The Kiddie Table.

thanksgiving kid table DIY

For the kiddie table, I set up the children's seats on the breakfast bar. Why open a small table and add clutter when this bar is right here? I've found this is the best arrangement for parties for my apartment. This table setting, orchestrated by me and Cookie has another awesome DIY. Cookie diligently colored 8 cloth cocktail napkins with these iron on pastels I bought, HERE. Color the napkin, iron for a few minutes, and you have permanently colored napkins. I thought this was SUCH a cute way to get the kids involved with Thanksgiving and setting the table! It's amazing what you can … [Read more...]

A Rustic Modern Thanksgiving.

Sketch42 Thanksgiving

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2012. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It's really the best. Non-denominational, all encompassing, it has a great message and its fun. Every year, I shoot my table on actual Thanksgiving day. That's annoying... I have to stop cooking to take photos and write a blog post, plus real life means I'm seating ten + people on my table, and that I must use a tablecloth with that delicate rosewood tabletop. But this year, I enlisted Ashlina, The Decorista, and we styled up a fake Thanksgiving. I've been calling it Fake Thanksgiving all week, but in reality, it's … [Read more...]

Palm Springs, by way of New Jersey.

parrot breakfast

Good Morning! Yesterday I went over to my friends house for a cup of coffee and was greeted with this! Delightful! Iced coffee, home made muffins and a super chic parrot tray? YES! So I snapped a few pictures and promptly informed her that she would be on the blog tomorrow. ┬áLater that day, I hit up the antiquated, quaint and kitschy town of Ocean Grove for lunch (Yes, it is all three of those things.) And it got me thinking about New Jersey style. I think New Jersey has been getting a bad rap - It's not all gilded mansions, and marble mausoleums (Echem, Teresa...) it's mostly all of the … [Read more...]

My Thanksgiving Table.


  Im taking a quick break from cooking to post a peek and my thanksgiving table. It's not totally done yet... (and I know some of the napkins aren't ironed properly. Working on that now!) My inspiration was the chinoiserie-like tables of Joe Nye. Obviously, I'm a little twit compared to him. And I just don't have all the supplies(because when I was getting married and people were giving me stuff, I was not educated or interested and so I ended up with weak resources.) I used the versace plates my grandmother gave me as a wedding gift along with my gold ware. The tablecloth is a … [Read more...]

What I’m Making for Thanksgiving Dinner!


When I first started this blog, the tagline was "Fashion. Food. Furniture." However, much to my husband's dismay, I now tag it as "Art. Design. Fashion." wherever you need to put a tagline, like on my business card, for example... (One friend saw the card and said- I am looking at this, and I still have no idea what you do! HA!!!) Anyway... So basically, I don't BRING IT in the cooking ┬ádepartment that often. Sure, I cobble together meals and throw together food-stuffs, but I don't give it the attention and love that cooking really good food needs and deserves. BUT! I'm making … [Read more...]