Photographers | Tyler Shields.


Photos taken by photographer Tyler Shields. His work has that flashy, sexy, edgy, gritty fashion-y vibe I love so much. Lots and lots of cigarettes. My favorite might be coked out Barbie. She looks so evil! HA! See more of his portfolio HERE. … [Read more...]

The Crumpled Books.


Photographer Mark Douglas describes his crumpled book series about being more about the shapes and colors the books make, sound familiar?! Shapes and colors? He says: “They are about photography presenting an absolute, evidentiary truth, and simultaneously no truth at all. … [Read more...]

DIY Architect Print Gift Wrap.


I haven't done a cool DIY in FOREVER, at least not for blog purposes. I still make things all the time - that's called life! But this holiday season I wanted to do a cool gift wrapping story. Imagine how banal my life is, that I actually said aloud, "I think I should do a gift … [Read more...]

Russell James|Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


Australian photographer Russell James got his big break when he was asked to shoot Tyra Banks for her legendary Sports Illustrated cover. And he has been shooting models ever since. Every year he is asked to go behind the scenes at one of the most anticipated fashion show of the … [Read more...]

Sleeping in With.


For Love & Lemons blog recently debuted their "Sleeping In With" series.  "Sleeping In is about the little intimate memories between you and your partner - no makeup, cheesy moments, and just forgetting about the time passing by. We asked our favorite couples to give us a … [Read more...]