My Photography on One Kings Lane!

sketch42 x OKL

More ridiculously cool stuff going on this week! (When it rains, it pours?) My photos, along with that of several other UPLO photographers has been included in a classic and contemporary ONE KINGS LANE photography sale. SO exciting and fun, but also intimidating! I mean look who else is included in the sale.... Wait - look how meta this is, as I was typing this, my own photo popped up as an ad … [Read more...]

Nostalgia Fridays.


This photo shoot of Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne by photographer Rupert Thorpe in May 1999, a month after Ten Things I Hate About You premiered. Heath was 20, on the cusp on Hollywood megastardom, and Rose was unknown. The two drank 4 or 5 bottles of champagne during this shoot, and stayed on in Vegas together for a few days afterward. They were ecstatic about their careers and life. The pictures … [Read more...]



I've had my eye on The Dean, the latest project from Will Cooper and Ari Heckman of ASH NYC, ever since they told me about it last year. The Dean is a boutique hotel in Providence. When I was in college I dated a dude that went to Brown, and ten years ago, there was one restaurant in Providence that you took your parents to when they visited. Now it's a little super cool town, and The Dean is one … [Read more...]



Some days you just want to stay in bed. Mornings, a series by still life photographer Sharon Radisch captures just that. Follow her blog and instagram.  … [Read more...]

Iconic | Uschi Obermaier


The other day I was talking with none other than my therapist about legendary german model/groupie Uschi Obermaier. The IT girl of 1968, Uschi had affairs with everyone from Mick Jagger, to Keith Richards to Jimi Hendrix. She had one hell of a crazy life. A symbol of the German left, she and her first boyfriend Rainer Langhan became symbols of the sexual revolution. Then she and Keith were … [Read more...]

The ripped photo.


Love that art. That ripped looking photo back there. Now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it, and I can't not want to copy the idea. Does anyone know whose work that is? The whole space is pretty amazing too. Found via Coco + Kelly, design by Blair Harris Interior Design, photos by Jessica Glynn. Happy sunday night. (PS, GAME OF THRONES!) … [Read more...]