A few weeks ago, in an interview on The Barneys blog The Window, I happened to mention that I love menswear. When asked to describe my aesthetic I said: Aesthetically, I sometimes think I’m a dapper man trapped in a woman’s body. I gravitate towards menswear, leathers and things with clean and simple lines. I guess I would call it “masculine edgy” with a guilty penchant for glamour! I am an … [Read more...]

Iconic | Uschi Obermaier


The other day I was talking with none other than my therapist about legendary german model/groupie Uschi Obermaier. The IT girl of 1968, Uschi had affairs with everyone from Mick Jagger, to Keith Richards to Jimi Hendrix. She had one hell of a crazy life. A symbol of the German left, she and her first boyfriend Rainer Langhan became symbols of the sexual revolution. Then she and Keith were … [Read more...]

The Moschino Belt.


Remember a few years ago when I shot a party for Saks and we were all drooling over the vintage Moschino accessories that random people were wearing? We all ran to our mom's closets to dig some up. People were sending me photos of their vintage gloves, bags, belts etc...Well, I'm still not over it. Maybe because I'm a belt hoarder. I even needlepointed one- a 30 hour time investment- so you know … [Read more...]

Building Block.


This is cool. It's Building Block, a multi-medium design project based in Los Angeles, established in 2011. To me, this is the new luxury. Labeless cleanly designed edgy accessories that dont render you a walking billboard. This shit makes Chanel look like something your out of town cousin would wear. The bags range from $250- $600... and be sure to check out the marble ping pong table at the … [Read more...]

A reimagining by Alana Dee Haynes.


Alana Dee Haynes is a Brooklyn based artist who illustrates on found fashion photography. This sounds like it might yield crappy results, like something out of a high school Trapper Keeper, but Alana is actually masterfully good at this. She makes it look SO REAL. In some photos her subjects look like they were intensely tattooed or scaly like Mystique from X men. Some are purposely surreal and in … [Read more...]

Best and Worst Dressed | Oscars 2014.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Did you watch the Oscars? Of course you did. It was pleasant, right? Ellen's jokes didn't always land, but she was affable and the whole thing went down pretty smoothly, didn't it? And now on to the dresses. It seems this year everyone was going for safe and "timeless" and there weren't really any major talking points or splashes, right? To me there were a few stand outs, and everyone else looked … [Read more...]