Inside The Philip Johnson Glass House.


Every year I say I'm going out to The Philip Johnson Glass House, and so far, I've never made it. My friend and Sketch contributor Raquel Cayre traveled out there last week, just before it closed for the season. She shot all this on her iPhone and then streamed em over to me and … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Concrete Jungle.

douglas friedman

I was perusing photographer Douglas Friedman AKA The Facinator's portfolio, which is fabulous and totally worth a look, or two, or three, when I came across this "facinating" place. I know Concrete Jungle is a cheesy title, but LOOK, it's literally a concrete … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Memphis Milano, India.


This town: Tirunamavalai in South India!!!!!!! It looks like an Etore Sottsass Memphis Milano dreamscape, doesn't it? (What is Memphis Milano? Read my intro post first. MM always makes me think of Saved By the Bell intro, and also reminds me of my Sesame Place post.) An article … [Read more...]

Concrete Heaven.


The concrete 3 story house of architect Kulapat Yantrasast is simply amazing. Like, ridiculously good. Yantrasast was asleep in his family home in Bangkock at age ten when a wall of his bedroom collapsed. At that moment Yantrasast says “ It made me realize that you can form your … [Read more...]

The Red Wall.


I can't stop staring at these photos of "The Red Wall"  aka La Muralla Roja. I love photos of walls - a strange thing to love, I know. (My favorite insult of all time - Nicole, why don't you go take another picture of a WALL! Why, yes, yes I will.) And these kind of, sort of … [Read more...]