Male Monday | Man Buns.

Because it's Monday and hot damn if I want to do any intellectual probing at all. Instead: HOLY MAN BUNS! Obviously, I love this. I got David to grow out his beard after I posted about them, maybe I can get him to get on the man-bun band-wagon!? HA.  The Man Bun works in the opposite way of the beard - in my opinion. Beards make ordinary men look WAYYYY more attractive... defines a jaw line, conveys masculinity, and basically hides ugliness. Man Buns make guys who are too pretty look LESS attractive, which is in turn, more attractive to women. You feel me? The man bun is not for the ordinary … [Read more...]

#CelebratePeople | Chauncey Tanton

I thought it would be cool to profile people with interesting lives, hobbies, careers. We recently spent a day out in Newport with Chauncey Tanton, a Native Newporter, former professional snowboarder, and now the Finance Manager for newportFILM. Chauncey's life looks like something out of a Grey Goose commercial. He's been spending the past 4 years restoring a wooden schooner originally designed and hand built by his dad, a yacht designer himself. The boat is still waiting on masts and sails to be completed. Chauncey also spent 5 months on an expedition through the Arctic's fabled North West … [Read more...]

Because it’s the weekend|Flower Beards.

You can't get more hipster than this. Gotta love the internet for bringing us such things. Horrifyingly ridiculous, yet oddly delightful. Man, I hope the beard trend never, ever dies. And a happy happy weekend to you! … [Read more...]

Man Candy |Ben Dahlhaus

Possibly the most beautiful man to ever live: Cannot.Handle. The Sexy. Your welcome. … [Read more...]


Yesterday I stumbled upon the portfolio of male model Lars Love. It was Love at first Lars? The beard! The face! He looks almost biblical! Not to mention that he's styled like something out of a Wes Anderson movie. Oh, that I could ever be this badass, this storied! Amazing. Photos via Le Management.    … [Read more...]