The Secret Life of Super Heroes.

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If these don't make you laugh or at least smile, there is some island removed from society that we need to send you to, cause you may or may not have a soul;) Grégoire Guillemin, a french digital illustrator imagines the secret lives of our most beloved heroes and villains.  This collection, entitled "The Secret Life of Heroes", is made up of over 60 pop art illustrations. Who else has a three … [Read more...]

Man Candy |Ben Dahlhaus


Possibly the most beautiful man to ever live: Cannot.Handle. The Sexy. Your welcome. … [Read more...]

My New Favorite Series / DEUCE


Welcome to Deuce, my latest collab with Patrick Cline. Ummmm, suffice to say we love them? No, not sufficient. We have been incubating these ideas for a few months. If you follow this blog and my instagram closely (and I don't suppose that you do!) you can see traces of how and where I took these photos, and how we came up with the idea for the imagery. We called them "the splits" and "the rips" … [Read more...]



First of all, we love KENZO. Second of all, we love TOILETPAPER. And by WE I mean the collective WE of the internet. Everyone. We all love it.  Now under the creative direction of Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, Kenzo makes young fun exciting happy stuff. Toiletpaper makes awesome trippy, fun, edgy, exciting art. So this third installment of KENZO x TOILETPAPER, yea, we all love … [Read more...]

Banana Graffiti.


She paints her banana and she eats it too. I love strange little art projects like this. Banana Graffiti is a project by Marta Grossi, who plays with her bananas and then shoots them with her iphone.  In her own words: Every banana has a simple and unique canvas, and every banana is different. This is an open experiment based on a very cheap and ordinary support. I customize my banana … [Read more...]


life 4

Absurdism is a philosophy that claims that the humans quest for meaning and purpose is inherently absurd - because the universe is indifferent to us. There is no meaning, and if there was, we could never know it. But the human desire is to put an overlay, a map, and ascribe a narrative to life, to events and things, which is basically nuts. We all do this. Why do we need to explain away events? … [Read more...]