House Tour: The Young, hip & modern.


A few months ago, one of my favorite design chat buddies and his wife invited me over to their new place because he was selling a slightly damaged version of the Slim Aarons photo above... I wrote about it HERE.  I absolutely loved the direction they were going in with their place and they promised me that when they got all their furniture in, I would totally be welcome to come shoot it for the … [Read more...]

Russian Delights.


Looks like a very good case of "Room To Art" or "Art to Chair." I'm getting serious joy from the Moscow apartment of Russian designer Dmitry Velikovsky. I always say I like to see a designer's own home best, better than any other work. And this is a really good example of that. This kind of quirkiness is very personal, don't you think? Velikovsky lets furniture and objects seduce him; and … [Read more...]

Collected + Spare: June Schwarcz at home.

Artist June Schwarcz‘s house in Sausalito (via June Schwarcz - I’M REVOLTING)

Its rare that you find a place with collections- the kind of collections that take lifetimes to build- that is also spare and clean. But the home of 94 year old artist June Schwarcz, whose enameled ceramics and metalwork have been celebrated for nearly 6 decades. June, born in 1918, began experimenting with enamel in 1954 after some of her friends took an enamel class at the University of Denver. … [Read more...]

Blogging Rockstars at Home.

bijou and boheme

Christine From Bijous and Boheme So this week is BLOGFEST, an event hosted by Kravet, that's brought together some of my favorite bloggers from across the web-o-sphere. Bear with me for a minute: This is a typical conversation between my mother in law and my mother: "You are the best in law! I love you like a sister!" " Noooooooooo, YOU are the best in law!" "You throw the best parties and … [Read more...]

At Grandma’s…

grandma sketch42

I went to visit my grandparents today... and I just had to take another picture...She's endlessly inspirational, my grandma is. Look how she framed that tapestry that my great-grandmother made. Love. Love it all. (In case you are new here, my grandmother is fabulous, her houses were decorated in the 70's and have looked that way since... but I think they should and could be in any magazine … [Read more...]

Giorgio Armani At Home In The Swiss Alps.


My husband referred me to these photos of the Swiss home of Giorgio Armani... I decided to post it, because while the furnishing are not particularly what I would do, the architecture and structure of this house amazed me... The exterior of the house is covered with traditional scratch-work decoration called sgraffito. Armani used his own design team for the project. This part of the house … [Read more...]