DESIGN + ART | Xavier Corbero in Residence.


Yesterday The Nowness posted one of their "In Residence" videos with Spanish artist¬†Xavier Corbero. The 4 minute video is so beautifully shot and executed, I highly recommend you watch it. Seriously. Considered by many¬†to be Spain's premier living sculptor, Corbero's home is a … [Read more...]



"Nobody famous ever lived here" is the famous quote about the house, and yet it's one of the most famous and celebrated houses in America. While in LA, we visited Case Study House #22, The Stahl House. Way up in the hills, perched over Los Angeles, on a small spot of precarious … [Read more...]

Googie Architecture | Pann’s Diner.

IMG_1972 2

A few days ago, the new owners of the iconic LA coffee shop NORM's received a permit to demolish the iconic building. Public outcry ensued. Norm's is one of the few examples of iconic Googie Architecture left (and one of the best!) But what is Googie Architecture? Named for the … [Read more...]

Glass House | Marcos Acayaba’s Milan House


I'm a New Yorker and proud apartment dweller, and hoarder currently out in LA and staying in an actual minimalist glass house. It's a pretty interesting experience, but more on that later. I was thumbing through Elle Decor's "Best of International Issues" edition - which is … [Read more...]

Inside The Philip Johnson Glass House.


Every year I say I'm going out to The Philip Johnson Glass House, and so far, I've never made it. My friend and Sketch contributor Raquel Cayre traveled out there last week, just before it closed for the season. She shot all this on her iPhone and then streamed em over to me and … [Read more...]