Pick Me Up |A lovely Amagansett Garden.


I can almost smell summer. Wild leafy gardens are the stuff of dreams right now. Amagansett home, designed by landscape architecture firm Oehme van Sweden. … [Read more...]

Daytripping: Blue Hill at Stone Barns


Yesterday, my family and I were all still sitting around in our pajamas at 11 am, and thinking of places to go to get out of the city. (Parade Sundays are always horrible.) I googled "Day trips from Manhattan" and on the first page was a link to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. THIS. We are doing this, I said, after poking around their site for a minute … [Read more...]

Monet’s Garden at The Botanical Gardens.

Monet's gardens

Monet's Gardens at the Bronx Zoo. Remember it was on my list of things I've been wanting to do? Well, I dragged the family there after the zoo on Sunday. We came, we saw, we destroyed. The khaki and loafer wearing, softly playing classical music in the conservatory listening, Mario Batali event-going gentlepeople didn't know what hit them. … [Read more...]

Le Château.

new jersey

The other day I took a tennis lesson at my hubby's cousin's house.... and well, I think I'm officially creepy. I couldn't NOT take pictures of this.(Don't worry, I asked before posting!) South of France by way of New Jersey. Amazing. BEYOND. I'm slowly mounting a case in defense of New Jersey. I'd be more than happy to pitch a tent on that … [Read more...]

For Earth Day


Just some photos I took in Central Park and The Bronx Zoo... I'm finding I spend a lot of time in zoos, and I actually really enjoy it- It's not JUST for the kids.  Anyway, I'm still learning how to work my camera as you can see, and I'm having a lot of fun playing with it... These photos have been collecting, and today is the perfect day to use … [Read more...]