MAKERS | Garza Marfa


Even though I'm a NYC girl through and through, I love this aesthetic so much. My heart belongs to the American West. So much. Anything brown leather, you can pretty much sign be up for. After living on the West Coast for several years, designers, Jamey and Constance, moved to Texas while they designed and created furniture for the renovation of the Hotel San Jose in Austin. After a few years of living in the high plains desert of the Trans-Pecos, they  started developing a product line inspired by their new surroundings. And they haven't looked back since. Their designs are an amazing … [Read more...]

Le White.


I hope you all had a restful and fun holiday weekend! We filled ours with tons of food- I cooked thanksgiving - and HOLY MOLY GOOP re-grammed my holiday table! (I'll probably do some kind of table setting post soon about mixing and matching vintage table wares, I think.) We also spent some time up in NJ with the family... bowling, running through fields, eating in diners, at the movies, by the fire,  you know, Jersey Stuff... and then back to work Monday like a ton of bricks! Who needs a palette cleanser after this "BUY ME! BUY ME!"  weekend? I do! I do! Not that I didn't participate it in … [Read more...]

Cool Gifts|Young in the Mountains

young in the mountains

With the holidays approaching, we thought it would be cool to celebrate some cool people who make cool things, that would make, duh, really cool gifts. Nothing like handmade, artist crafted products! Mariele Ivy, daughter of a wooden boat builder, was born in the mountains of western Montana. She spent her early life exploring the rivers and woods and creating art based on her beautiful surroundings, and created her first piece of jewelry at the age of 5. She has always been inspired by the symbiosis of humans & their environment. "Humans have always want to better themselves physically … [Read more...]

Stuff I’m vibing for Fall.


I haven't don't one of these mood boards in quite some time! Months and months! But I've been spotting lots of cool stuff lately (reading tons of catalogs while home for holidays!). This fall, I'm totally feeling this dusty pastel vibe. Fall doesn't have to be all terracottas and browns.  Of course, I like a nice sculptural black as punctuation in any room, and that bar cart is the most 80's fabulous thing I've seen in a while! I saw it in person at Barney's, so so good! So here we go: Barcart $1625 // Sweater $686 // Brass trays $129 // Overhead Light $60 //  Round Leg Table $2498 // … [Read more...]

ASBURY PARK| Red Moon Life & Home.


Welcome to Red Moon, Life & Home, an awesome little shop on Bangs Avenue in Asbury Park. (My favorite place. True story, my husband booked a trip to Italy this week, and I had mixed feelings, because I don't want to leave NEW JERSEY. #firstworldproblems or maybe just #assholeproblems! Seriously, I just want to ride horses, wear Birkenstocks, take pictures of nothing and hang with my kids on the beach. Is that so wrong? No seriously, am I the only one who gets super anxiety before trips?)  Red Moon is a little nook, powered by Owner Christina Aiello, packed with art, hand made jewelry, … [Read more...]