DIY | Faux Marble Mini Bowls.


I think at this point it's fair to say I like plates more than I like food. Not that I don't like food, but I really like plates, dishes, silverware, bowls, napkins... Last weekend I did some DIY "faux marble" making. I made little salt cellars for everyone at the table, so we can each have our own, and a set of three nesting bowls that can be used for rings and whatnot. It's EASY AS PIE. and I've done a "faux malachite" version before, making napkin rings. You need: SCULPEY / Polyemer Clay OVEN Optional stuff: ROLLING PIN WAX PAPER OVEN SAFE BOWL SCISSORS SAND PAPER (Super … [Read more...]



  Is looking through heaps and heaps of ribbon, trimming and notions your idea of heaven? YES? You're not alone! Get your crazy person ribbon fix at M&J Trimming, where they are having a massive warehouse sale, in store only. Founded in 1938 by my husband's grandfather, M&J is a NYC/Garment Industry institution ;) They are clearing out some of the warehouse to make way for new stock, and thousands of items are on sale - all for $5 a roll. They are bringing in loads of new stuff every day.  I popped in yesterday and shot some photos. David was like "Nicole, please don't take any … [Read more...]

DIY Architect Print Gift Wrap.


I haven't done a cool DIY in FOREVER, at least not for blog purposes. I still make things all the time - that's called life! But this holiday season I wanted to do a cool gift wrapping story. Imagine how banal my life is, that I actually said aloud, "I think I should do a gift wrapping post this season." Is Pinterest imitating life or is life imitating Pinterest?  Anyway, while brainstorming with Courtney, she reminded me of that time I made a jumbo architect print of the kids for their room, and suggested that for a cool gift wrap idea. This is why I keep her around, she's a smart one! … [Read more...]

PROJECT DIY | Chain Link Camera Strap.

DSC_8660 (1)

I love the latest DIY from Project DIY as part of their Film Noir collection... It's a DIY camera strap, that can also be turned into a belt. Pretty cool. It was actually just going to be a belt but then I insisted they make it so that it could be either. I just got my box and did one up quickly. Of course, I need all these straps, since I have about 10 cameras now.  The kit also comes with another project, a charm bracelet, and they all can be linked up together. Instructions are HERE. I hate being in pictures. But here you go! Friday is the last day to order this  PROJECT DIY box, and you … [Read more...]

DIY // How To Make Block Print Napkins.


This is one of my favorite DIY's ever, because it came out so damn awesome looking. A few months ago, I collaborated with Apothic Wines on three cocktail inspired DIY's. The first was the lucite and leather handle tray... this is the second one. I used their rubber corks to create a stamp, and then made some pretty amazing block print napkins, if I do say so myself. They look SO LEGIT. Here's how I did it. YOU WILL NEED: Cork or rubber stamp maker Pen X-Acto knife or rubber carving tool Stamp Pad (Uninked is an option, then you can make your own colors) Instructions: 1. Start with … [Read more...]