Polar Blades + End of Babes.


My buddy artist, photographer and director Jimmy Marble is currently raising some cash for 2 short films over at Kickstarter. The good news for us is that now's a great time to buy some of Jimmy's art! I love all his work, it's an LA Hipster Fantasy Land, I even own one of his banners, see here, and his first little book Best Bush In Town. I also just pre-ordered his second book LATopia over at … [Read more...]

Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich.


This is so fun. What is it about John Malkovich that is so fascinating to artists? Maybe it's his serious seeming face and persona and deep voice, coupled with the fact that he's willing to do ridiculous and fun things? Photographer Sandro Miller, enlisted his long tim buddy Hollywood legend John Malkovich, for this project. Its called,  “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic … [Read more...]

The Sun Also Rises.


Who ever thought to shoot Dree Hemingway, great-granddaughter of Earnest, with a freaking Matador is a genius. Well we know who thought of it, someone at Dujour and it was shot by Sean Thomas. The shoot is called "Dree and the Matador." Are they modeling Dree after Lady Brett Ashley, one of the most interesting women characters in 20th century American literature? Brett is promiscuous, chaotic, … [Read more...]

Bunnies|Where They Are Now.

robyn twomey

Robyn Twomey, photographer, attended a Playboy bunny reunion in Las Vegas in 2004, she was fascinated by the women, and then took portraits of some former  bunnies for this compelling series. “They’re complex characters,” the  photographer says, “who are proud and empowered by their beauty and sexuality, at the same time stricken by the fleeting nature of it.” The photos remind me so much of … [Read more...]

Fan Ho, remixed.


Do you remember my original post about Fan Ho, the legendary 80 year old photographer who shot amazing photos of Hong Kong in the 50's and 60's? Well, inspired by his own body of work, Ho revisited his archive of unused negatives and created new work by layering them and then scanning them, using very little photoshop at the end to finish them off. Called 'Hong Kong Memoirs’ the series plays on … [Read more...]

Ryan McGinley, YEARBOOK.


If you don't like seeing naked people, you can just back away from this post right now. Ryan McGinley's new show: Yearbook at Team Gallery is a single artwork that consists of over 500 nude portraits that Ryan has been shooting since 2008! The portraits, all nude, on candy colored backdrops, are printed on vinyl and the posters are wallpapered over the entire gallery. Since his first book "The … [Read more...]