COOL COLLABS | Covergirl X Star Wars


Covergirl X Star Wars is a new beauty collab with the leading makeup company and the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. A strange but interesting collab, don't you think? Creative Director Pat McGrath designed a series of six beauty looks inspired by the film, its iconic characters and key themes, using the new limited-edition Covergirl X Star Wars products. "The looks were designed to enable the hundreds of millions of female Star Wars fans to celebrate their love of the movie, transform their look, and express multiple sides of their personalities." LOL. But … [Read more...]

The Missonis at Home | by Juergen Teller


A few years ago, photographer Juergen Teller shot the Missoni family at their home in Italy. Founders  Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, their daughter Angela and son Vittorio and grandchildren Margherita, Francesco, Theresa, Marco, Ottavio Jr and Giacomo, who were all wearing pieces from the Missoni ready-to-wear collection. The campaign was like a snapshot of an evening with the Missoni family. "I always think that our product has some extra value - an artisanal, traditional value - and I know that people often collect the pieces and keep them for a long time. The product is real so I wanted to … [Read more...]

WANDERLUST | Courtney in Greece.


Our buddy Courtney Velasco went to Greece a few weeks ago -and despite crippling food poisoning and tourist overload- she managed to snap some beautiful photos. There is nothing like that mediterranean sun, it does magic with color. Even white looks special, doesn't it? Pretty, isn't it? Have a great day! … [Read more...]

BOOKS | Warhol’s Polaroids 1958 -1987


  I've probably blogged about Warhol's polaroids a million times now, but I don't care! The polaroid format that Warhol made famous is today being mimicked by Instagram- people are even calling Andy the original Instagrammer. Warhol was hanging around some of his eras biggest superstars-from Jack Nicholson to Audrey Hepburn, Divine to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Grace Jones to Yves Saint Laurent, and beyond. Warhol took over 20,000 Polaroids between the 1950s and his death in 1987 providing "an intimate look at celebrities outside of their normal spotlight; an unpolished, impromptu glimpse … [Read more...]

Backstage | Rosie Assoulin SS 2016


Rosie Assoulin held her Spring 2016 fashion show in an empty pool. Behind the pool, a Keith Haring mural. The collection and the whole presentation - were like an 80's meets 90's - post modern Memphis inspired Nickelodeon- meets TLC don't go chasing waterfalls - bliss. The color palette, it was divine. The collection, it was literally refreshing. Like popsicles on a blisteringly hot day. Like Sunkist at summer camp. Like a dip in a crisp cool pool. Like a Hockney. The colors were cool and hot and saturated to perfection. It was photoshoot dreamland, and I got to go behind the scenes. Earrings … [Read more...]