Design Heaven // The Library.


Screw kindles, I still like my books where I can see them, color coded on my bookshelf! (Jk Jk, I haven't color coded since 2008.) This new book, The Library: A World History, by Dr James Campbell, an expert in architecture at Cambridge University, who spent three years traveling the globe and shooting with photographer Will Pryce. HOT DAMN! We talk about design porn and book porn all the time … [Read more...]

Book Review: Tomboy Style


There are a shit-ton of blogs dedicated to girliness. Glitter, pink, gold, manicure photos... are abundantly everywhere, and my lack of interest in them could be what makes me feel so disconnected from the blogging community at times. Β Then when I was introduced to the blog TomBoy Style a few months ago via a blog reader, I was like OH SNAP! I'm a tomboy. I never would have thought to call myself … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Happiness Project.


I got a large response from my post last week about being stressed... many empathized, while others criticized me for not using the "work" that was making me stressed as fuel for the blog... As in, Waaa Waaa Waaa... What do you have to complain about? And yes, I agree. What DO I have to complain about? I have a great life, that I wouldn't have any other way. A life I worked hard to build, just … [Read more...]

From my library…


I was in my library the other day organizing my books... and tweeting and instagraming a ton of pictures... there was just something about these two piles that made me post them. One is a stack of crumbling books from my grandmother's library. I think the price on the Lolita was 50 cents or something crazy... the other is a stack of some of my favorite writers: Milan Kundera and Gabriel GarcΓ­a … [Read more...]

Books & Rooms.

books to room

I was perusing Kelly Wearstler's blog the other day when I came across these images of some books that KW found at a bookstore. You see, when KDubs shops for books, she manages to find the chicest books on earth, not just brand new books or smelly used books that are in tatters (all my books look like this, I sometimes drop them in the bathtub! Even though I barely have time to read … [Read more...]

The importance of being Ernest.


Hemingway, of course. He has been on my mind quite a lot lately. First, I stumbled into the Hemingway African Art Gallery a few days ago, where I met the owner, who used to be partners with Gregory AKA Gloria Hemingway. (A FASCINATING story.) Gregory's son still works there sometimes.... and apparently I can meet him if I go in on the right day! Then, I ate in Cafe Select for lunch … [Read more...]