Heavenly Creatures | Cass Bird.


Cass Bird is one of my favorite photographers. If I could just succubus her talent right out of her I would... Her photos have such a lovely quality to them... whimsey, fun, silliness and a unique sense of what is beautiful. They're perfectly imperfect, which is hard to do. And they make you feel things, which is even harder to do. If you follow her on instagram, she always seems to be having fun, on set, and with her adorable family. She's a fashion photographer, but you get the sense that she doesn't take fashion too seriously, which is why she is so good at. She's looking for something that … [Read more...]

ART | Selfies Reimagined.


Michele Bisaillon's series of selfies reimagined is super cool and refreshing. “I use them like telescopes. They're windows into other worlds for me,” she explains. "The media is consistently producing digitally altered imagery and in response to that I want to create images that are organic and unedited. My goal is to remind myself and others that there is always something missing from the picture; another side to the story. There will forever be simultaneous events occurring in the universe that none of us know about. I find that abundance of possibility endlessly inspiring,” says … [Read more...]

Our Town | Bruce Weber


  “Our Town,” latest in a series of Barney's campaigns shot by Bruce Weber in honor of Barney's opening up their new flagship store in Chelsea. "Weber first fell in love with New York as an NYU film student. 'Life in the city was so freewheeling then,' says the iconic photographer. 'As I now took photographs and films of my beloved city [for this campaign], I could still feel its embrace, and a tear ran down my cheek for a love once lost and again found.' In “Our Town,” he captured iconic destinations like Katz’s Delicatessen and The Carlyle Hotel and brought them to life with a … [Read more...]

Bella Hadid Paints the Town Red for Elle Magazine.


Bella is killing it in this photoshoot for Elle. The series was shot by photographer Dan Martensen for their February issue. Bella is painting the town red for Valentine's Day, I guess? Raise your hand if you actually like V day. I love this gritty take on a fashion editorial, and I freakin LOVE Bella's face. I know everyone including Yolanda is all GiGi this and GiGi that, but I'm all about Bella. She's so moody looking. Her face is divine, it looks ancient to me, like a face I could imagine in every era of human history.  And she's a good model, nay a great model. Speaking of Yo- … [Read more...]

#FRECKLES // Brock Elbank


Photographer Brock Elbank has been working on his #FRECKLES series for the last two years. His vivid photos capture the beauty of freckles with vivid and stunning portraits of peoples beautifully freckled faces and bodies. ‘This is what fascinates me when photographing people: what they’ve struggled with through life. This is what I tend to find beautiful and striking in a person," he says. So far, Elbank has shot 90 portraits out 150 he plans to shoot for his upcoming exhibit in 2017. Enjoy :) Aren't these just insanely good? I love when art makes you … [Read more...]