DIY Architect Print Gift Wrap.


I haven't done a cool DIY in FOREVER, at least not for blog purposes. I still make things all the time - that's called life! But this holiday season I wanted to do a cool gift wrapping story. Imagine how banal my life is, that I actually said aloud, "I think I should do a gift … [Read more...]

PROJECT DIY | Chain Link Camera Strap.

DSC_8660 (1)

I love the latest DIY from Project DIY as part of their Film Noir collection... It's a DIY camera strap, that can also be turned into a belt. Pretty cool. It was actually just going to be a belt but then I insisted they make it so that it could be either. I just got my box and … [Read more...]

DIY // How To Make Block Print Napkins.


This is one of my favorite DIY's ever, because it came out so damn awesome looking. A few months ago, I collaborated with Apothic Wines on three cocktail inspired DIY's. The first was the lucite and leather handle tray... this is the second one. I used their rubber corks to … [Read more...]

M&J Trimming launches Project DIY!

keychain model

It's funny how sometimes you end up with someone who is kinda in your industry... (Like how Crystal from Rue married a guy whose family runs the amazing furniture line Palacek?) Well, its not a secret that my husband's family owns the DIY mecca known as M&J Trimming for the … [Read more...]

DIY: Leather & Lucite Tray.


  Hey guys! Today I'm excited to finally unveil one of 3 DIY's that I created in a sponsorship with Apothic Wines, a California based wine maker that is known for their signature blends. The DIY's range in complexity, but we figured we would start with the simplest and … [Read more...]