BEST OF | Architectural Digest Design Show 2015

I spent Friday afternoon perusing the AD Design Show with my art/design bestie Raquel Cayre... We mostly focused on the "Made" section of the show, which features over 150 artists and designers, local and emerging artisans in art, fine furniture, sculpture, textiles and lighting. Almost everyone I spoke to was based out of Brooklyn and hand making some pretty gorgeous things. "Art Furniture". Basically, I was in indie furniture heaven, not least because.... CHAIRS! There were many many many lovely chairs for me to gape at. Some distinct trends emerged. Lighting is still heavily mid-century … [Read more...]

Art Furniture|Furniture Art.

Last year when I redid my apartment, I decided from now on, I'm only bringing shit into the house that feels special. It could be from Cb2 or something, but if it feels unique and cool, it makes the cut. If not, buh-bye. This is Manhattan, we need to be ruthless. Is there anything more special than the stuff that artists make? I'm slowly collecting a whole range of artist made little goodies, from Ben Mendansky's vessels, to an Alexander Wang ash tray, to a Etore Sottsass bowl that I carried home from Paris. Damn, I love stuff. Anyway, here are a bunch of different furniture art stuffs, by … [Read more...]

Modern Vintage in Manhattan.

Well, this is cool! A long time blog reader and Homepolish designer, Casey DeBois, contacted me about featuring this apartment on the blog. Alexis, her client, moved here several months ago from Miami, FL.  The apartment is a landmark building which is rumored to have housed the Rolling Stones early in their careers. The hits Sympathy for the Devil and Paint it Black were supposedly penned within its walls.  She sourced mostly vintage items – via 1st Dibs, Etsy, eBay, local stores like Furnish Green, Olde Good Things and Mill House Antiques.  The interior was designed and curated specifically … [Read more...]

Design // Eros by Angelo Mangiarotti

  Angelo Mangiarotti was born in Milan, Italy in 1929 and died in 2012. He was a renown and celebrated architect, designer and urban planner, one of the most influential Italian designers of the 20th Century. He graduated from the Architecture School of Politecnico di Milano in 1948. He moved to the United States in 1953 and started working in Chicago as a visiting professor for the Illinois Institute of Technology. During his time at Illinois Institute of Technology, Mangiarotti met Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Konrad Wachsmann, all of whom were … [Read more...]

Eskayel at ABC.

The other day, I was making one of my biannual browsing trips at ABC Home, when I noticed that Eskayel, purveyor of gorgeously rorschach watercolor print wallpaper and fabric, has a new line of furniture consisting of sofas, chairs and poofs. I thought they were cool, snapped a few photos, albeit with an iPhone and came home to tell you about it. I think the sofa is awesome. The only criticism  would be that the linen fabric is very summery... I know, I know, it's summer. But when looking at their pillows months ago, I thought they were a bit too beach house for my apartment. If they … [Read more...]