#CelebratePeople | Chauncey Tanton


I thought it would be cool to profile people with interesting lives, hobbies, careers. We recently spent a day out in Newport with Chauncey Tanton, a Native Newporter, former professional snowboarder, and now the Finance Manager for newportFILM. Chauncey's life looks like something out of a Grey Goose commercial. He's been spending the past 4 years restoring a wooden schooner originally designed … [Read more...]

DIY Art Sticker Door.


Everything about that title sounds like a lie. It's not really "ART" and it's not really a "DIY" either. Pretty basic shit! But, if you have kids under 10, chances are they put stickers EVERYWHERE. You find them stuck to windows, glass, doors, the floor. It's like an infestation. Amarite? We had princess stickers from when Cookie was ONE stuck to her closet door. That's 5 years ago. Sooo I decided … [Read more...]

#Absurdistsummer | Tear Out Print Book!


Woohoo! I've been wanting to do a "book" of some sort for a while now. At a certain point, it's just what one does, isn't it? This is a book, in which all the pages TEAR OUT, for framing! Just a fun little project I've been working on ;)  You can buy the book HERE. A few months ago, I was sitting with Erica for one of our yearly "What should we do with our lives?" chats, when she came up with the … [Read more...]

Visible Light.


Courtney and I love photos of nothing. No subject, sometime,s except emptiness, light, shadow, negative space. She sent over the work of Connecticut based Photographer Alexander Harding. He has been photographing "Visible Light" in this series for nearly four years. Harding claims to have been inspired by the light genius that is James Turrel who has said “Light is not so much something that … [Read more...]

Neil The Lion At Home.


Have you seen these yet? There are no words.... OK, here's a few. Back in the 70's, Melanie Griffith, and her family - Mom Tippi Hendren, star of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and her husband, Noel Marshall, a director. The family was filming in Africa when they found an abandoned house that had been overrun with over 30 lions and their cubs. I still dont fully get how they ended up living with a … [Read more...]

Go See | Matisse The Cut-Outs at the MoMA


I once read an article about the different types of geniuses in creative fields, those that peak early and completely change their discipline and those that work slowly, honing their craft throughout their lifetime… I think everyone would like to think their greatest work is ahead of them, even if they wrote The Great Gatsby in their twenties, or painted Demoiselles d’Avignon at 26, like Picasso. … [Read more...]