ash new york

This week I had the priveldge of meeting Ari Heckman and Will Cooper, (introduced by our mutual friend Sara Cooper) founders of the design and development group ASH New York City. I also toured their ASH pop up shop. You may recognize their clean but edgy work from Lonny and other publications. The two have an interesting NYC story. Ari worked in real estate development, and having grown up with a … [Read more...]

Another one bites the dust.


Another vintage rescued chair destroyed by my children. Someone should start a tumblr that just posts nice things that kids have destroyed. Or even more specific, kid scribbles on walls and furniture. I see it as the next hottest instagram account! But just one thing.... I dont actually hate it hate it. When Cookie saw it, she said, "Oh, did JoJo do that?" I said, yea, why? She said "Because … [Read more...]

Vintage Sofas.

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 11.02.24 AM

It's no secret that 1st Dibs represents some pretty amazing dealers, who sell  what's probably the worlds most awesome collection of vintage furniture. But  I think I, and a lot of people, have this idea that anything on 1st Dibs is prohibitively expensive. And at first glance it would seem so. Yes there ARE chairs selling for a cool 20K and sofas selling for 40. There are. But since I've been … [Read more...]

There is a living room on the street right now.


On the street, literally, about two hours ago. Some thoughts: 1. Interesting what people throw out in NYC. 2. If its on the street, it must have bed bugs. 3. The chairs kind of look like the garbage bags they are sitting next to. 4. But they also look like some of those Kelly Wearstler chairs. 5. We should start a drinking game, have a shot every time a blog mentions KW. We'd … [Read more...]



Just a few new old things I picked up this week. This is why I should be banned from antique stores.  I currently have over 10 occasional chairs in my apartment. I could host a One Kings Lane sale, I have so much crap. Echem, I mean, really awesome stuff. In addition to my Mies van der rohe mr10 (Thanks M21!) chairs  that have literally no place to go in my apt, no place at all, I also snagged … [Read more...]


vintage chairs

Don't I need these? I took a little walk to my local antique store, something I've been avoiding because I have to stop buying things. And well, the sun beamed down on them from who knows where and they glowed in the light. And I sat on them, and then I had no money so I left my name and number and went home. And well, dont ya think I need these? Or at least we, collectively, as a design … [Read more...]