Photographer Frederik Vercruysse shot this 1950's modernist house in Saint-Forget, France. It was designed by André Wogenscky, a noted architect who worked with Le Corbusier for 20 years. I LOVE how this photographer shoots interiors, in general, and this shoot is so nicely done. I've mentally filed this away for future use. In fact, I actually … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Photos from around the house.


I think I spend 22/24 hours a day at home. I'm pushing up on 8 months now and the city is covered with black ice. That doesn't make for a very nimble lady. It also doesn't make for a very inspired blog. I do best when I feel vital and alive, part of the world! Connected with nature! I guess I'm just saying I'm ready for spring, actual birth and … [Read more...]



Voyeurism is the act of observing others in intimate, sexual or private behaviors without them being aware of it. The term comes from the French voyeur which means "one who looks." The word used to be applied only to people who were diagnosed with psychiatric disordered behavior - now its definition has broadened to apply to anyone observing the … [Read more...]

BACKSTAGE | Rosie Assoulin FW 2015.


Every season I'm lucky enough to get to shoot around backstage at my friend Rosie Assoulin's fashion week presentation. Rosie's work is so freakin inspiring, the clothes are architectural, elegant, function and COOL. A woman in one of her designs looks and feels like a chic bad-ass, and I know, because I got to wear something from her previous … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Erica Reitman House Tour x Domaine.


Erica Rietman's LA pad is a vintage vignette filled wonderland. A full house tour and interview is up on Domaine Home today. Erica and I have been buddies since our baby blog days, she's like my wittier, smarter big blog sister. She's currently kicking interior ass with her new blog Every single post is replete with loads of take … [Read more...]