I always say that photography changed the way I see the world. When people ask me if I prefer painting or photography, I say that I like that photography lets me be part of the world. When I paint I have to go into my own hole and hide for hours. With photography, every moment of life can be ripe for creative exploration. When I first started carrying a camera with me everywhere, it was to shoot … [Read more...]

The Deal Casino.


Rememeber when I did my Trespass series? And snuck into The Deal Casino in November? And got those amazing shots of the empty beach club? Well, I was inspired by my father in law's photos, many of which were taken at The Casino, and I went back when it was is in full swing last week. I had forgotten how much of a visual delight this place is. Holy moly, I was like in a cracked out visual … [Read more...]

Alexander Wang Does Marble Surfboards.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.40.46 PM

These Alexander Wang surfboards are, like, the coolest things ever. I always wonder, do we love or hate when things that are on the outskirts are appropriated by high fashion and then come into the mainstream. Like for example, how to the real actual granola people feel about Birkenstocks being sold at Barney's? Do they not care at all, do they hate it - a la bitch stole my look, or do they … [Read more...]

The Passion of Kim Kardashian.


Kim Kardashian is the "the patron saint of pop culture," says New York City-based graphic designer and artist Hannah Kunkle. Her recent series The Passion of Kim Kardashian depicts Kim in a series of psychedelic portraits as religious icons : Jesus, Joan of Arc, Aphrodite. (As I'm writing this, I'm actually surprised that my spell checker doesn't recognize Kardashian, so maybe the artist has a … [Read more...]

PHOTO DIARY | 50 Years of Family


Ok, so last week, the super special post was the amazing Time Capsule Interior, and this week, we are looking at an actual time capsule. My father in law is the next Vivian Maier.  He has been sitting on 30,000 family photos, in slides, taken over the past 50 years. Last year he decided to have them all digitized. My niece was in between college and work and she began to organize them, sending the … [Read more...]

CUT AND PASTE | Sajjad Musa


It's no secret that I have a little mini love affair with surrealist collages. I think I am always fascinated by whatever medium of art I'm not good at. Collage is deceptive, because it seems much easier than it is. When done correctly the whole is SO MUCH GREATER than the sum of its parts. When done badly, the collages mean nothing and say nothing. Mixed media artist Sajjad Musa submitted his … [Read more...]