Last night, our amazing friend designer Rosie Assoulin WON the CFDA Swarovski Award for Womenswear. SHE FREAKIN WON. I mean, I have no words. Ok here are a few: I couldn't be a more proud friend. I'm so freakin proud and happy to know her. Aside from her vision, she has an inner glow. Talking to her is like standing in a patch of sunshine on a crisp spring day. She has an inner warmth that beams out of her. I'm so happy for her and her husband Max, and her whole team, I can't even stand it!!! I decided to do a retrospective of all our behind the scenes pics together, from her very first … [Read more...]

Gerald Decock | Bohemian Dream at The Chelsea Hotel.


The Chelsea Hotel is famous mostly for its artist residents. Built in the 1880's and landmarked in the 1960's The Chelsea has been the home of artistic greats like  Bob Dylan, Virgil Thomson, Brigid Berlin, Brendan Behan, Charles Bukowski, Janis Joplin, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Viva, Gaby Hoffmann, and more. It was initially conceived as an artist "home club" a cooperative that were low rent and provided servants to residents. After it went bankrupt in the 1900's it was reimagined as a hotel with long term artist resident guests.  As of August 1, 2011, the hotel stopped … [Read more...]

Remembering Mary Ellen Mark


Famous photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away at the age of 75. She was a brilliant photographer and despite often taking pictures of people suffering and in pain or poverty, her photos never evoked pity but instead were filled with compassion. She was best known for her haunting portraits of adults and children on the margins of society. “I think it was the connection with people that astounded me, I saw that my camera gave me a sense of connection with others that I never had before. It allowed me to enter lives, satisfying a curiosity that was always there, but that was never explored … [Read more...]

PRINTING SEASON | Summer Is Coming.


Summer is coming! I don't like to think of photos as seasonal, and I especially don't like to think of them as "seasonal decor" because, doesn't that sound awful? BUT, alas, most of my favorite photos have some serious summer vibes going. Like most living things, I thrive during the summer months, and so does my creative muscle. Doesn't everyones? Plus, I always feel super inspired to shoot things when I'm out of the city.  I compiled some of my favorite prints and Instagrams that get me pumped for summer, and you know, that I think would look awesome in someone's beach house. If you see any … [Read more...]

Ed Freeman | Western Realty


Ed Freeman is one of those enviably cool people. He started his career in the music industry. He was a folk guitarist, was a road manager on the last Beatle's tour, wrote orchestral arrangements for artists like Cher, and produced and arranged Don McLean's American Pie (my kids favorite song). I mean.... you just can't get any cooler than that. And somehow Freeman managed to. After a mid-life career change, Freeman now creates fine art photographs for various publications. He has published two books, and has been featured in various museums. Today he spends his time traveling the world, taking … [Read more...]