Greetings From | The Asbury Hotel


The revival of Asbury Park, a storied beach town with rock and roll history and greaser vibes has been talked about for at least 2 decades. With the opening of  The Asbury, the first new hotel to be built in the town in over a 60 years, one can't help but feel that the revival is finally here! They call it Brooklyn at the shore... There is a thriving arts scene, surf scene, gay scene, foodie seen, design and vintage shops popping up all over, and as much plywood and concrete and scando furniture as one could possibly wish for. I love it. I love every minute of every day of it. The Asbury is … [Read more...]

Wilson Hall | The History of the Mansion from Annie.


Wilson Hall, the centerpiece of Monmouth University's campus has a long and storied history. It was formerly called Shadow Lawn, also known as the Summer White House of President Wilson, from which he conducted his campaign. The original mansion was a huge colonial style house with over 50 rooms and wrap around porches. It was built in 1903 for John A. McCall, former president of the New York Life Insurance Co. In 1927 it was purchased by former F.W. Woolworth Co. president Hubert Templeton Parson and his wife Maysie. It was soon destroyed in a fire. Parson then hired Philadelphia architect … [Read more...]

ART + DESIGN | Chateau de Beauvoir.


Claire Basler, a chic french artist living in an old iron factory outside of Paris has made her home/ studio a masterpiece. Her artwork is nature - based, whimsical, earthy and gorgeous. And her home is nothing short of that. Whether it is her actual paintings hung, or the hand-painted murals on the walls throughout the home this historic castle is an etherial forest. The aesthetic of the home is extremely cohesive. Wood furniture, earth tones, floor to ceiling windows that lend directly to the outdoors. The line between nature, art, and home seems to be very thin. This home is a fairy's … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Jackie O’s Childhood Home Restored.


Reed and Delphine Krakow are living the dream... A TIME CAPSULE INTERIOR! Delphine is a very talented interior designer, we've covered her homes and design firm Pamplemousse Designs before, and her husband is the prominent fashion designer Reed Krakow. Their combined talents (and bank accounts!) allow them to tackle large and exciting projects, like buying and restoring homes that would frighten other people. Their newest venture, Lasata, is an 11 acre estate in East Hampton. They purchased the home nearly a decade ago for their family as a summer retreat. It is spectacular. The home was built … [Read more...]

MONTAUK | Summer Camp at Ruschmeyer’s.


There is nothing quite like an East Coast American Summer. Hot, humid and campy, the summer starts with a quickly mounting frenzy. After the 4th, it tapers into a languid July but by the end of August the coast is pulsing with a feverish unbridled joy. Some of my friends that moved to California tell me how much they miss the excitement of East Coast summers.  Last August, in the last week before school started, we went out to Ruschmeyer's hotel in Montauk for a week. The hotel is a converted summer camp, and its like stepping into a Wes Anderson movie. Think Moonrise Kingdom meets The Life … [Read more...]