DESIGN | Concrete Jungle.

douglas friedman

I was perusing photographer Douglas Friedman AKA The Facinator's portfolio, which is fabulous and totally worth a look, or two, or three, when I came across this "facinating" place. I know Concrete Jungle is a cheesy title, but LOOK, it's literally a concrete jungle! No idea where or what this is, other than it's badass, looks like a 70's porn set placed in the jungle and I want … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Memphis Milano, India.


This town: Tirunamavalai in South India!!!!!!! It looks like an Etore Sottsass Memphis Milano dreamscape, doesn't it? (What is Memphis Milano? Read my intro post first. MM always makes me think of Saved By the Bell intro, and also reminds me of my Sesame Place post.) An article in French AD describes the whole town. The homes were built in the 1940s, with great care by the families that lived … [Read more...]

Concrete Heaven.


The concrete 3 story house of architect Kulapat Yantrasast is simply amazing. Like, ridiculously good. Yantrasast was asleep in his family home in Bangkock at age ten when a wall of his bedroom collapsed. At that moment Yantrasast says “ It made me realize that you can form your own environment—something I then took for granted as the rule.”  In 1996  after earning both a master’s and a Ph.D. in … [Read more...]

The Red Wall.


I can't stop staring at these photos of "The Red Wall"  aka La Muralla Roja. I love photos of walls - a strange thing to love, I know. (My favorite insult of all time - Nicole, why don't you go take another picture of a WALL! Why, yes, yes I will.) And these kind of, sort of remind me of the work of Luis Barragán, that I posted a few months ago. Built in 1973 by the Spanish architect … [Read more...]



Are never ever plain?(Lame joke, I know!) This apartment in Barcelona by David Kohn Architects’ was awarded best interior design for last year at the INSIDE FESTIVAL. It's in Barcelona's gothic quarter. It was commissioned by two Barcelonian brothers, who now live abroad. The goal was intimate, but private and David Kohn describes it as, ''An homage to Barcelona.'' Look at this second … [Read more...]

Tom Ford’s Spectacular Ranch.


My heart skipped a beat when these photos of Tom Ford's Santa Fe ranch landed in my inbox courtesy of a very nice reader. These images, by photographer Guido Mocafico, were first featured in the December 2010/January 2011 issue of Vogue Paris. It was designed by  Tadao Ando's whose serene Japanese aesthetic makes a huge statement in the arid terrain of Santa Fe. The concrete walls, the lines, the … [Read more...]