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Hola! Today I have a house tour with Artist Elizabeth Sutton. Amazingly, Elizabeth used to be my intern! As you can tell, she's got some major skills that I lack - tidiness, organization, attention to detail, meticulousness- which made her an ideal intern and studio partner, a ying to my yang! Order to my chaos. After years of playing together in my studio, Elizabeth has become a talented artist in her own right - she's created a collection of highly visual, graphic, pop art. Her main mediums are paint, collage and glitter. Elizabeth regularly takes commissions - she works with her clients to … [Read more...]



Busy week! Yesterday Domaine Home featured another shoot and article of mine! This one is the home of fashion and wardrobe stylist Sara Cooper and her young family. Sara designed the entire place herself, from the studs up - including kitchens, bathrooms, floors, moldings and of course, that GORGEOUS banquet and dining table. I think she did an AMAZING job, and her place is perfect for a young chic family. It's UES meets Hollywood Regency meets Rock and Roll. I'm sharing some outtakes here - you know  I love the fun little detail shots - and the entire tour including bedrooms, bathroom, … [Read more...]

DESIGN + ART | Xavier Corbero in Residence.


Yesterday The Nowness posted one of their "In Residence" videos with Spanish artist Xavier Corbero. The 4 minute video is so beautifully shot and executed, I highly recommend you watch it. Seriously. Considered by many to be Spain's premier living sculptor, Corbero's home is a literal maze of wonders. The home has been 40 years in the making. Located in the town of Esplugues de Llobregat, named for the labyrinths of man made caves below it - some dating from roman times-  Corbero's home is on a quiet road in a suburb of Barcelona. He began purchasing delapidated building in the town decades … [Read more...]

The Time We Swapped Houses.


This past Xmas, the family and I swapped houses with a family from LA through the "creatives-only" house swap site called Behomm. I've gotten two reactions to this so far, some people think it's CRAZY and some people think it's AWESOME. It's kind of crazy and awesome, honestly. I wrote a whole story on Domaine today  about the mental gymnastics of swapping houses, the experience, the story of the amazing minimalist Space Age looking house we stayed in and the lovely people who live there. It's a pretty thorough and personal article about our attachments to physical things and why I wanted … [Read more...]

DESIGN + LIFESTYLE | An Afternoon With.


I always think about how I should be photographing more lived in spaces of "real people" for the blog. As much as I LOVE design, you can't compare a room with the character of its owners (particularly if that owner is really cool!) to a home where everything has been appropriated by a person "with taste." Good taste can be such bad taste sometimes. Perfect beige/silver/lavender/lightblue/taupe rooms make me stabby. Show me the stuff! Anyway, I found this blog called "An Afternoon With" about just that "This is a project about people. It is a project about our space and the things we keep and … [Read more...]