COOL OF THE DAY | Feltmark Sconce.


Lighting in Manhattan is always a little bit of a challenge. Ceilings are often made of concrete, so its hard to wire them for overhead lighting, especially in rentals. You know how many times I've seen those white wire casings running around walls and ceilings so that people can hang TV's, wire chandeliers and stuff in their apartments? A LOT. The plug-in sconce is a genius solution to all that. This Feltmark Lamp takes it even further. All you do is plug it in and it just stands there looking amazing without having to drill into any walls. They rotate so they can be vertical or horizontal, … [Read more...]

A Moody Sneak Peek at the Domino Shophouse.


Earlier this week Courtney and I attended the opening party of the first ever Domino Shophouse, which is basically a shopable show house. The girls over at J+G Design used some of my prints in their apartment, and so I had to make an appearance - giant belly and all- to check em out. (I think that will be my last work outing pre-baby. I went from "cute" pregnant to "OMG, are you ok? I hope your water doesn't break on that new sofa" pregnant, in the last week. Crunch time! Anyway, I was assuming I could get their professional photos of the rooms for the blog while I was there, but I learned … [Read more...]

Michele Bönan’s Casa Tua, Aspen.


Have you ever been inside a Michele Bönan designed space? His work, including the JK Place Hotels, and the Casa Tua and Cipriani restaurants in Miami, have a very special quality about them. Even though they are commercial projects, you come away thinking: "I want to live like this."  They have a residential feeling about them, blending comfort and luxury in such a seamless way. It's not an accident, “I like to say that everyone should live at home like they’re in a hotel, and in a hotel like they’re at home,” Bönan explains. “You want the best of both, hotel service and home comfort.” So … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Danielle Moudaber’s London Home.


You must see this. It's literally the most whimsical home I've seen this week. Remember two days ago when I posted that house with those beautiful archways and moldings? Well, that house aint got nothin on this one! I could NOT decide which photo to make the cover. CLICK THROUGH! Located in South Kengsington and designed by designer Danielle Moudaber for herself, it literally looks like King Triton's palace. The blues remind her of the Mediterranean sea, Danielle is of Lebanese descent. The furnishings are a mix of custom made items, and vintage art and furnishings. I'm pretty amazed. This … [Read more...]

Take A Seat | Chairs of Paris.

chairs of paris sketch42 072

I woke up to a photo stream invite called "Take A Seat." Inside were 41 pictures of chairs that Sketch42 friend, contributor  and art lover Raquel Cayre took in Paris this weekend. WHA?!? HEAVEN. Behold, the chairs of Paris: at the Paris Flea, Fornasetti Exhibit, Plaza Athénée, Tuileries, It's-an- Alaïa - store and on the streets. Raquel knows #ihavethisthingwithchairs, now don't I? I think we need to make a book of found chairs. Right? I love it. Hope you all have a great day. Photos by Raquel Cayre for Sketch42 | Follow Raquel's fabulous art and design … [Read more...]