Things I’ve seen lately.

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What have you been up to? I've just been chilling here in the springtime city. Hanging with my kids, going to zoos and street fairs, Brooklyn, lower east side, starting to run again, operation lose 25 pounds has begun, working a little bit again, finishing up school with the older kids, hanging with my new bub. It's been lovely. Like, I'm loving every minute of it.  Have an amazing day everyone! … [Read more...]

Matthieu Venot | Architectural Abstraction


Matthieu Venot is a self taught photographer based in France. He learnt his techniques mainly from watching tutorials on the internet! He has six series of architectural abstractions depicting his infatuation with colors and shapes. "Before I began to take photographs, I wasn’t really that interested in architecture but I wanted to show the city that I live in my own way so I used buildings, especially their details, to create abstract images," says Venot. I love when I find other people that enjoy taking pictures of walls as much as I do. Venot's work is pure joy. "I am an optimistic person, … [Read more...]

Dan Flavin @ Dia Beacon


Famous neon lights artist, Dan Flavin is a New York native who revolutionized the art industry. Flavin’s early work focused mainly on painting, drawing and collages. It was in 1961, while at work as a guard at the Museum of Natural History that he thought of incorporating electric lights into his sculptures.  The first works to include the electric light were his "Icons" series. The series consisted of eight constructions were made from various materials, painted different colors and topped off with fluorescent neon lights.  His fluorescent structures explored color, light and sculptural … [Read more...]

Courts | Ward Roberts


Austrian photographer, Ward Roberts, spent four years documenting courts and fields from all around the world. Roberts' photos are usually of empty landscapes, highlighting the loneliness and isolation we experience in todays modern world. In Courts, his first book, Roberts photographs fields and courts in his native Melbourne, his childhood home of Hong Kong, as well as in New York, London and Bali. Many of the photos are from Hong Kong, where Roberts grew up and went to school. Did you know the schools in Hong Kong are often assigned a different color based on grade level? In the series we … [Read more...]

Alex Katz at Barney’s


Have you all seen the work of 87 year old artist Alex Katz debuted in the Barney's windows? The murals are HUGE- 8 feet tall and 60 feet wide, in each of the four windows. When asked why he used black and white as opposed to his usual bold colors, Katz replied: "I’ve been doing it a lot lately, and it’s the opposite of what tends to please people—you know, lots of colors. Also, black and white is always a fitting color scheme for New York. I think the products turned out really well like that. I’d like to give some to my wife." They feature portraits of 18 women, including Yvonne … [Read more...]