At Home With January.


This shoot that Violet Grey did with January Jones is great. I just binge watched 7 seasons of Mad Men this spring, and that Betty Draper: Grace Kelly looks, icy steel persona, subtly awful and insecure - January Jones is just an insanely beautiful woman. That scene where she shoots the neighbors pigeons with her kid's BB gun in her nightgown, cigarette dangling from her mouth? AMAZING.  … [Read more...]

Morbid Sexuality.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.50.36 AM

Taiwanese photographer Yung Chen Lin's morbid take on female sexuality is beautiful and disturbing. Nudity isn't always sexual. Sexuality isn't always erotic. And sometimes it's ok to let ourselves be a bit disturbed, push those buttons, see how we feel. Explore the darker side, you know? Examine the ugly, or our idea of what's ugly. I really enjoyed being disturbed by these, if you know what I … [Read more...]

Les Bains Douches.


Sorry for the lax posting schedule! I'm on vacation with much less wifi than I planned on having. If you follow my instagram feed, you may have noticed that I'm in Europe-  I'm on a non stop photo-posting bender! I always say, in Europe is always the 70s and so I thought it was fitting that I post these amazing photos from Les Bains Douches- the Parisian equivalent Studio 54, where famous faces … [Read more...]



Dudes and dudettes, Friday is upon us. Food inspo for the weekend: Art Toast, the work of Instagram food artist @IdaFrosk. We live in interesting times, I'll tell ya! Ida is a Norwegian, living in Berlin, and spends some time in the AM concocting food art for her grams. She eats them all afterward, of course. The Art Toast is a project in which she copies famous works of art on her toast. … [Read more...]



Jean-Pacôme Dedieu’s photographs remind me of the time I ate a whole pot lollipop (LEGAL) not knowing what it would do to me, and was literally tripping balls, puking and half dumb for a week. Worst experience ever. DONT EAT POT people. PSA. DONT EAT POT. I love peering into an acid trip of a photo, but absolutely hated living in one. I'm particularly into his warped fashion photos and crazy still … [Read more...]

David Hockney’s Pool.


I think this is my favorite kids fashion editorial ever. It's by Oliver Spies for Milk Magazine. When art and fashion and photography collide into one lovely mash up of awesome- that's the happy place where we all should live.  I really love it. Happy Sunday! Via Honestly WTF, one of the best blogs ever. … [Read more...]