FOODIE FRIDAY: Sangria Tastes like Summer.


It's officially SUMMER 2013! To celebrate, let's have drinks by the pool... I've already told you all about Julibox, the cocktail of the month club that my hubs and I are obsessed with. This month they sent us a liquor I've never heard of called Esprit de JUNE. It's literally a liquor made from certain wine grape blossoms that bloom only a few days a year in June. Uh huh. (Side note: You can also use St Germaine for this drink instead of the Esprit de June. Much easier to find and has the same effect.) The cocktail that you are seeing here is a "Sangria Parisienne" a blend of Kettle One … [Read more...]

FOODIE FRIDAY: Anatomy of a brunch.


My friend Elizabeth over at Stone Textile (remember when I used her pillows in Chez Bachelor? I still want those pillows for my house!) was kind enough to send me over some goodies from her table top collection- beautiful acrylic diamond cut plate mats, and some diamond patterned napkins, see them HERE- and asked me to put together a little place setting for Mother's Day. Of course, I'm thrilled to get gifts of the tabletop variety. I've been doing this blog for 4 years now, do you know how hard it is to keep reinventing the same dishes over and over again? It's hard! Every year I want to buy … [Read more...]

Weekend Cocktails: Fruit Cubes.

fruit ice cocktails

Holy cow, it's finally the weekend. Didnt this week take FOREVER? ┬áMine was so packed, that bad me, I didn't even get to blog yesterday. I even had a post waiting to go, but I couldn't get to my computer to post it. Short weeks lead to really annoying long weeks, don't they? Anyway, no this is not turning into a food blog, but I did make ice cubes infused with fruit this week.... we have this ice tray that makes 2" ice cubes (HERE), better for scotch because with less surface area it doesn't melt as fast. Cookie and I used the tray to suspend various fruits in the cubes. (Dont worry: I didn't … [Read more...]

The Kiddie Table.

thanksgiving kid table DIY

For the kiddie table, I set up the children's seats on the breakfast bar. Why open a small table and add clutter when this bar is right here? I've found this is the best arrangement for parties for my apartment. This table setting, orchestrated by me and Cookie has another awesome DIY. Cookie diligently colored 8 cloth cocktail napkins with these iron on pastels I bought, HERE. Color the napkin, iron for a few minutes, and you have permanently colored napkins. I thought this was SUCH a cute way to get the kids involved with Thanksgiving and setting the table! It's amazing what you can … [Read more...]

A Rustic Modern Thanksgiving.

Sketch42 Thanksgiving

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2012. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It's really the best. Non-denominational, all encompassing, it has a great message and its fun. Every year, I shoot my table on actual Thanksgiving day. That's annoying... I have to stop cooking to take photos and write a blog post, plus real life means I'm seating ten + people on my table, and that I must use a tablecloth with that delicate rosewood tabletop. But this year, I enlisted Ashlina, The Decorista, and we styled up a fake Thanksgiving. I've been calling it Fake Thanksgiving all week, but in reality, it's … [Read more...]