Max Poglia.

A few days ago I was helping my friend Emily Johnston style and shoot her place when the doorbell rang, and a beautiful man walked in out of the bitter cold. "OH, it's Max!" She said. Max came bearing gifts, a pile of blankets for Emily's bed. We got to chatting, and Max showed me some more of his stuff. He started by making bags for himself in Brazil while on vacation, and brought some things home as gifts for friends in NY and got excellent feedback. He began working with restaurants and chefs in NY, that included the visual identity for Buvette in the West Village and Paris, where he added … [Read more...]

The Hotness Board.

This morning I woke up and logged into pinterest like any normal woman and discovered that my friend Sasha has a board called HOTNESS. Mmmhhhhmmmm. I got sucked down a rabbit hole of gorgeous men: Fassbender. Newman. Hamm. Pitt. Nicholson. Women of the world, we deserve this break from our regular programming. Presented for your enjoyment without comment: Just a little sizzle to get you through the weekend.  And don't feel bad, I'm sure your man follows tons of hot chicks on instagram. (Also have to say, my hub is this hot!) Now I get why people like … [Read more...]

Man of the World.

Welcome to my new favorite thing in the world.  Man of the World. What is it and why is it the best thing ever? Well, a few months ago I bumped into what one would call a friend of the family, and he told me about his latest project. I was skeptical. Who starts an in print magazine in 2012? Well. Issue No 1. just arrived at my place, and OH HOLY AWESOME is it amazing. This is making it sound like said friend of family put me up to this post. Not at all. We barely know each other. Man of the World is a men's luxury magazine. You guys know I've always leaned toward the masculine aesthetic, … [Read more...]

The Trunk Club.

(Nightime pics are a bummer... sorry about that. As he opened up the box, I made him HALT mid-opening so I could run and grab my camera for a blog post!) So this trunk arrived yesterday. Let me explain: My husband does not like to shop. He also loves clubs... (tennis clubs, men's hair salon club, poker club etc...) so when he heard about Trunk Club, he was so down for trying it! Trunk Club is an online company that basically sends men a box of hand picked clothes based on their style preferences. You fill out a little questionnaire online (Questions: how do you dress to work, how do you dress … [Read more...]