Nudes… and not the color.

From HERE. From HERE. From HERE. From HERE.From Design on a Dime... I shoulda bought it. But I didnt! DUMB. From HERE.From HERE. Sexy, edgy, cool... I like. As a teen I took nude drawing classes at FIT. I still have them and I framed them and hung them up all around the house. … [Read more...]

Gallery Week + Affordable Art Fair in NYC

A few weeks ago I went to a Home Decor Luncheon in Brooklyn, hosted by interior designer Joyce Silverman. She had a panel of experts who lectured on a different topics: lighting, upholstery, choosing marble, landscaping and more. The luncheon offered a plethora of helpful tips (which I haven't gotten around to posting yet! Each expert needs their own post!) One of my favorite speakers was art consultant Margie Sarway. She spoke about how to approach buying and potentially collecting art for your home. Since there are so many amazing art fairs this week in NYC, I thought I would post some of … [Read more...]

Yesterday’s Art Project

To create this masterpiece, I painted the entire canvas in acrylic paint. Then I put it in the shower and let the paint drip off. Messy, but effective. (Except that the stretchers WARPED and now the painting wont lay flat and needs to be framed!) It kind of looks like washed out graffiti to me. The husband says it looks like throw up. I think its gorgeous. What do you think? (I'm framing it in gold.) … [Read more...]

Today I was inspired by:

The work of Kate Long Stevenson... In terms of art, her pieces are pretty well priced at around $3500 for a 36" x 48" painting. (I know some of you are looking for art, so I have been on the prowl for you!) I created my own very sexy piece today... it's a cross between these abstracts and decaying street graffiti. It's pretty hot if I do say so myself. I cant post it until it dries though. So stay tuned!!! "The Mirror" "Dianthus" "580" "Romeo & Juliet" "Red Square" "Swimming" These paintings are too gorgeous for words. Plus, they are feminine and cool all at once. I would frame … [Read more...]