A mini series.

sketch42 black and white

I think I like these a little too much. I'm looking for eye bending black and white abstraction wherever I go. A bathroom in brooklyn, a stairwell at The Dean, and the Prada store in Paris - sent in by a friend, edited by me. All shot by iPhone.  So far its just a little mini series, but who knows where it will go. I'm going to print these, or at least one of these to hang in my marble black … [Read more...]



Do you ever get jealous of other people's creativity? Right now, I'm jealous of this blog, OLD BRAND NEW, because it's beautiful. LA based photographer Dabito captures life just the way I like to see it. My favorites are his "Fleeting Moments" posts, obviously, because they are very often photos of Nothing and Nothing is my favorite subject ;)  File this one under "Blogs I wish I was … [Read more...]

Moody Florals.

sketch42 dark florals

Happy Monday! This weekend it rained straight through and both my kids had the flu- and so we were all going a little stir crazy. I had to try to keep my mind busy and do something creative indoors. I've been so inspired by dark moody florals, or "The Masculine Floral" this spring - in both fashion and design- that I took all the old flowers I had in the apartment, placed them on a black canvas … [Read more...]

Iconic Family Albums

© Copyright 2004 Corbis Corporation

I have a  secret spot in my heart for romantic family blogs. I let it out once in a while. Maybe because actually having and running a family is so freakin tiring and frustrating that making it seem beautiful, idealizing and appreciating the romance of little having little children in your life does make it better. It's stopping to smell the roses while they are still blooming, because they are … [Read more...]

These New Prints.


I updated my UPLO galleries last night at 2 AM in a frenzy.... Sometimes I try to only post perfect large photos, but I think sometimes my favorite photos are the ones that I take on the go, of nothing, sometimes with my iPhone, sometimes not. Usually they are just about shapes and colors, and this gallery reflects that. I also went into my archives and pulled some cool abstract photos out too, … [Read more...]

A reimagining by Alana Dee Haynes.


Alana Dee Haynes is a Brooklyn based artist who illustrates on found fashion photography. This sounds like it might yield crappy results, like something out of a high school Trapper Keeper, but Alana is actually masterfully good at this. She makes it look SO REAL. In some photos her subjects look like they were intensely tattooed or scaly like Mystique from X men. Some are purposely surreal and in … [Read more...]