Frida Kahlo | Clothes and Gardens.


After legendary Frida Kahlo died, her husband Diego Rivera ordered that her clothes be locked away for 15 years. He too has since passed and finally, Kahlo's fashion time capsule has been unlocked. Her wardrobe, which features 300 items of clothing, headpieces, jewelry, and corsetry, was on display at her museum and former home, La Casa Azul, in Mexico City. The exhibition is entitled "Appearances Can be Deceiving," because Kahlo's long skirts and corsets were worn to hide her body that was left disfigured by polio and a near death accident. Here is a glimpse at the iconic wardrobe: … [Read more...]

Mad Men Series Finale | The Power of Coke.


We are living in the Golden Age of Television or "a new Golden Age of Television and a new tidal wave of garbage."  This Golden Age is largely accredited to the invention of DVR, the internet, Netflix etc. Now viewers could follow long character driven plots over long periods of time, and shows could reach target audiences in a lot of new ways, achieving cult status through these avenues and opening the world of television to a caliber of artistic entertainment previously only available at the movies. Over time, TV has become better than the movies. I truly believe that no one ever knows if a … [Read more...]


sightunseen (6)

There is so much going on in NYC at the moment- ICFF, Frieze, satellite fairs, Kips Bay. I'm existing in a big giant ball of FOMO while also telling myself that it's more important to rest, recover and spend time chilling with the baby and enjoying myself. And while I'm totally not up to Javitz or Frieze levels of fair-coverage, I took Cookie out with me to see the much smaller indie design fair Sight Unseen OFFSITE. Sight Unseen OFFSITE, is the second annual fair from popular online publication Sight Unseen, showing contemporary furniture and decor designs from over 50 exhibitors. The … [Read more...]

On Kim Kardashian’s Selfish.

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If you would have told me a year ago that I would be on the internet highly recommending Kim Kardashian's book of selfies, I would have laughed. I just texted someone that I was writing a blog post about how cool this book is and they replied "How is that possible?" Well, it is. At this point I'm convinced that Kim is a genius performance artist, and that "Selfish" is one of the most important art books of 2015. There could be college classes dissecting Kim's rise to fame and America's fascination with her. I'm kind of engaging in hyperbole right now, but I'm almost not. To quote a Slate … [Read more...]

Ed Freeman | Western Realty


Ed Freeman is one of those enviably cool people. He started his career in the music industry. He was a folk guitarist, was a road manager on the last Beatle's tour, wrote orchestral arrangements for artists like Cher, and produced and arranged Don McLean's American Pie (my kids favorite song). I mean.... you just can't get any cooler than that. And somehow Freeman managed to. After a mid-life career change, Freeman now creates fine art photographs for various publications. He has published two books, and has been featured in various museums. Today he spends his time traveling the world, taking … [Read more...]