I own a few cool pieces of Dinosaur Design's resin home goods. They were part of the inspiration for the marble/clay DIY. Their latest jewelry collection "Flower" seen below is so rad. I love the organic shaped bangles in the smoothest resins and saturated colors. Love it. Also loved their collaboration with Romance Was Born for their Cooee Couture Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney. The business was originally founded by Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and Liane Rossler in 1985, who were art students at the time, selling their handmade resin goods at Sydney’s markets.  Louise Olsen … [Read more...]

Met Ball 2015 | Best and Worst Dressed.


It's that time of year again! I feel like after award season, seeing the same silhouette done time and time again in different colors, the Met Gala comes around to spice things up. The Met Gala is about drama, opulence, over the top gowns that you could never wear anywhere else. It's a time to go crazy and have fun with fashion. The high honor* of "Best Dressed" in blog land cannot simply go to the prettiest outfit. We need to be wowed. This years theme was “China: Through the Looking Glass." *sarcasm Let's start off with some of my worsts, and keep in mind: Most of these are perfectly … [Read more...]



One of my favorite brands, LA based Building Block, has designed their first sandal. It's kind of perfect. I love everything they do, and I've written about them before HERE. Super simple elegantly designed leather products. Yes, please. The sandals are pricey at $480 (Black//Nude) , I found a similar shoe HERE (Nude //Black)  for a 1/5 the price, for those interested, but they are just slightly less....perfect.  Still good though. The bucket bags and tassels (and here) are still my faves, I even like them better than the craze that is Mansur Gavriel. Have a great day! … [Read more...]

My 13 Favorite Jackets for Spring.


Maybe it's because it's raining like crazy here in NYC today, or maybe it's because in my current condition the only thing saving me from complete and utter slob-dom every day is a cute jacket, but today I decided to round up some of my favorite picks for Spring 2015. Some girls "invest" in nice shoes, I like jackets and blazers. I collect them season to season, buying pieces I truly love: vintage, cheap, expensive, statement, simple... all the above. I look forward to take them out of the closet when their seasons come around, and I keep them forever. (I HATE winter coats though and I haven't … [Read more...]

A Cactus Dream | MARA HOFFMAN SPRING 2015


Do I even need to say anything? No. No I do not. Stuff of my photography dreams, I tell ya! Also, gimme all those clothes. Thanks. Via Mara Hoffman Photography By OLIVIA MALONE Creative Directing // RICHARD RUIZ.   … [Read more...]