Hermes as Decor

Hermes is one of those luxury brands that people covet because of the lifestyle it evokes: I just jumped off my horse and am now having tea on a yacht and I have not a hair out of place and am gorgeous, tan and ageless. Effortless, athletic, and vigorously chic. Trying to get that mood from a home is a totally different story. People try and try and fail.  Using Hermes boxes as decor is a really controversial thing in the design world. Is it chic or overdone? I happen to love this image from Sara Story: What about collecting and framing Hermes scarves? OR using a vintage Hermes … [Read more...]

Toe Be or Not Toe Be?

With the coming of spring, a whole new slew of etiquette/ costume appropriateness questions arise: How much skin is too much for the city? Can you ever wear shorts? What about those people wearing bikinis in Central Park? There has to be something wrong with that. But first: Sandals & The City: Sleek or  Freak? There is something so offensive to me about seeing other people's feet, and especially seeing them in such close proximity to the cockroaches and rats that peruse the city. And the condition of most of these feet are horrific.  And yet, in 90 degree weather, what other … [Read more...]


  In 1998, TIME magazine ran an article about porn going mainstream. Well, has it ever!  There are examples of the ho-ification of America everywhere: Stripper classes at your local gym,  The Girls Next Door, and the trend of pseudo-celebrities “accidentally” losing their sex tapes at strategic points in their career. Wikipedia actually has an entry that lists pornstars that have appeared in mainstream movies. Bondage/Bandage style began making a comeback a few years ago with the now-everywhere Herve Leger bandage dress. Between stripper heels, AKA last years YSL tribute sandal, this … [Read more...]

Soho on Sunday

Spring has finally sprung in Manhattan, with our official first nice day of the year. Soho was jammed all day with people flooding the streets. They were waiting in line for restaurants, buying jewelry and art from street vendors and especially waiting to get into the first stateside Topshop - which is London's answer to H&M and Forever21 - more expensive, but on point trend wise and similar in its enormous collection of ever evolving clothing. Seriously, blink now and you will never see that shirt again. Of course, the eagerly anticipated Spring Kate Moss line for TopShop also debuted … [Read more...]

It’s the Little Things

Sometimes, especially in these times, it's the little upgrades you make to your life that really make a HUGE difference. They don't have to be expensive, but every time you see or touch one of these hidden treasures in your house, you will smile. 1. Slimline Hangers- add about 3 feet to your closet's hanging room. 2. Maldon Sea Salt. I ONLY use this salt. You can buy it on 3. J Crew Cashmere Sweaters 4. Great Knives as in Cutco 5. An organized pantry. Empty all the boxes you buy into Click Clacks with printed labels 6. A label maker with which to label your Click … [Read more...]