DESIGN | Angelo Donghia at Home.


The seventies were a magical time in design history. Hovering between the space age and austerely designed lines of the midcentury and the post modern experimentation of the 80's was the seventies. Irreproachably glamorous and decadent, with nods toward the future and the past, the seventies were an awesome time in design. Disco, chinoiserie, antiques, lacquer, lucite, they all played together in comfortable and well appropriated homes. They were classic-contemporary-eclectic, a style that is still coveted and revered and makes it's way into every show house and design mag in the country. I … [Read more...]

Artist Joe Dance at Home.


What a treat. Welcome to the home of Joe Dance. Joe is an artist who moved from West Virginia with his wife Beverly 40 years ago to pursue his dream of being an artist living in NYC.  Joe managed Ann Jacob America, an outsider art gallery on Madison Avenue in the early 90s. He later became the Media Relations Specialist at Crate and Barrel, all the while, living life to the fullest, and creating and evolving - from painter, to mixed media collage artist. Beverly was working as a librarian when she and Joe met in WV. She was a fabulous actress once referred to as the best regional actress in … [Read more...]

Vogue 1966 |Cy Twombly’s Studio in Rome.


Just cause who does want to look at something so damn near perfectly beautiful. Cy Twombly, Rome, 1966 ‘I think space is for paintings, for looking at paintings. Paintings 'hold’ in that kind of rectilinear space, which contains the energy of the works…’ Photographed by Horst P. Horst for Vogue. … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Daniel Heckscher’s Stockholm Apartment.


Daniel Heckscher’s Stockholm Apartment is the opposite of Michelle Adam's place, that I blogged about on Sunday, and yet it still holds crazy appeal. Daniel is an interior architect at Note Design Studio, As a child of the 80s, this place is familiar AF. This is what I grew up surrounded by. My mom still has a full blown mint green (walls, carpet, ceiling, bed - all in the same shade) bedroom. Daniel's home takes that familiarity, and makes it chic. It's full on 80's saturated pastel heaven! Heckscher renovated a white box of an apartment taking input from his kids and using it as an … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Michelle Adams At Home.


Have you guys seen Michelle Adams new home yet? It's a 1920's colonial in Ann Arbor, and her remodel is just fantastic. Michelle got her start as part of the original Domino team, eventually co-founding Lonny Magazine with Patrick Cline in 2009 and then leaving to become the youngest Editor in Chief ever at Conde Nast as the editor of the rebooted Domino magazine. I'm just gonna say it - Michelle is the decorating voice of our generation. And by "our" I mean, US, the "basic" internet savvy, upwardly striving, middle/creative pinterest now 30 somethings that are in full nesting/homemaking mode. … [Read more...]