Russell James|Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


Australian photographer Russell James got his big break when he was asked to shoot Tyra Banks for her legendary Sports Illustrated cover. And he has been shooting models ever since. Every year he is asked to go behind the scenes at one of the most anticipated fashion show of the … [Read more...]

Male Monday | Man Buns.


Because it's Monday and hot damn if I want to do any intellectual probing at all. Instead: HOLY MAN BUNS! Obviously, I love this. I got David to grow out his beard after I posted about them, maybe I can get him to get on the man-bun band-wagon!? HA. ┬áThe Man Bun works in the … [Read more...]

Cozy clothes I’m wearing this Fall.


And by that I mean, I'm actually wearing, not "blogger" wearing, i.e. just point to some shit from the web and saying, oh this is cool. This is stuff I actually own, or have seen, touched and felt in real life, and want to own. But mostly I actually own. And wear this composite … [Read more...]

#CelebratePeople | Chauncey Tanton


I thought it would be cool to profile people with interesting lives, hobbies, careers. We recently spent a day out in Newport with Chauncey Tanton, a Native Newporter, former professional snowboarder, and now the Finance Manager for newportFILM. Chauncey's life looks like … [Read more...]

The EverLane Factories.


Everyone is talking about Everlane's latest release, the $165 dollar Modern Loafer. Which, lets admit, are pretty fucking cool. But what is ALSO super cool about this site, is that they are completely transparent about how much their goods cost, where they are making them etc, … [Read more...]