DIY // How To Make Block Print Napkins.


This is one of my favorite DIY's ever, because it came out so damn awesome looking. A few months ago, I collaborated with Apothic Wines on three cocktail inspired DIY's. The first was the lucite and leather handle tray... this is the second one. I used their rubber corks to create a stamp, and then made some pretty amazing block print napkins, if I do say so myself. They look SO LEGIT. Here's how I did it. YOU WILL NEED: Cork or rubber stamp maker Pen X-Acto knife or rubber carving tool Stamp Pad (Uninked is an option, then you can make your own colors) Instructions: 1.┬áStart with … [Read more...]

M&J Trimming launches Project DIY!

keychain model

It's funny how sometimes you end up with someone who is kinda in your industry... (Like how Crystal from Rue married a guy whose family runs the amazing furniture line Palacek?) Well, its not a secret that my husband's family owns the DIY mecca known as M&J Trimming for the past 70+ years. Although I was making hook rugs and braiding lanyard as a grade schooler at summer camp, when I married David 7 years ago, the term "DIY" barely existed. (Of course, I still milked him for all the free shit I could get, he would bring me home crystals on dates. I once glued thousands of tiny crystals to … [Read more...]

DIY: Leather & Lucite Tray.


  Hey guys! Today I'm excited to finally unveil one of 3 DIY's that I created in a sponsorship with Apothic Wines, a California based wine maker that is known for their signature blends. The DIY's range in complexity, but we figured we would start with the simplest and work our way up! They are all things you can make at home, and that relate to entertaining and wine culture. The first one is a lucite tray with leather handles. ┬áLucite is one of my favorite materials to play with: its elegant in its simplicity while also being very modern. Because lucite is basically plastic, I love … [Read more...]

DIY: Bri’s Tumbling Block Gold Leaf Table.


Do you guys remember Bri Morris's awesome blog called Me, You and a Wiener Dog? The blog was hilarious, plus Bri is a genius and meticulous DIYer. Anyway, she shuttered her blog and doesn't miss it (!!!) but we still keep in touch via instagram. I saw her process shots of this amazing piece and asked her to share it with us on Sketch42! Here is what she did to make this bad boy: The inspiration came from cube patterned ables she had seen on 1st Dibs. The tumbling cube pattern has been popular in design forever... First, she made a small stencil by using tracing paper on her iPad and then … [Read more...]

Weekend DIY: Colorblock Toms.

DIY Colorblock toms

Remember my DIY splatter paint Toms from last year, HERE? Yea, those were cool. I wore them so much that they all but fell apart. I tried to wear them last week and noticed the sole of one shoe was missing. Oh well, I needed a new pair. Hmmm.... what should I do to them? I didnt want to do the same thing over again, and wearing Toms is basically like wearing slippers around the city. I hit up Urban Outfitters and picked up a pair of natural color canvas HERE. I thought that would work better than white, which could be a little harsh. I always say the best DIYs are the easiest. Its when … [Read more...]