It’s like a jungle in there.

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Or desert, cause the plants are all succulents. I saw these photos HERE and I had to repost so I could hear your thoughts on them. Im torn between thinking this is super cool, and thinking its very creepy. Creepy: What a lovely tree: The plants are ALLLIIIIIIVVVEEEEE, they are going to EAT YOU!!!!!!!! A pretty cactus:  Ahhh, they are coming for me!!!  Hahaha... What … [Read more...]

Awesome in Montauk: The Surf Shack.

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Wondering what to do with a summer rental in Montauk or anywhere? (Montauk is actually on my list for weekend destinations this summer.) Why dont you do what this dude did, rent a house, put all the original contents into storage and turn it into a "Surf Shack" for your employees to retreat to every weekend. (Guests often sleep in these tepees!) From the NYTimes: Richard Christiansen, … [Read more...]

Lets go outside.


To the garden:   Blogging is so not a summer sport. Happy Sunday! Photos via Pinterest … [Read more...]

Lawn on a Hill.


While in San Fran I spotted this house and I just had to take a picture... I absolutely love what they did with the hill in the front yard. Instead of leaving it all grass, or even landscaping it with various flowers, they covered the front lawn with one beautiful weedy looking purple flower.  Isnt it so simple, sophisticated and chic? Its like the garden version of simple wildflowers in glass … [Read more...]

Peony Season…

Its peony season in NYC... the bodegas are stocked with em... Just in time for Mother's Day. … [Read more...]

What to do with grocery store bouquets…


Today's NYTimes Style magazine has a great article on what to do with even the humblest of flowers: the NY bodega bouquet... (you know the one your well meaning husband brings home not knowing its hideous?) I love this article because I have been meaning to do a post like this for almost a year! I once actually bought to hideous bouquets and I COULDNT master them so I never posted it! So, not … [Read more...]