Neon Art | Olivia Steele


Contemporary artist, Olivia Steele is known for her use of neon glass lights to spell out various quotes and idioms in her artwork. Steele's words are often ironic and contradict the backgrounds they are placed on, forcing the viewer to interpret the meaning of each piece.  ”Good, bad, right or wrong, it’ s all relative. Art is notoriously ambiguous as there are no rules. I’m the worst person to explain my art; my words never justify the origin and sacred process of the expression which lead me to produce. Anyways it is not about what I see, it’s about wake I make you see. This is the true … [Read more...]

Mads Teglers.


Mads Teglers is a Danish photographer who currently lives and works in Copenhagen. He is an analogue photographer known for his ability to portray peoples stories and emotions through his camera. His approach to photography is to photograph his models in realistic environments, doing realistic things with no ornamental lighting or props. This makes the photos seem more intimate and more like spontaneous candid photos taken by family and friends rather than an actual campaign ad. Love. Check out more of his work HERE … [Read more...]

Scenes from the Weekend.

rosie sketch42 (19)

Hope you had a great one! … [Read more...]

Nils Udo | The Artist Of The Earth


German artist Nils Udo began his career a painter of nature. But over the course of his career he shifted towards becoming one with nature and fusing the gap between nature, art, and life. Udo now creates specific pieces of art by using the nature around him, branches, berries, leaves... The way Udo speaks about becoming one with nature, living in accordance with the laws of nature and embracing and complying to them instead of rejecting them is beautiful and inspirational. Its important for people to become one with our surroundings and move with the rhythms of the world around us. We often … [Read more...]

Fred W. McDarrah | The Artist’s World.


The New York art scene in the midcentury is one of those time periods that has reached almost mythical status. Young artists who had their start in the depression converged with European Modernism as American venues for modern art developed (The MoMA was founded in 1929) and later when more European artists were forced to flea Europe for America because of WWII. The result was the founding of a loosely affiliated group of artists who shifted the art world's focus from Europe to New York, and broke away from conventional constructs in both technique and subject matter. They created massive … [Read more...]