‘Mystère À Brooklyn’ Adriana Lima.


Peter Lindbergh photographs model, Adriana Lima, dressed in Hassidic garb in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for M Le Monde September 2014 issue. This makes me wonder why you don't see more Adriana Lima in high end fashion spreads. But also makes me realize, this is why burkas exist! She still smolders even completely covered up. As a semi-authority on the matter, I must say they got the snood, skirt … [Read more...]


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Last week, I was graciously invited by the peeps at Smith aka @madebysmith to take over their new insta account. Smith is the creative group behind my some of favorite restaurants in Asbury Park. Porta, Goldies, Pascal & Sabine and Brickwall Tavern. Asbury Park, is like, my favorite place ever. Absury = antiques + hipsters + surfers + gays + food. It's fab.  If you read this blog, you know I … [Read more...]

Color Studies | Pepto Pink.


My brain needs to look at calming things after 22 hours in the hospital with JoJo and a broken elbow. Soothing. Pepto Bismal pink is just the ticket. Portland-based photographer Clarissa Gallo's color studies are pretty. This pink one is my favorite, the green is second. Very black women >> all other models. Brain hurts. Must go. Bye. … [Read more...]

Jon Gorrigan Photography


If you don't love instagram, you aren't doing it right. I found photographer Jon Gorrigan's work and feed through the new explore button (no more teenage selfies and random asses!) and it's awesome. Enjoy!  Follow @jongorriganphotography … [Read more...]

Classic Movies + Fall Fashion = brilliant.


I think it's fair to say that this is the coolest, most imaginative use of photoshop + fashion ever. "What's Dorothy wearing this fall?" is a mash up of some of the most classic movie moments with duds from Fall 2014. I was reading the in copy NY Mag with Tavi on the cover a few days ago, I saw this, and was like, WOAH. Awesome. I freakin love this. Ok, ready? Let's go!  Elizabeth Taylor … [Read more...]

Photography | Complements.


My hub has this joke, whenever I say someone is a couple "Oh yea, they are a couple now." He says "Oh, a couple-a what!"It's just one of those (lame) jokes he makes over and over. (See also, "How long have you been married?" "Seven years. Feels like seven minutes......UNDER WATER.") But "a couple-a what?!" is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this project. Leta Sobierajski and Wade … [Read more...]