Weekend DIY: Colorblock Toms.

Remember my DIY splatter paint Toms from last year, HERE? Yea, those were cool. I wore them so much that they all but fell apart. I tried to wear them last week and noticed the sole of one shoe was missing. Oh well, I needed a new pair. Hmmm.... what should I do to them? I didnt want to do the same thing over again, and wearing Toms is basically like wearing slippers around the city. I hit up Urban Outfitters and picked up a pair of natural color canvas HERE. I thought that would work better than white, which could be a little harsh. I always say the best DIYs are the easiest. Its when … [Read more...]

DIY: Faux Clay Malachite

Last week Jenny posted a round up of some of her favorite faux malachite DIY's HERE. Most of them were paint based, and it got me thinking- HEY, I can do that! And quickly too. Most of them were paint based DIY's but I wanted to use one of my favorite materials- polymer clay aka SCULPEY. This is so easy, its literally child's play. Basically, start out with a few logs of different color greens, blacks white and a brown. Roll them into a tube. I kept twisting and folding the clay until it became nice and nuanced. I added more black as time went on. Twist , fold and roll back … [Read more...]

DIY Pantone Paint Party: Rock the Casbah Tray.

Hellooooo, so here I am with my first DIY in a while, courtesy of Pantone's My Color paints. When they asked me to participate in what is basically a roving DIY blog paint fest- of course I said yes. A painter doesn't say no to free paint. But then it was overlapping with Passover and I wasnt sure if I could do it... but they graciously moved the dates for me, but still-the timing did make it harder for me to plan the projects out right. Anyway, they asked me to pick three paint colors, and of course I thought I should stick with the running theme of this month: black, white and brown. The … [Read more...]

Sketch42 Splatter Paint Supergas.

I made these splatter paint Supergas for an entire little family! A friend of mine loved my Splatter painted Tom's and asked if I could make some for her and her kids.... The results were so cute, I had to share. I need to make some updated pairs for myself and my kids! And I just cant wait to see this family rocking em out... To DIY your own, basically just stuff the inside of the shoe with newspaper (this is important- dont forget!) and then use a soft bodied acrylic paint to splatter them over a drop cloth or newspaper. Have fun, there is no way to screw this up!   … [Read more...]


My friend Rosie is one of the most talented people I know. Everything she touches with her hands is somehow made beautiful as if her own happy beauty somehow descends on it. Know what I mean? Those people who shine light? And are good at every single creative task they attempt? That's Rosie. Anyway, a few days ago she instagrammed a photo of her son and husband playing in his room and I knew I just had to share this with you on the blog. Of course I instantly knew she made that awesome wall of rorschachs. Why this is awesome, aside from being creative, bold, colorful, simple and cool - is that … [Read more...]