Ed Freeman | Western Realty


Ed Freeman is one of those enviably cool people. He started his career in the music industry. He was a folk guitarist, was a road manager on the last Beatle's tour, wrote orchestral arrangements for artists like Cher, and produced and arranged Don McLean's American Pie (my kids favorite song). I mean.... you just can't get any cooler than that. And somehow Freeman managed to. After a mid-life career change, Freeman now creates fine art photographs for various publications. He has published two books, and has been featured in various museums. Today he spends his time traveling the world, taking … [Read more...]


weekendy 10

A few beautiful moments around NYC this week. I've finally been able to go outside for short amounts of time, and damn if New York isn't completely lovely. Enjoy your weekend everyone! … [Read more...]

DESIGN ON A DIME | Paris Prints x J+G Design.


Last year, the lovely Georgie + Jennifer of J + G Design exclusively featured my prints in their makeover of the Avery Boardman showroom, including one of my most special series: Trespass. As they have grown, they have continuously been such supporters of my work, featuring it in their 2014 Design on a Dime room, their Domino Shophouse room, and again in their 2015 Design on a Dime room. I love Design on a Dime. It's so nice to be a part of a charity that is both incredibly fun, gives back to the community and feels like a homecoming for the design industry in New York. For this event, they … [Read more...]

Alexa Chung X Papermag.


"It Girl" Alexa Chung delves into the world of photography in this photo series she did for Papermag. It's a candid look at her life, through random snaps of her life in her new home, NYC. Beautiful people living a charmed life in New York. Her photos include shots of everyone from Dakota Johnson to Cara Delevingne and Harley Viera Newton (who's home I shot - HERE!) Note that she's using a film point and shoot. All the cool kids are doing that now. Enjoy! Check out what Alexa has to say: HERE … [Read more...]



After being kicked out of her apartment in Brooklyn in 1992, and unable to afford rent anywhere near her school, art student Ash Thayer became a squatter. In the ‘90s, NYC's Lower East Side was full of abandoned buildings that outcasts and people who desperately needed housing, quickly made their own. These squatters would move in, fix up and take over these abandoned buildings that were barely livable. They buildings were filled with vermin. They lacked plumbing, electricity, and even walls, floors, and a roof. Punks, junkies and outcasts from all over the city joined the squatter movement … [Read more...]