DESIGN | A beautiful remodel in Formentera.


This is a remodel of a traditional stone walled home on the island of Formentera. Architects Marià Castelló and Daniel Redolat have remodeled Can Manuel d’en Corda, incorporating the small forest of pines and junipers and working with the existing architecture.  I love this! … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Calvin Klein’s Miami Beach House.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.59.42 PM

Calvin Klein's historic mansion in Miami Beach. Built in 1929, purchased by Klein in 1999, photographed by Bruce Webber for Vanity Fair in 2008. For sale now for $16 million. Apparently Klein has been cagey about photos of the house for years, and now photos are available courtesy of Douglas Elliman. The 5,800 square foot house comes with an additional couple thousand square feet of indoor-outdoor living space, 113 feet of bay frontage, a long infinity pool, a courtyard, five bedrooms, five ensuite baths, and an additional two half baths. It's a masterpiece. The minimalism. The texture and … [Read more...]

Inside the Iconic Palais Bulles.


Yesterday, Dior held its resort show at the iconic Palais Bulles, the iconic bubble house just outside of Cannes. Do we ever need an excuse to look at architecture of amazing homes? Not on this blog! Designed by architect Antti Lovag, the house took 14 years to complete. In 1989 it was sold to avant guard designer Pierre Cardin, who created the iconic bubble dress 30 years prior and is known for his architectural approach to design. Lovag loathes edges (after a whole season of RHOA, I now know what "edges" are and that Naomi Campbell has none.) -  He considers the straight line to be "an … [Read more...]

NYC’s Amazing Landmarked Interiors.


Sometimes you walk into a building in New York that harkens back to another era. Court houses, terminals, bars, lobbies - they aren't everywhere, but when you do stumble into one, they remind you of Old New York, of the sipping cocktails in iconic bars at dusk, of men in suits bustling down at wall street, of people at the theater in gowns, and the elegance of travel. Of the glamour of New York FREAKIN City. Opening today is a new exhibition at the New York School for Interior Design discussing and highlighting many of New York's landmarked interiors. It's "an in depth look inside the … [Read more...]

The Lifeguard Towers of Miami Beach.

lifeguard tower stand miami beach florida 25

Miami generally makes me kind of stabby, but I can't deny its a delight to the eyeballs. White sands, clear water, and most importantly, Art Deco awesomeness. Plus, it's got the warmest winter weather on the US mainland, which doesn't sound too bad. There are 25 Lifeguard towers on an 8.5 mile stretch of Miami sands. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew ripped through the coastline, destroying the towers. During the recovery, architect William Lane offered his services and created a series of iconic looking lifeguard towers. Over time, more have been added through competitions and commissions. The … [Read more...]