Go See | Matisse The Cut-Outs at the MoMA


I once read an article about the different types of geniuses in creative fields, those that peak early and completely change their discipline and those that work slowly, honing their craft throughout their lifetime… I think everyone would like to think their greatest work is ahead of them, even if they wrote The Great Gatsby in their twenties, or painted Demoiselles d’Avignon at 26, like Picasso. … [Read more...]

Random pretty stuff.


Lot's of random things I like today! In no particular order . I 8> The 80's | A re-edit of one of my Palm Springs shots. Available HERE. Indian Summer, by Courtney Velasco Shots from Miles Of MAC, a book of vintage MAC ads! Kim Herzov's home. Elixabeth Mollen's of Stone Textile's home in Lonny. One of my prints is in her bookcase ;)   Check it out peeps! … [Read more...]

The Artless.


Did you guys see that hoax last week about the artist displaying "invisible art" ha. Check out Art Scrub a tumblr that scrubs out art from museums and galleries. Pretty end of days cool. My fave is the Vivian Maier photo above :) Enjoy. … [Read more...]



by Jasmine Deporta. … [Read more...]

In the Studio with Sculptor Robin Antar.


A few weeks ago, I got to spend an afternoon in the Brooklyn studio of Sculptor Robin Antar. Robin is known for her series "Realism in Stone" in which she carves giant replicas of every day objects, food stuffs, clothing and more. She also has a lovely series of abstracts, objects for the home such as onyx salt cellars, and more.  I'm fascinated with sculpture. The technical skill involved, the … [Read more...]

Polar Blades + End of Babes.


My buddy artist, photographer and director Jimmy Marble is currently raising some cash for 2 short films over at Kickstarter. The good news for us is that now's a great time to buy some of Jimmy's art! I love all his work, it's an LA Hipster Fantasy Land, I even own one of his banners, see here, and his first little book Best Bush In Town. I also just pre-ordered his second book LATopia over at … [Read more...]