ASBURY PARK| Red Moon Life & Home.


Welcome to Red Moon, Life & Home, an awesome little shop on Bangs Avenue in Asbury Park. (My favorite place. True story, my husband booked a trip to Italy this week, and I had mixed feelings, because I don't want to leave NEW JERSEY. #firstworldproblems or maybe just #assholeproblems! Seriously, I just want to ride horses, wear Birkenstocks, take pictures of nothing and hang with my kids on … [Read more...]



Are you a red blooded human with access to the internet? You are? Fabulous. Head over to One Kings Lane for this absolutely spectacular sale of 20th Century Lighting, brought to you by Rewire LA. Then go to their 1stDibs shop for the really really awesome stuff. It saddens me that I cant realistically rip up my walls to put in new (old) sconces. Can I?  “The right lighting elevates the senses and … [Read more...]


ash new york

This week I had the priveldge of meeting Ari Heckman and Will Cooper, (introduced by our mutual friend Sara Cooper) founders of the design and development group ASH New York City. I also toured their ASH pop up shop. You may recognize their clean but edgy work from Lonny and other publications. The two have an interesting NYC story. Ari worked in real estate development, and having grown up with a … [Read more...]

The Minimalist Round Mirror.

Round Mirror

It's come to my attention that you folks like when I blog about interior design. I know most of you signed on for a design blog, but I gotta go where the inspiration takes me. Life is a journey, not a destination? When you aren't actively involved in a design project, your head doesn't always go there. Last week I wrote about how I - and a lot of other people- are trying to meld downsize our look … [Read more...]

Zara Home.


A much anticipated Zara Home launched this week... As with all things Zara(except for the kids clothes), I'm hesitant. First, we dont know the quality... although I'm sure it will be comparable to other things in its price range. Second, its mostly accessories and tchotckes and lord knows I dont need anymore tchotchkes.  As in regular Zara, its seems like a place you could easily drop hundreds of … [Read more...]

Palm Springs, by way of New Jersey.

parrot breakfast

Good Morning! Yesterday I went over to my friends house for a cup of coffee and was greeted with this! Delightful! Iced coffee, home made muffins and a super chic parrot tray? YES! So I snapped a few pictures and promptly informed her that she would be on the blog tomorrow.  Later that day, I hit up the antiquated, quaint and kitschy town of Ocean Grove for lunch (Yes, it is all three of those … [Read more...]