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Absurdism is a philosophy that claims that the humans quest for meaning and purpose is inherently absurd - because the universe is indifferent to us. There is no meaning, and if there was, we could never know it. But the human desire is to put an overlay, a map, and ascribe a narrative to life, to events and things, which is basically nuts. We all do this. Why do we need to explain away events? … [Read more...]

Life, Lately.


Ever have those times where everything seems to delight you visually? I always feel like that when I'm out of the city, and especially when I'm in New Jersey. I love its retro faded glory. I would instagram 1000x a day if I didn't think people would hate it. This week I also went up to Connecticut to shoot ABC Dragoo's amazing house. Then I came home inspired by her awesomeness and literally went … [Read more...]

Marni Animal House.


This blog post is the holy grail of posts - amazing photography of art and furniture, made by a fashion line with charity and good will sprinkled in to boot. Marni Animal House is a project that Marni put together for the Salone Del Mobile 2014 installation. It's a  caravansary of giraffes, ostriches, rabbits, ducks, donkeys and flamingos peppered with those amazing chairs, of course. God, how I … [Read more...]



Scratch everything, this is my new favorite instagram account. Justina Blakeney makes these delightful flower faces. And they all have their own personalities and moods. It's so cute and awesome. Like the above "She was born in the wrong decade. #facethefoliage" HA. Prints are available on Society6. That first one has my hair, and attitude.  I've grown to love my #naturalhair #facethefoliageShe … [Read more...]

The Nevada Series.


Sara Sampaio poses for Ben Morris in these golden hour images called “The Nevada Series” at a hotel in Vegas.    Reminds me a lot of this shoot I did last year with Helena + Troy. Remember that one? Still love that shoot.     … [Read more...]

There were shapes & colors.


The colors are absolutely magical at Sesame Place. Who woulda thunk it? We took the kids as a treat before camp starts. Muted, sun faded pastel vibrant amazingness. Of all the theme parks I've been to - and that's a lot, this year alone!- Sesame Place is by far the most aesthetically pleasing, in case you were wondering. LOLz. Whack-a-mole never looked so good! The other patrons were awfully … [Read more...]