PSA: New Jersey Vintage.

Things I saw in NJ antique stores that need your attention: 1. These table and chairs set was only $600. Each CHAIR sells for $1500 online. So someone go buy this. NOW. … [Read more...]

Shop Talk: Matter Matters.

A few weeks ago I was downtown with Cookie and we decided to pop in to Matter. Matter is a New York City based gallery, showroom, and manufacturer, representing a refined selection of national and international contemporary design. The brand is revered as a resource for detecting what lies beyond the horizon in the realm of design. Architects and interior designers around the world look to Matter to take the temperature of the current state of design and look for inspiration.  Matter is basically what I am calling an "art-furniture" shop.  They sell furniture, that is also art. This is kind of … [Read more...]


This week I had the priveldge of meeting Ari Heckman and Will Cooper, (introduced by our mutual friend Sara Cooper) founders of the design and development group ASH New York City. I also toured their ASH pop up shop. You may recognize their clean but edgy work from Lonny and other publications. The two have an interesting NYC story. Ari worked in real estate development, and having grown up with a decorator mom began staging developments with his quirky and clean eye. The apartments he staged were quick to sell. Now creative director, Will had been working for Ralph Lauren doing his in store … [Read more...]

Another one bites the dust.

Another vintage rescued chair destroyed by my children. Someone should start a tumblr that just posts nice things that kids have destroyed. Or even more specific, kid scribbles on walls and furniture. I see it as the next hottest instagram account! But just one thing.... I dont actually hate it hate it. When Cookie saw it, she said, "Oh, did JoJo do that?" I said, yea, why? She said "Because it's awesome."  I guess my kids have inherited my ability to scribble on things, as well as my appreciation of awesome. DELIGHTFUL* So now that its in must be reupholstered mode, maybe, just maybe, I … [Read more...]

Vintage Sofas.

It's no secret that 1st Dibs represents some pretty amazing dealers, who sell  what's probably the worlds most awesome collection of vintage furniture. But  I think I, and a lot of people, have this idea that anything on 1st Dibs is prohibitively expensive. And at first glance it would seem so. Yes there ARE chairs selling for a cool 20K and sofas selling for 40. There are. But since I've been looking around for a new couch, and some new ideas, I literally looked through 16 pages of midcentury sofas and found that if you look, you can find amazing things that are not really that much more (or … [Read more...]