NYC’s Amazing Landmarked Interiors.


Sometimes you walk into a building in New York that harkens back to another era. Court houses, terminals, bars, lobbies - they aren't everywhere, but when you do stumble into one, they remind you of Old New York, of the sipping cocktails in iconic bars at dusk, of men in suits bustling down at wall street, of people at the theater in gowns, and the elegance of travel. Of the glamour of New York FREAKIN City. Opening today is a new exhibition at the New York School for Interior Design discussing and highlighting many of New York's landmarked interiors. It's "an in depth look inside the … [Read more...]

The Lifeguard Towers of Miami Beach.

lifeguard tower stand miami beach florida 25

Miami generally makes me kind of stabby, but I can't deny its a delight to the eyeballs. White sands, clear water, and most importantly, Art Deco awesomeness. Plus, it's got the warmest winter weather on the US mainland, which doesn't sound too bad. There are 25 Lifeguard towers on an 8.5 mile stretch of Miami sands. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew ripped through the coastline, destroying the towers. During the recovery, architect William Lane offered his services and created a series of iconic looking lifeguard towers. Over time, more have been added through competitions and commissions. The … [Read more...]

Under the Faux Tuscan Sun.


Do you know how many times I've wished I could slap a faux sunlight somewhere? Inside my dark closet, or my galley kitchen, or any time I ever had to shoot anything inside? Yes, yes, yes. These photos look so pristine that you assume they are fake, right? But no. A group of Italian scientists, and a company called CoeLux, has made a skylight/window that mimics the exact color and light of actual sun. Supposedly, they "windows" pass light through a filter consisting of nanoparticles closely correlating with the properties of Earth’s atmosphere. Meaning, it has the same color as actual sky … [Read more...]

DESIGN + ART | Xavier Corbero in Residence.


Yesterday The Nowness posted one of their "In Residence" videos with Spanish artist Xavier Corbero. The 4 minute video is so beautifully shot and executed, I highly recommend you watch it. Seriously. Considered by many to be Spain's premier living sculptor, Corbero's home is a literal maze of wonders. The home has been 40 years in the making. Located in the town of Esplugues de Llobregat, named for the labyrinths of man made caves below it - some dating from roman times-  Corbero's home is on a quiet road in a suburb of Barcelona. He began purchasing delapidated building in the town decades … [Read more...]



"Nobody famous ever lived here" is the famous quote about the house, and yet it's one of the most famous and celebrated houses in America. While in LA, we visited Case Study House #22, The Stahl House. Way up in the hills, perched over Los Angeles, on a small spot of precarious looking land, sits The Stahl House. As you drive up unmarked "private" winding drives, the anticipation mounts. When you enter, your jaw drops. In 1954, Buck and Carlotta Stahl bought the plot of land for $13,500. Buck was a graphic designer and sign painter by trade, and he and Carlotta spent their weekends hauling … [Read more...]