My NJ Bedroom’s Epic Gallery Wall.


I should call this post, how to redo a room without buying any furniture. Every summer for the past 8 years, I pack up out of Manhattan and go stay with my in laws at the Jersey Shore for the summer. We stay in my husband's childhood bedroom, which my MIL did over for us when we got married. She did some nice beige grasscloth, and a matching  furniture set of all wood brown furniture. This summer, one morning, I SNAPPED. And I began a gallery wall. In four hours, I collected every piece of art I had in NJ , My grandma's vintage rackets, things from My MIL's basement, I hit up 3 antique stores, … [Read more...]

Courtney Velasco at Home.

DSC_9045 2

Courtney Velasco and I met on the internet. 10 years ago, that was a sure fire way to get killed. Now it's how I've met some of my favorite people in the world. My wolf pack. The people that make me feel alive and at home in myself. I think about this a lot. The internet, the constant attachment to our phones, the presence of screens in our lives- it's taken away a lot. BUT it's given us a lot too. And for me, the main thing is being able to connect with MY PEOPLE. The weirdos like me that are out there in the world. I NEVER wish I could go back to being a teenager - but I am envious of … [Read more...]

Patrick Cline at Home.


My friend and collaborator Patrick Cline - co-founder of Lonny Magazine, and photographer de jour - shared his home on Refinery 29 yesterday. Now, I thought I had a lot of stuff, until I saw Patrick's place. He has tons of art books, and a/p prints from photographer friends like Nigel Scott and Wolfgang Wesner, art and design from his Lonny days, like that giant piece by Jenna Snyder Phillips, and the union jack lamp from the fabulous Betsy Burnham, art magazines, collections from travels, polaroids from every shoot, etc. He and his girlfriend Kristin Aytona shot his place a few weeks ago. I … [Read more...]

Time Capsule Interiors|Modern 70’s Retreat


If you are going to read one post on Sketch42 this week (this month!) make it this one! As I've stated many times before, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept of "Time Capsule Interiors." I got the idea, because my grandmother's two houses are completely preserved chinoiserie chic 70's acid trip awesomeness and I LOVE them, and always have. In fact, I think I pitched the idea of a "Time Capsule Interiors" feature to every magazine editor I know for the past 5 years. Screw em all! No vision! Anyhow, I've put out a call to action a few weeks ago on my instagram account- "let me come shoot your amazing … [Read more...]

Nicole Gibbons at Home.


My good friend Nicole Gibbons of So Haute just redid her apartment, and the tour as well as before and afters are now up on She is standing in front of a painting that she commissioned from me, based on the one that is hanging in my apartment right now. So cool ;) I'm always a fan of a single giant painting in a space - although, I've been working on ridiculously epic gallery wall all week! Nicole's style is a great refresh of timelessly pretty design.  I thought I would share the space with you all. Sources are on the HB site! Enjoy! Photos by Kelly … [Read more...]