Cool Of The Day // The Kaos Temple


The Church Brigade, a creative collective, in a collaboration with Red Bull have transformed an abandoned 100-year-old church in the Spanish municipality of Llanera. Artist, Okuda San Miguel, covered the church's vaulted ceilings and walls with colorful murals. The skatepark has been dubbed the Kaos Temple. Love it. Check out the video with the artist HERE Plus the Red Bull teams video of them snowboarding in an abandoned waterpark HERE … [Read more...]

Bella Hadid Paints the Town Red for Elle Magazine.


Bella is killing it in this photoshoot for Elle. The series was shot by photographer Dan Martensen for their February issue. Bella is painting the town red for Valentine's Day, I guess? Raise your hand if you actually like V day. I love this gritty take on a fashion editorial, and I freakin LOVE Bella's face. I know everyone including Yolanda is all GiGi this and GiGi that, but I'm all about Bella. She's so moody looking. Her face is divine, it looks ancient to me, like a face I could imagine in every era of human history.  And she's a good model, nay a great model. Speaking of Yo- … [Read more...]

#FRECKLES // Brock Elbank


Photographer Brock Elbank has been working on his #FRECKLES series for the last two years. His vivid photos capture the beauty of freckles with vivid and stunning portraits of peoples beautifully freckled faces and bodies. ‘This is what fascinates me when photographing people: what they’ve struggled with through life. This is what I tend to find beautiful and striking in a person," he says. So far, Elbank has shot 90 portraits out 150 he plans to shoot for his upcoming exhibit in 2017. Enjoy :) Aren't these just insanely good? I love when art makes you … [Read more...]

Art | Seren Moran’s Sampling Series.


Seren Moran's art is so bright and fun. She says that in the past all her work had "a concept, a thought, a specific point of reference that I could say this is where it started." But as the inspiration behind her paintings became less apparent in her work, she ventured further into abstraction. "I have now moved beyond this train of thought. I want to explore, and let the exploration be the process, and let the process be the art. It is the emotion and passion transcending a canvas that I find to be the most powerful, and perhaps the purpose if you will, of visual art," she says. Her Sampling … [Read more...]

Artist Joe Dance at Home.


What a treat. Welcome to the home of Joe Dance. Joe is an artist who moved from West Virginia with his wife Beverly 40 years ago to pursue his dream of being an artist living in NYC.  Joe managed Ann Jacob America, an outsider art gallery on Madison Avenue in the early 90s. He later became the Media Relations Specialist at Crate and Barrel, all the while, living life to the fullest, and creating and evolving - from painter, to mixed media collage artist. Beverly was working as a librarian when she and Joe met in WV. She was a fabulous actress once referred to as the best regional actress in … [Read more...]