Hola! Welcome to Monday, Feb 29th. I have a proposal for the world, Leap Day should be a national holiday, day off from work. Particularly when it's on a Monday. Amarite? Did y'all watch the Oscars last night? Other than Chris Rock's opening, I didn't. Too much going on, as it was Jojo's 5th bday, which is in itself a crazy thing. I did however look at allllll the looks on The Carpet. The dresses ranged from confusing, to boring, to slightly off, to.... nice. But no jaw dropping, awe inspiring, fashion MOMENTS. Nothing to tweet about in ten years. Feel me? My favorite might have to be … [Read more...]



Common Projects, the minimilist sneaker label, was born in 2004 when its founders unveiled "The Achillies" on the world. Previously there were dress shoes (remember back to your dating and club going years, look down, men were wearing loafers and the dreaded "dress shirt") and sneakers, and the one could not be conflated with the other. You did not wear sneakers to work. Enter Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami, who met in the downtown fashion scene in the mid-90s. At the time, Mr. Poopat was an art director for V Magazine and Mr. Girolami was a brand consultant for Italian shoe manufacturers. … [Read more...]

How Mansur Gavriel won Fashion Week.


Mansur Gavriel wins fashion week for me - and their Instagram is killing it too! The photos are magical! This is a brand that's styling and set aesthetic kills it season after season. Their aesthetic may be better than their product! How often does that happen? The styling is so fresh and unique.  Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel enlisted a handful of collaborators to turn the Swiss Institute in Soho into a domestic scene for their Fall Winter 2016 show. The final result displayed their pieces amid a cozy living room and kitchenette — complete with fresh food. “As designers, we think in … [Read more...]

The Céline Summer 2016 Ad Campaign is Magic.


Welcome to Céline's Summer 2016 Ad Campaign. Shot by the photography bad ass Juergen Teller, the campaign stars models Vera Van Erp, Regitze Christensen and Karly Loyce. Teller and Céline have been working together for years, creating some of the most cool images in fashion photography. Celine's clothes are all about sureness, womanhood, edgy simplicity, and Teller's photos do something most other photographers don't - they appear effortless and carefree, and too cool to care. Like for example, the fantastic use of shitty photoshop skills here. As you can see, the photos are cut out and pasted … [Read more...]

HEART HEART HEART | Limited Edition Scarves.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.46.39 AM

Did you all have a great snow weekend, those of you on the East Coast, that is? We really did! In all my years as a New Yorker - IE -all of my years, this was the best snow storm ever! It had perfect timing landing on the weekend - minimizing danger and messiness for the kids in school, people trying to work-etc. The car ban in the city was lovely and made everything safer, the snow fell like powder, and the next day was bright and sunshine-y and the mood in the city was absolutely festive. People were skiing in the streets, bars were packed, the hill in central park was PACKED! Doesn't hurt … [Read more...]