The importance of being Ernest.


Hemingway, of course. He has been on my mind quite a lot lately. First, I stumbled into the Hemingway African Art Gallery a few days ago, where I met the owner, who used to be partners with Gregory AKA Gloria Hemingway. (A FASCINATING story.) Gregory's son still works there sometimes.... and apparently I can meet him if I go in on the right day! Then, I ate in Cafe Select for lunch … [Read more...]

Look what came in the mail:


My penguin book cloth covered classics. Im getting the whole collection! Read the interview with designer Coralie Bickford-Smith at Design Sponge. … [Read more...]

A Novel Idea


I know how to design a bookcase, I know how to buy the books, I know how to read the books.... BUT I sure as hell don't know how to style them! … [Read more...]