Patricia Voulgaris | Hidden in Plain Sight.


How awesome is this photo series by Patricia Voulgaris?! It is called "Hidden in Plain Sight" and it consists of various parts of the human body covered with sheets of paper to create these awesome images. “My work primarily focuses on combining photography and sculpture using the human form as a platform objectively through juxtaposition, layering and context, I am interested in the deconstruction and recontextualization of an image and the result: a manipulated hybrid,” says Voulgaris. Strange but fascinating, like the human body itself, amarite? My favorite is the super … [Read more...]

My Five Favorite Ways to Hang and Style art.


Hola! Hope you all had a great weekend! Let's dive right in shall we? I get A LOT of questions about this. How to hang art. How to arrange it. How to style it. I'm sure I'm going to do something that's officially or technically wrong here... but I always get asked the same questions: Should I do one big piece? Two small ones? Three? A gallery wall? "How should I curate and display my art collection in my home?" is something a lot of people struggle with, so I thought I would pull together a bunch of my favorite ways to do it. These are in my opinion, the easiest ways to hang your art … [Read more...]

Raw and Refined | Oliver Gustav


These photos of Oliver Gustav's studio are divine. I love the juxtaposition of rounded edges, raw materials, "Fat Furniture", delicate furniture, and of course, the layered muted colors. Looks like heaven. And I'm all about those Roly Poly chairs up top. Need them in my life. Photographed by Heidi Lerkendeldt. Hope you have a great weekend! Heaven. … [Read more...]

DESIGN | Layers upon Layers.

Interior Images of an apartment

I'm a little bit in love with the home of William Mclure, a southern designer and painter. First of all, its very traditional, which now seems fresh compared to all the Scandinavian simplicity we've been seeing, second, its really well appointed, and third it looks like a really great place to live. I love the mix of elements, the layering of art and books, the abundance of chairs and I've always been a major sucker for a dining table set up with books that way in the middle of the room.  The bedroom, black, just the way I like it. A lot of the big abstracts are Williams own paintings... … [Read more...]

INSPIRED BY | Design Week In Milan.


I know I've been posting a lot about Paris, obviously, because Paris has design inspo for a lifetime! Friend of Sketch - Raquel Cayre made it out to Salone Del Mobile in Milan last week and we have inspiration in spades to share with you all... From Fondazione Prada, the gold plated museum founded by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, to Bar Luce, it's Wes Anderson designed cafe, to Salone Del Mobile, to the streets... We hope you enjoy! Fondazione Prada Bar Luce: Nendo: 50 Manga chairs, presented by Friedman Benda and Basilica Minore di San Simpliciano: Gufram on the … [Read more...]