On The Street, 79th + 5th: The Payne Whitney Mansion.

french embassy

A few days ago, I was walking home from The Met, and I noticed this absolutely spectacular mansion. I stopped in my tracks. It's the French Embassy for Cultural Services. The French, I thought, obviously don't disappoint. Then I did a little research and learned a hell of a lot more about the mansion. It's known as the Payne Whitney Mansion, … [Read more...]

In The Park…


NYC is in full bloom, and its just so exhilarating... Yesterday I hit the Museum of Natural History and trekked across Central Park with 2 kids (alone), which was a fun adventure: Gathering sticks, Collecting rocks. It was fun, and exhausting. I love how there are parts of Central Park that feel so New York, and parts that feel … [Read more...]

It’s like a jungle in there.

iiiinspired _ ideat-2011-juin_Page_196

Or desert, cause the plants are all succulents. I saw these photos HERE and I had to repost so I could hear your thoughts on them. Im torn between thinking this is super cool, and thinking its very creepy. Creepy: What a lovely tree: The plants are ALLLIIIIIIVVVEEEEE, they are going to EAT YOU!!!!!!!! A pretty … [Read more...]

Awesome in Montauk: The Surf Shack.

Screen shot 2011-07-30 at 9.46.20 PM

Wondering what to do with a summer rental in Montauk or anywhere? (Montauk is actually on my list for weekend destinations this summer.) Why dont you do what this dude did, rent a house, put all the original contents into storage and turn it into a "Surf Shack" for your employees to retreat to every weekend. (Guests often sleep in these … [Read more...]

Lets go outside.


To the garden:   Blogging is so not a summer sport. Happy Sunday! Photos via Pinterest … [Read more...]