FOODIE FRIDAY: Barrel Aged Nigroni

DSC_7964 (1)

Over the summer, my husband and I were at a restaurant in NJ that was serving Barrel Aged Nigroni. David loves Nigronis and had never had an aged version before. He started talking to the bartender and you know when you meet one of those people that is just like a kindred spirit, … [Read more...]


summer shandy

I should stop pretending Foodie Friday has anything to do with food. Its all about the drinks! BBQ season is upon us, along with copious beer drinking. To quote one friend: "I LOVE BEER."  Who doesn't? I particularly like the summer ales and light beers like Blue Moon. The first … [Read more...]

Honeysuckle Lemonade.


  Its honeysuckle season.... oh man, when you walk by a particularly flower laden bush, the smell.... it's like every day of your childhood and every minute of jumping through waves, and carrying frogs and trying to catch bunnies all rolled into one delicious smell. I … [Read more...]

FOODIE FRIDAY: Sangria Tastes like Summer.


It's officially SUMMER 2013! To celebrate, let's have drinks by the pool... I've already told you all about Julibox, the cocktail of the month club that my hubs and I are obsessed with. This month they sent us a liquor I've never heard of called Esprit de JUNE. It's literally a … [Read more...]

FOODIE FRIDAY: The Winter Side Car.

winter side car

My husband and I like a good drink. I joke that he is my in house mixologist, and we talk about how if he were going to retire one day to do something else for fun (think my legends post yesterday), he would retire and open a drink and sandwich shop.  Dude makes a MEAN … [Read more...]