Design Manifest’s Pad + My Art Installed.


OH. EM. GEE. Seriously, jaw dropped when I saw Naomi's apartment on Design Sponge yesterday. Ya see, Niomi commissioned a painting from me last year, back when I was 9 months pregnant- hers may have been the last piece I did before the baby was born! Anyway, her place is finally all pulled together and magazine worthy and she emailed me to tell me about the house tour and that my work would be … [Read more...]

Fashion at Home: House Tour with Designer Caroline Hedaya.


Remember when in a blog post about personal style a few weeks ago I said I had a friend that could make anything look cool? Well, I was talking about my childhood buddy designer Caroline Hedaya. As kids and even teens, Caroline had personal style in spades and so it was no surprise when, after graduating from FIT (at which we took many painting and drawing classes together), she started her own … [Read more...]

Sexy Black Kitchen Sneak Peek.


A sneak peak at A GORGEOUS Sketch42-reader and my new BFF Lisa's kitchen... Seriously, she had me at "I love your blog and I have a black kitchen!" Yea... it's that easy. (We met in an odd place and hit it off instantly! You guys know I will talk design to anyone who will listen... hence the blog!) So I travelled to Brooklyn to photograph her gorgeous kitchen for the blog... Sad for me, the … [Read more...]

Where Design Blahg Blahgs.


I always talk about Erica around here... Erica and I did this, Erica and I did that.... Erica Reitman, the writer of Design Blahg and Effed in Park Slope, and I met over a year ago when she asked me to participate in a "Where I Blahg" series... Now we are like BFF. No really. B.F.F. Then Erica introduced me to Susan and Will, The Brinsons of House of Brinson. They throw awesome parties, bring … [Read more...]

Updates at the MIL’s Apartment.


I really dont want to show you un-styled, un-accessorized and messy shots of this project, but I went there today and I honestly dont know when all the nitty gritty details will get done! First off, I dont want to even call this "decorating"... Instead, I call it "renovating" because the main bulk of the work that we did was a near gut renovation of the actual apartment. I pieced together the … [Read more...]

One of my first projects ever… My niece’s bedroom.

Teenage bedroom

It was over a year ago that I started working on my niece's bedroom. She threw out her existing furniture(basically just twin headboards that were past their prime) and we started from scratch except for the wallpaper, rug and light fixture. My nieces HATED that everything in her room was peach. HATED. She wanted a change, but we didn't want to rip up her wallpaper and rug. So we decided to add in … [Read more...]