Free People Beach Camp.

free people

Free People made this beach camp event last month on the West Coast and it's everything I wish summer could be. Can some brand please hire me to do this on East Coast? PLEASSSEEEEEEE?!?! You know I'll do a kick ass job. For reals. I have ideas. Anyway, this is so lovely. Enjoy! Via the Free People Blog. … [Read more...]

Oreo Smash.


  Last year I took these adorable photos of JoJo stacking Oreos and a bunch of you really liked them- some people even called me to have me recreate them with their kids... (Wow, looking back its crazy how much better my photos have gotten over the past year!) Because of the Jewish Holiday of Purim, I had an abundance of candy and cookies laying about. And of course, I can't sit idly about while there are things to be photographed. Oreo stacks are so graphic and cool, aren't they? I feel like I made them look moody and delicious. I did a bunch more with Dots, Jelly Beans and M&M's … [Read more...]

Henry Hargreaves is Hungry.

henry hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves is a former model and pretty badass photographer. He makes cool fun photos, that are memorable, creative and provocative.  One would gather from his quirky photo series that he is also incredibly hungry? First there is "No Seconds" a visual representation of death row meals of criminals.  Then there is "Band Riders" flemish style still life portraits of various band rider requests.  How bout "Gingerbread and Candy Art Galleries" ? "Burning Calories" A personal favorite "Deep Fried Gadgets" "Damien's Dots" Take that Damien, this is so much better!  … [Read more...]

You are what you eat.


Top o' the morning to ya! How are you all? Good? Good. Me? I've totally lost it. Cried watching this video last night, and my sisters are placing bets on how soon I'll be pregnant again. (The consensus is within two months.) Husband doesn't know how to deal with Emotional Nicole, and neither do I! Ok, moving on from the heaping pile of sobs that I've become. Today I'm talking about Mark Menjivar's series You Are What You Eat. Portraits of people, by way of refrigerator contents. Somehow they are deeply private and personal, but at the same time, not... Mark claims one person likened the … [Read more...]

Food Collages.


I'm LOVING these prints by Julie's Kitchen. Julie Lee  is just a girl who assembles food collages from local markets and shoots in her kitchen. Her prints are really reasonably priced, and oh yea, delicious. Her print shop just launched, and currently sells photos in 8 x 8 or 12 x 12 sizes, but I would totally email and ask for a custom size because in my mind these need to be huge and she does take custom orders. I've seen quite a bunch of food photography, but these are so SO delightful. I love these printed in a kitchen. I just printed my rotten bananas (the large vertical) … [Read more...]