DESIGN | Erica Reitman House Tour x Domaine.


Erica Rietman's LA pad is a vintage vignette filled wonderland. A full house tour and interview is up on Domaine Home today. Erica and I have been buddies since our baby blog days, she's like my wittier, smarter big blog sister. She's currently kicking interior ass with her new … [Read more...]



You know how Jews pray toward Jerusalem and Muslims pray toward Mecca? Well, design lovers should probably pray toward Palm Springs. It's Modernism Week over there right now. I tried to fly out, but my kids are also off from school, so it wasn't gonna work this weekend, Boo. … [Read more...]

ART + DESIGN | Where’s Wendell? @1stdibs.


This week I went to the opening reception of "Where's Wendell?"  in the 1stDibs Gallery at the New York Design Center.  Where's Wendell? is a photo exhibition of the work of photographer Felicia M. Gordon, and is an homage and collaboration with avant-garde fashion designer … [Read more...]

COOL OF THE DAY | Hipster Legos.

Hipster Lego figuresLondonBy David Levene23/1/15

Monday, you suck big time. I got about half way through the Grammy's in real time, then I paused, watched Downton and FFed through the rest of the Grammys. Anyway, Wanna know what these are? They are Hipster LEGOs. Designer Tara Wike created the series for the start … [Read more...]

COOL OF THE DAY | Concrete and Neon Sculptures.

esther ruiz

I've had the work of Brooklyn based artist Esther Ruiz open on my desktop for at least a week. These small concrete, plexi, glass and neon sculptures are the bomb dot com. Just thought I would throw them up here. Kinda want to buy one. OK, Carry on. Follow her on … [Read more...]