lifeguard tower stand miami beach florida 25

Miami generally makes me kind of stabby, but I can't deny its a delight to the eyeballs. White sands, clear water, and most importantly, Art Deco awesomeness. Plus, it's got the warmest winter weather on the US mainland, which doesn't sound too bad. There are 25 Lifeguard towers on an 8.5 mile stretch of Miami sands. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew … [Read more...]