Time Capsule Interiors|Modern 70′s Retreat


If you are going to read one post on Sketch42 this week (this month!) make it this one! As I've stated many times before, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept of "Time Capsule Interiors." I got the idea, because my grandmother's two houses are completely preserved chinoiserie chic 70's acid trip awesomeness and I LOVE them, and always have. In fact, I think I pitched the idea of a "Time Capsule Interiors" … [Read more...]

Asbury Park | Goldie’s

life (36)

OK PEEPS! Welcome back from your weekend! I know people don't read blogs in the summer, but that is SUCH a bummer, because over here at Sketch we are producing some of our finest content ever. NJ makes our brains work better, and the things we see! OH! The things we see! I highly recommend subscribing by email so that you don't miss a post. We have some AMAZING shoots and stuff to … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Nick Olsen’s Latest Project.


Gah! Everything Nick Olsen does is amazing, and his latest project to hit the mainline is featured in this month's House Beautiful. I always say that I think Nick is the Albert Hadley of our generation. Dude is destined for greatness. For those of you not in the know, Nick has a degree in architecture from Columbia (he and I actually graduated the same year, but never met as students), and his … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Memphis Milano, India.


This town: Tirunamavalai in South India!!!!!!! It looks like an Etore Sottsass Memphis Milano dreamscape, doesn't it? (What is Memphis Milano? Read my intro post first. MM always makes me think of Saved By the Bell intro, and also reminds me of my Sesame Place post.) An article in French AD describes the whole town. The homes were built in the 1940s, with great care by the families that lived … [Read more...]

Nicole Gibbons at Home.


My good friend Nicole Gibbons of So Haute just redid her apartment, and the tour as well as before and afters are now up on HouseBeautiful.com. She is standing in front of a painting that she commissioned from me, based on the one that is hanging in my apartment right now. So cool ;) I'm always a fan of a single giant painting in a space - although, I've been working on ridiculously epic gallery … [Read more...]

Design | Magic in Madrid.

pepe leal

I found this place in a rabbit hole of internet browsing... Its a complete renovation of a postwar Madrid apartment by designer Pepe Leal. Spain has got some seriously cool design going on. I really like this space, like, a lot. Its eclectic, doesn't feel overly done, feels cool and like a fun place to be in. I love the use of scattered color throughout. I've been really into primary colors … [Read more...]