Zara Home.


A much anticipated Zara Home launched this week... As with all things Zara(except for the kids clothes), I'm hesitant. First, we dont know the quality... although I'm sure it will be comparable to other things in its price range. Second, its mostly accessories and tchotckes and lord knows I dont need anymore tchotchkes. Β As in regular Zara, its seems like a place you could easily drop hundreds of … [Read more...]

Palm Springs, by way of New Jersey.

parrot breakfast

Good Morning! Yesterday I went over to my friends house for a cup of coffee and was greeted with this! Delightful! Iced coffee, home made muffins and a super chic parrot tray? YES! So I snapped a few pictures and promptly informed her that she would be on the blog tomorrow. Β Later that day, I hit up the antiquated, quaint and kitschy town of Ocean Grove for lunch (Yes, it is all three of those … [Read more...]

Kelly Wearstler on OKL.

Screen Shot 2012-06-18 at 12.18.52 PM

I feel like I am master of the obvious today, but DUH, the Kelly Wearstler sales on One Kings Lane today are ridiculous. RI-DIC-U-LOUS. Its basically a mix of amazing vintage finds with her own designs and stuff... And its organized by her various styles and books: Hollywood regency, midcentury, coastal, etc. If you have a couple a grand to throw around and you want a showstopper for your room, … [Read more...]

Shop Talk: Maison 24 NYC

maison 24

Last week, I walked by a shop in my neighborhood that I've never seen before, and stopped in. It's the second store by brother sister duo, Allison Julius and Louis Marra, who were both in the store when I walked in, and are quite delightful! Maison 24 is offering up a whole lotta look: Neon, graffiti, lucite, glitter, fur, spikes, skulls abound and at first glance, the shop seems very cool, … [Read more...]

Bachelor Pad: The Sources!

Sketch42 Bachelor pad desk

Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday! I totally loved doing this place, so it makes me glad that you guys get what I was going for and like the work I did! I mean, I birthed this space: design, art, photographed! I even built half the furniture in here, which was not a good thing for anyone involved. What I like about this space, is that everything is stuff almost anyone could buy. Its … [Read more...]

The Big Black Sconce.


The Brick House. I know I post about this often, but this whole sconce as art, sculpture and lighting device is just so happening for me right now. This one thing: a long armed wall light- could solve so many design problems! Like: No overhead lighting in a NYC apartment (we all know what that means: concrete ceilings and 800 lamps), large awkward wall behind sofa that one can't afford/doesnt … [Read more...]