DESIGN | The Apartment


In NYC we have "The Apartment by The Line" in Copenhagen they have "The Apartment." Both are concept stores that sell furniture and art, but in a setting set up like a functioning home. The Apartment's wares are showcased in the elegant setting of an 18th century apartment in … [Read more...]

COOL SHOPS | Coming Soon NY


Hola! I'm the worst, three days no posting, so not like me. BUSY. Anyway, my latest story for Domaine Home is now live! It's a write up of the Lower East Side shop Coming Soon, which is, my favorite new place to shop in the city. Seriously I challenge you to leave empty … [Read more...]

Harley Viera Newton at Home X Domaine.


Hola! Greetings NOT from Art Basel. HA. Everyone with a pulse, some Rock Studs a floppy hat and an instagram account is at Basel, no? HELL BARBIE is at Basel! 'cept me, although #absurdistsummer IS at the super rad NY TIMES approvedĀ Artmarkit Pop Up at the Mondrian! Dudes, 34 … [Read more...]

MAKERS | Garza Marfa


Even though I'm a NYC girl through and through, I love this aesthetic so much. My heart belongs to the American West. So much. Anything brown leather, you can pretty much sign be up for. After living on the West Coast for several years, designers, Jamey and Constance, moved to … [Read more...]

Inside The Philip Johnson Glass House.


Every year I say I'm going out to The Philip Johnson Glass House, and so far, I've never made it. My friend and Sketch contributor Raquel Cayre traveled out there last week, just before it closed for the season. She shot all this on her iPhone and then streamed em over to me and … [Read more...]