Monet’s Garden at The Botanical Gardens.

Monet's Gardens at the Bronx Zoo. Remember it was on my list of things I've been wanting to do? Well, I dragged the family there after the zoo on Sunday. We came, we saw, we destroyed. The khaki and loafer wearing, softly playing classical music in the conservatory listening, Mario Batali event-going gentlepeople didn't know what hit them. Cookie followed another family into the second lily pond area, while my son dove head first into the other. It was lovely. No, really. Why don't more rich suburbanites have conservatories? How 'bout walk through manicured herb gardens with geometric brick … [Read more...]

Le Château.

The other day I took a tennis lesson at my hubby's cousin's house.... and well, I think I'm officially creepy. I couldn't NOT take pictures of this.(Don't worry, I asked before posting!) South of France by way of New Jersey. Amazing. BEYOND. I'm slowly mounting a case in defense of New Jersey. I'd be more than happy to pitch a tent on that grass there and live there for the rest of the summer! (Actually, I kind of want to take Cookie camping in our backyard. Anyone ever done this?) … [Read more...]

For Earth Day

Just some photos I took in Central Park and The Bronx Zoo... I'm finding I spend a lot of time in zoos, and I actually really enjoy it- It's not JUST for the kids.  Anyway, I'm still learning how to work my camera as you can see, and I'm having a lot of fun playing with it... These photos have been collecting, and today is the perfect day to use them. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

On The Street, 79th + 5th: The Payne Whitney Mansion.

A few days ago, I was walking home from The Met, and I noticed this absolutely spectacular mansion. I stopped in my tracks. It's the French Embassy for Cultural Services. The French, I thought, obviously don't disappoint. Then I did a little research and learned a hell of a lot more about the mansion. It's known as the Payne Whitney Mansion, built in 1902. Amazing. The entire block is actually gorgeous, overlooking Central Park and lined with old world mansions. It's old time New York Chic, built in the Gilded Age of American billionaires. A little history below: It was designed … [Read more...]

In The Park…

NYC is in full bloom, and its just so exhilarating... Yesterday I hit the Museum of Natural History and trekked across Central Park with 2 kids (alone), which was a fun adventure: Gathering sticks, Collecting rocks. It was fun, and exhausting. I love how there are parts of Central Park that feel so New York, and parts that feel prehistoric. I stopped to take a few photos along the way, and so did Cookie: She takes my phone, and randomly takes photos of things. I wonder where she learned that from. Also, note the outfit: messy side braid, denim shirt, white jeans, … [Read more...]