The Time We Swapped Houses.


This past Xmas, the family and I swapped houses with a family from LA through the "creatives-only" house swap site called Behomm. I've gotten two reactions to this so far, some people think it's CRAZY and some people think it's AWESOME. It's kind of crazy and awesome, … [Read more...]



"Nobody famous ever lived here" is the famous quote about the house, and yet it's one of the most famous and celebrated houses in America. While in LA, we visited Case Study House #22, The Stahl House. Way up in the hills, perched over Los Angeles, on a small spot of precarious … [Read more...]

DESIGN + LIFESTYLE | An Afternoon With.


I always think about how I should be photographing more lived in spaces of "real people" for the blog. As much as I LOVE design, you can't compare a room with the character of its owners (particularly if that owner is really cool!) to a home where everything has been appropriated … [Read more...]

ART | Cartoon Roadkill


Richie Velazquez, digital illustrator from California, was scrolling through instagram when he saw something that seemed to be roadkill Mickie Mouse."I clicked and it turned our to be a desert that just had the same colors of Mickey," he said. He has since began making many other … [Read more...]

Hey, I think It’s A Sign.

DSC_3250 2

Sometimes a picture of words says a thousand words. I saw some pretty cool signage last week in LA, thought they made a fun little series. Come Hangout, Ouch, I love my Bike, and Astro Motel are available as prints. See you tomorrow ;) … [Read more...]