The Spring Cleaning.


The Spring Cleaning is a series of photography exhibits taking place in an operating laundromat in Soho. It is a  three-part photo show which will be taking place over the course of three different weekends this summer. The idea came about after the curators noticed the art hanging on the laundromats walls was the same for over five years. "This laundromat has had the same photographs on the wall for over five years now and I would still always stop and take a look whenever walking past. I always thought it was a perfect place to show photos or artwork because of how many people, by default, … [Read more...]

Celebrating Cass Bird.


This week photographer Cass Bird's instagram account got suspended. I mean. Really, instagram? REALLY? She's one of the most amazing photographer's of our generation! Her account is now back up, but seriously a 'nip slip' or I think even more stupid - a topless photo of her 5 year old daughter, must have been what got her account banned. A baby butt photo of one of my kids got suspended once, hmmm. And yet, accounts like Cleats and Cleavage are allowed to exist. (This account makes me STABBY. It's basically a gorgeous woman in nothing but pasties and "sideless underwear" jiggling her boobs … [Read more...]

Things I’ve seen lately.

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What have you been up to? I've just been chilling here in the springtime city. Hanging with my kids, going to zoos and street fairs, Brooklyn, lower east side, starting to run again, operation lose 25 pounds has begun, working a little bit again, finishing up school with the older kids, hanging with my new bub. It's been lovely. Like, I'm loving every minute of it.  Have an amazing day everyone! … [Read more...]

Matthieu Venot | Architectural Abstraction


Matthieu Venot is a self taught photographer based in France. He learnt his techniques mainly from watching tutorials on the internet! He has six series of architectural abstractions depicting his infatuation with colors and shapes. "Before I began to take photographs, I wasn’t really that interested in architecture but I wanted to show the city that I live in my own way so I used buildings, especially their details, to create abstract images," says Venot. I love when I find other people that enjoy taking pictures of walls as much as I do. Venot's work is pure joy. "I am an optimistic person, … [Read more...]

Courts | Ward Roberts


Austrian photographer, Ward Roberts, spent four years documenting courts and fields from all around the world. Roberts' photos are usually of empty landscapes, highlighting the loneliness and isolation we experience in todays modern world. In Courts, his first book, Roberts photographs fields and courts in his native Melbourne, his childhood home of Hong Kong, as well as in New York, London and Bali. Many of the photos are from Hong Kong, where Roberts grew up and went to school. Did you know the schools in Hong Kong are often assigned a different color based on grade level? In the series we … [Read more...]