Cool Gifts|Young in the Mountains

young in the mountains

With the holidays approaching, we thought it would be cool to celebrate some cool people who make cool things, that would make, duh, really cool gifts. Nothing like handmade, artist crafted products! Mariele Ivy, daughter of a wooden boat builder, was born in the mountains of western Montana. She spent her early life exploring the rivers and woods and creating art based on her beautiful … [Read more...]

Death in the Afternoon.


Nothing like a good ritual animal murder before dinner? Amarite? All kidding aside, these photorealistic paintings of bullfighters by French painter Christian Gaillard are exquisite, aren't they? They seem to capture the bullfighters - many of those depicted are the artists personal friends- in the moment of choice. In that way they almost remind me of The David. That little moment of choice, of … [Read more...]

Prints of Paris.

paris prints

I'm currently editing 25 ROOMs worth of photos from yesterday's tour of the Holiday House. Whew. In the meantime, I added some photos of Paris to my print shop, with more to come! Hope you like them! … [Read more...]



Bob, Marcia and Stijn are the brains behind the Dutch group WE MAKE CARPETS. Except, the carpets aren't really carpets. At least not carpets you walk on or touch. They are intricately laid out art installations made of found objects: Forks, bottles, bricks, streamers, army men, pasta. There is no design. The material, location and size are set but other than that they work intuitively. Anyone of … [Read more...]

Jean Paul Goude| The man who #broketheInternet.


The last thing I ever want to do is talk about Kim Kardashian's ass. Well, that's a lie, I have a secret obsession with plastic surgery before and afters. I spend an embarrassing amount of time googling Lindsey Lohan, the entire Kardashian clan, and most recently Renee Zelwegger. A guilty love of the low brow, for sure. But Kim certainly broke the internet this week with her shoot for Paper … [Read more...]

Tim Swallow | Nights Of Our Lives.


So begins my new obsession with Australian photographer Tim Swallow. Photography is not just his job, it's his life. His “Peter Pan Syndrome” fuels his ongoing excitement for anything involving surfing, skating and music. His photos are both refined and filled with spontaneous energy.  He has shot for bands such as Mastodon and Empire of the Sun, and worked alongside Surf & Skate companies … [Read more...]